Wine Themed Kitchen Decorating Ideas Full of Charm

wine themed kitchen items and inspiration

Here are some great ideas for anyone interested in wine-themed kitchen decorating ideas.

Wine and grape kitchen decor accessories can add a certain charm and style to your kitchen.

These items work really well in a rustic-style farmhouse kitchen.

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✅ Decorative Wine Rack for Walls

By putting your wine bottles in a proper rack, regardless of how many bottles the rack holds, you ensure that your investment is kept as secure as possible.

By using a rack and proper wine stops, you can enjoy a good quality bottle of wine without having to fear it will spoil because of a bad cap.

✅ Wall Decals Tuscan Wine Decor Ideas

Effective decor ideas for people on a budget that want to add wine motif to their kitchen decor.

Just peel and stick these on. You can easily remove them without leaving a sticky residue.

✅ Rustic Wine Wall Hanging Decor Idea

Funny kitchen sign idea for people that are known for drinking plenty of wine.

The wood effect design means this sign will look great in a country rustic style kitchen.

Also, would make a splendid gift for a wine drinker.

✅ Red Wine Design Kitchen Towel Set

Colorful yet practical kitchen towels are the perfect addition to your kitchen décor.

Featuring a bottle of red wine and the word “cabernet”.

✅ “I Love Wine” Kitchen Curtains

This pair of kitchen curtains certainly make a statement in any wine lover’s kitchen.

The artwork features a large red heart on a white background with wine, grapes and cheese drawn in black.

✅ Red Wine Themed Kitchen Rug Set

Set off the decor in your kitchen with these useful kitchen floor mats.

✅ Wine and Cheese Design Kitchen Curtains

Fun kitchen curtain ideas featuring bottles of wine, bunches of grapes and cheese.

Great for a kitchen with a French country theme.

✅ Wine Clock Idea for Kitchen Walls

Useful yet attractive kitchen wall clock for a wine-themed kitchen.

✅ Barrel Shaped Cork Holder Grape Kitchen Decor Idea

Ideal for people that love to collect wine corks. This is the perfect wine cork holder.

Featuring a metal barrel-shaped holder with grapevine decorations on the front.

✅ Contemporary Set of 3 Wine and Grape Wall Art Pieces

Kitchen wall art in grey, black and red. The work comes in a set of 3 matching pictures that are designed to hang together.

The art design here would fit in with both contemporary and more traditional style kitchens.


There are so many ways you can decorate your kitchen using wine kitchen decor ideas.

It doesn’t matter if your decor style is modern or farmhouse there is a wine-themed accessory to fit your kitchen.

I hope you have been able to find the perfect wine and grape pieces for your own kitchen.

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wine themed kitchen decoration ideas