Where to Buy Toilet Brush Holders

where to buy toilet brush holders and caddies

Welcome to my guide that explores where to buy toilet brush holders. These are must have in any bathroom, but just because they are a necessity doesn’t mean they need to be unattractive.

Thoroughly searching both online and in physical stores will reveal a wide range of different styles, materials and colors. There will be something to suit every bathroom style.

Most people will explore the toilet brush holder options available online but it important to remember physical home decor stores will stock a selection.

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The pros of store shopping are:

Toilet Brush and Holder Bathroom Toilet Bowl Brushes Creative Crystal Acrylic Toilet Brush Set Plant Shell Toilet Brush Strong Sturdy, Yue QiSong, Purple

  • you can assess the style, materials and colors in person and decide if you would want these products in your bathroom.
  • buy and bring home straight away.
  • you will only need to return the product if faulty.
  • you might see options you wouldn’t consider searching online for.

Cons of store shopping

  • you have to jump in your car and actually drive there. Inconvenient if you live in a rural area.
  • the store might be crowded and you have to queue at the checkout.
  • limited options available compared to online shopping.

Top 10 Online Bathroom Accessory Stores

Superio Toilet Brush with Soap Dispenser White, Diamond Design Round Toilet Brush with Holder, Decorative Crystal Luxe Toilet Brush

All these online stores sell a wide range of toilet brush holders.

Manufacturers of Toilet Brush Holders

Creative Scents Dahlia Decorative Toilet Cleaning Bowl Brush with Holder - (4.25" x 4.25" x 14"H) Decorative Bowl Scrubber, Space Saving Design, Contemporary Scrubbing Cleaner (Brown)

  • Mr. Siga is a big name in home cleaning products. They produce a wide range of toilet brush holders with innovative ideas like a toilet brush and plunger combo.
  • Boomjoy attractive caddies with silicone brushes.
  • Creative Scents make a wide range of beautiful ceramic bathroom accessories.
  • OXO make a range of sturdy and practical bathroom accessories.
  • Wenko high end ceramic, chrome and quality plastic toilet brush holders and caddy sets.

How to choose toilet brush caddies?

There is a wide range of different bathroom accessory styles from glamourous caddies in chrome or crystal materials to more organic forms of ceramic or wood.

How do I choose a caddy to match my bathroom?

It is really a case of personal taste and what will coordinate with your bathroom decor.

You can buy coordinating sets of bathroom accessories, that include tooth brush holders, toilet roll holders, rinse cups, soap dish and waste bin.

Most designs are crafted to fit modern style bathroom. But designs that will fit into vintage, shabby chic and country style bathrooms are readily available.

I hope this gude has helped you to find the perfect toilet brush holder for your bathroom.

where to buy toilet brush holders