What are the Different Types of Ceiling Fans

ceiling fan buyers guide

This is a guide to different ceiling fan types and examples available. Choosing the perfect fan type for your home can be overwhelming, as the choice is extensive.

I’ve compiled some guidance and advice that will help you choose the perfect ceiling fan for your individual needs.

Read on to discover and learn what different ceiling fans are available to buy.

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Also, we aim to answer common questions to help you choose the perfect fan for your home.

Standard Ceiling Fan Types

Ceiling fans are a great way to keep your home cool in the summer. There are many makes, models and types of ceiling fans, each with their own pros and cons.

The following list will go over these different ceiling fan types so you can make an informed decision on which one is best for your home.

Low Profile Ceiling Fans

Also known as hugger fans, they do not have a down rod. Instead, the motor and housing are installed flush to the ceiling.

Because the blades are so close to the ceiling, you can’t install these fans on a sloping ceiling.

These are ideal for rooms with low ceilings.

Matthews IR3H-WH-BW-42 Irene Indoor/Outdoor Damp Location 42" Hugger Ceiling Fan with Remote & Wall Control, 3 Wood Blades, Gloss White

Dual Motor Ceiling Fan

Here, two separate motors drive individual fans that pivot on the central housing.

It is easier to show you in a picture rather than explain.

A stylish yet practical choice for large rooms with high ceilings.

reiga 86" Oil-rubbed Bronze Quiet Motor Dual Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit Remote Control, 3-speed, Dimming and Color Temperature Adjustment, Manually Increase Angle

Bladeless Ceiling Fans

The blades are housed inside an attractive housing so you do not see the fan blades when not in use.

Ideal for lower ceiling where you may have concerns about safety.

Depending on your own taste, a bladeless ceiling fan might be more esthetically pleasing.

22 Inch Ceiling Fan-Bladeless, 3 Color Dimmable Ceiling LED Light remote control Chandelier (Gold)

Energy Star Ceiling Fans

The energy star rating refers to a set of performance criteria set by the Environmental Protection Agency. These standards help the householder save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To receive this rating, the motor and fan light design need to improve efficiency by over 60% compared to a conventional fan.

Further Reading: Energy Star Ceiling Fan Ratings

Honeywell Sutton 52-Inch Ceiling Fan, Energy Star Certified, Five Reversible White/Maple Blades, White

Ceiling Fan with Upper and Lower Lights

Do you want to have a ceiling fan that is not just for cooling, but also for lighting? If so, then a ceiling fan with upper and lower lights is a perfect choice.

These have lights on both the top and bottom of the fan blades to give you the best lighting possible for your room.

Warehouse of Tiffany CFL-8170BL Laure Crystal 6-Light 52-inch Ceiling Fan, 52"W x 52"L x 20"H, Multicolor

Remote Control Ceiling Fans

Remote control ceiling fans are a convenient way to stay cool this summer. They allow you to adjust the fan speed and direction from anywhere in your home.

It’s a great feeling to be in control without leaving your chair. We can control these fans from a remote that is like one you have for the TV.

If you’re looking for a new ceiling fan, consider getting one with remote control functionality!

52" Vintage Industrial Ceiling Fan with Lights and Remote Control, Ceiling Fan Fandelier With Reversible Blades, 3 Speed, Black

Damp and Wet Ceiling Fans {Outdoors}

Ideal for damp spaces and outdoor areas like porches and outdoor kitchen dining areas.

Perfect for people that love to spend time outdoors on their patio or porch.

You should note that fans like this can’t withstand direct rain.

kathy ireland HOME Summer Night 42 Inch Ceiling Fan | Damp Rated Fixture with Weather-Resistant Blades and Powerful Motor | Light Kit Adaptable, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Chandelier Ceiling Fan

Here, the fixture looks like a chandelier until we switch the motor on. Then a set of retractable blades opens out to do the job of cooling the room.

42-Inch Crystal Invisible Ceiling Fan with Light, LED Chandelier with Remote Control Retractable Blade Adjustable Tri-color and 3 Wind Speed Decorative Lighting Fans Chandelier (gold)

Belt Driven Ceiling Fans

These are a brilliant choice for industrial or farmhouse style homes. A separate motor drives the exposed belt.

Tip: check that you are not just buying the motor.

Fanimation FP20 Belt Driven Fan

Vintage and Rustic Ceiling Fans

Ideal for a farmhouse or vintage style living room, kitchen or bedroom.

The distressed white blades here prevent the fan from appearing to be too modern.

Prominence Home 50389 Glenmont Coastal Ceiling Fan, 52", Distressed White

Decorative Ceiling Fans

There is a vast range of different styles, colors and decorations. There is sure to be a fan that will fit in with your home decor.

Some examples include:

Glamorous Chandeliers with Crystals

With the perfect balance of elegance and practicality, I think we can all agree that ceiling fans with crystal chandeliers are a match made in heaven.

52" Crystal Ceiling Fan with Lights and Remote Control Modern Chandelier Ceiling Fan Fandelier with Reversible Blades, Silent Motor, 3 Speed, 4 Timing Options, Chrome

Tropical Style with Fan Blades

We all know a ceiling fan is a great way to keep your home cool in the summer, but why not make it something special?

The tropical style ceiling fan with blades made to look like rattan can do just that. This unique addition to any room will impress.

Emerson kathy ireland HOME Batalie Breeze, 52 Inch, Venetian Bronze

Ceiling Fans for Children’s Bedrooms

Have you ever seen a ceiling fan like this before? It’s called the “helicopter” ceiling fan, and it is an amazing invention for children’s bedrooms.

Also look out for fans featuring colorful cartoon characters. Or decorations that follow your child’s interests or hobbies like astronomy or dinosaurs.

CHANFOK Ceiling Fan with LED Light for Kids Bedroom, Indoor Decorative Helicopter Modern Dimmable LED Multi-Speed Timing with Remote Control (Blue)

Tiffany Glass

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Ceiling Fans will provide your space with an elegant light show while providing a cooling breeze for hot summer days.

These fans come in various sizes and colors so you can find the perfect one for any room in your house!

RainierLight Modern Ceiling Fans Led Light with 5 Wood Reversible Blades for Living Room/Bedroom/Dinning Room Remote Control 3 Speed(Low,Medium,High) Quiet Fan/Home Decoration (52-Inch)

Modern Ceiling Fan Style ideas

Characterized by minimalist style design and sleek modern materials. You can enhance any modern room with these products.

Here is an example of a modern ceiling fan made from brushed nickel that is going to look great in any contemporary setting.

CO-Z 52’’ Modern Ceiling Fan with Lights and Remote, Contemporary Ceiling Fans Brushed Nickel Memory, Indoor LED Ceiling fan for Kitchen Bedroom Living Room, 3 Reversible ABS Blades in Brushed Nickel

Outdoor ceiling fans

Look for outdoor fans with weatherproof fan blades, too. Both types can handle moisture, but damp-rated fans shouldn’t come in contact directly with water.

HUNTER 50260 Cassius Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain, 44", Matte Black finish

Dual Ceiling Fan

A perfect choice for a large room with plenty of ceiling height.

Also, this makes a stunning room decor piece that will attract comments from visitors.

reiga 86" Oil-rubbed Bronze Quiet Motor Dual Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit Remote Control, 3-speed, Dimming and Color Temperature Adjustment, Manually Increase Angle

Large ceiling fans

This is the type of fan needed in a large room with a high ceiling. It is also rated it for outdoor use.

A fan like this will gently move plenty of air, giving you a strong cooling effect in any room.

From, fan blade tip to tip, the width of this fan is a whopping 72 inches.

72" Predator Rustic Industrial Farmhouse Large Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Remote Control English Bronze Cherry Damp Rated for Patio Exterior House Porch Gazebo Garage Barn Roof - Casa Vieja

Bladeless and Low Ceiling Hugger Fan

These products are for situations where a ceiling is too low to safely install a fan with open whirling blades.

Here the motor and fan blade unit is neatly held in a low profile housing.

Although they are called a bladeless fan, they have blades but they are safely contained in metal housing.

DLLT Modern Ceiling Fans with Lights, 40W Led Dimmable Ceiling Fan with Remote, 7 Invisible Blades Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Fan Light, 3-Speed Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan, 3000K-6500K Timing

Fandeliers Ceiling Fan and Chandelier Hybrid

This is a cross between a chandelier and a ceiling fan. Perfect for luxury bedrooms, where a standard fixture would not add enough style and interest.

This model is interesting as the transparent blades rise like a flower when the fan is in action.

48 inches Fandelier Chandelier Ceiling Fan and Light Indoor Fan Chandelier InvisibleCeiling Fans Chandelier Chrome Light 48 in Fan Retractable Fan Fandelier Elegant Luxury Fans Indoor Fan Lights

Industrial Style Ceiling Fan

Contemporary industrial style home decor is on trend.

Here is an outstanding example. I love the sleek brushed nickel silver metal blades. It is useful to have a fan like this with a central light fixture.

52" Casa Arcus Modern Contemporary Industrial Ceiling Fan with Light LED Remote Control Brushed Nickel Silver for House Bedroom Living Room Home Kitchen Family Dining Office - Casa Vieja


These items have more blades than a standard fan. For example, the product show below has 12 blades. They are angled so they look like old-fashioned windmills.

The perfect choice for a farmhouse style home.

Springer Collection 60-Inch 12-Blade Distressed Walnut Coastal Windmill Ceiling Fan

What are my ceiling fan mounting options?

It important you purchase the right ceiling mount for your particular circumstances.

Too low and the fan becomes a danger and too high means the fan will not be effective at cooling the room.

A standard mount is the most common type and will fit most rooms with a ceiling height of at least 7 foot.

We use extended mounts when you have a higher than average or a vaulted ceiling. Because the optimum height for a ceiling fan to work effectively is around 8 to 9 feet from the ground. The pole extension will help you place the fan in the optimal position for air cooling.

Before buying, check with the manufacturers that the fan is suitable for an extended mount.

We use flush mounts in rooms with low ceilings. Where a regular ceiling fan would be too low and dangerous. They have an integral mounting bracket that fixes directly to the ceiling. Flush mount fans usually come with a light in the center.

Sloped mounts are used when a ceiling fan is installed on a sloping ceiling. For example, on the sides of a vaulted ceiling.

The angle of the mount holds the fan blades away from the side of the wall or ceiling so it can work effectively. You may need to add an extended mount as well.

Which Type of Ceiling Fan is Best?

The answer to this question depends on your needs and the size of the room you are looking for. If you have a large living room or bedroom, an industrial fan will work best because it moves more air than other types. However, if you need something in a smaller space like a bathroom or kitchen, then look for something with fewer blades that has good airflow.

You need to consider your own circumstances and what you want your fan to do. For most people, they based the decision between different styles on preference rather than performance. If you are happy with that, then look for something aesthetically pleasing.

Ensure you install the right fan for the height of your ceiling

If you have a high or sloped ceiling, find a traditional ceiling fan that can be extended with an extension rod to the optimal height of around 8 to 9 feet from the floor.

Low ceilings under 9 feet high will need to have a low profile or hugger fan.

Make sure you have the right blade span and ceiling fan size of your room. A guide can be found HERE.

Here are some questions to ask your self

  • Fan control options include remote control, string pulls and wall switch. Choose whatever suits you.
  • Do you need a fan with lights?
  • Design esthetics do you want to make a design statement. For example, a palm blade fan in a tropical living room scheme.
  • Choose the manufacturer names to look out for include Fanimation, Hunter, Minke-Aire, Harbor Breeze,Westinghouse, Brightwatts and Artemis.
  • For outdoor spaces like verandas, choose an outdoor fan whose motor housing is rated for damp areas.
  • Concerned about carbon emissions? Then choose an energy star fan. Look for the Energy Star logo.

Which is better 3 or 5 blade ceiling fan?

One consideration for choosing a ceiling fan is the number of blades.

All modern indoor ceiling fan units are efficient at effective air circulation. Provided we site it correctly and have the right power and capacity for the space you want to ventilate and cool. So it really comes down to comes down to personal choice.

Fans with fewer blade’s turn at higher speeds, producing a stronger breeze.

While, fans with more blades turn at slower speeds, adding just a gentle breeze.

What you prefer depends on your personal taste.

Ceiling Fan Buyers Guide Summary

With care and consideration, you will find the perfect ceiling fan for any room in your home.

These are perfect for maximum airflow in any room during summer. Where a combination of efficient air conditioning and a fan provides comfort and relief.

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