15 Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas

In this post, I’m going to show you my best under kitchen sink organization ideas. Including clever ways to declutter and organize your kitchen cupboards.

Along with cheap ways to organize under kitchen sink using shelving. Tips for the best ways to organize kitchen cabinets on a budget.

If like me, the under kitchen sink storage area has been a pit of doom and despair you may be interested in this selection of under the sink organizing solutions.

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These include racks and shelves that will fit neatly under the sink that will make the most of the small and awkward spaces under the sink.

Cleverly some of these racks can be easily fitted around the U-bend pipe of the sink trap.

Another idea to consider is a lazy susan style rotating storage containers.

Here are some handy tips and tips for getting the under sink cupboard under control.

Under Kitchen Sink Organizer Shelving Units

With kitchen cabinet under sink organizers, you can make the most of the space you have under your kitchen sink.

This can be an awkward place to fit in shelving, but there are products out there that are both expandable and with movable shelving that will fit around the plumbing trap.

Also, look out for shelving that has drawers as this makes the whole space under the sink more usable for storing all your kitchen cleaning products and supplies.

Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer Rack

One way to make sense of all the cleaning supply clutter that can accumulate under the sink is with a kitchen sink cabinet organizer. These are purpose made shelving units that can expand to fit the space available under the sink.

The plumbing under the sink is going to be different in every home, so it is nice to find products that are versatile enough to fit any cupboard.

For example, the sink trap which is the U-Shaped pipe that comes out the bottom of the sink and can be difficult to work around could be located to the right, center or left.

Or you may have a sink garbage disposal unit that takes up space.

 Under Sink Shelf Organizer, 2 Shelf Storage Rack Flexible ExpandableUnder Sink Shelf Organizer, 2 Shelf Storage Rack Flexible Expandable


Storage Units Under Kitchen Sink (that fit around the sink trap)

Under the kitchen sink, organizer shelf and storage units are a great idea to make the most of that often underused storage area under the sink.

We most often think of the storage area under the sink as a place for cleaning supplies.

However, if you have small children in your home you might want to store toxic cleaning supplies up high and out of harms way.

This would leave the space under the sink for such items as pots and pans.

One type of shelving I really like as it means you have access to the back to the back of the cupboard is a shelf unit with under kitchen sink pull out storage.

 Under Sink 2 Shelf Adjustable Shelving RackUnder Sink 2 Shelf Adjustable Shelving Rack


Lazy Susan Under Sink Organizer and Cupboard Tidy

A lazy Susan under sink storage units would be a great organizing item to consider if you only have a small cupboard under your sink.

A lazy Susan turntable will make it so easy to access those items that are at the back to the cupboard.

From The No Pressure Life.

Under Kitchen Sink Storage Bins

Once you have your shelving in place, you can make so much more of the space if you invest in a selection of plastic storage bins.

In the bins, you can organize smaller items, and also place items by category, for example, all the cleaning cloths in one storage basket.

If you store items in a bin you can prevent all the cleaning supplies from being knocked over when you reach to the back.

Practically Functional has some great ideas.

Slide Out Under Sink Shelves

When you are making the most of the storage space in cupboards, consider slide-out shelves.

These will help you to maximize the space you have under the sink.

For example, you could store sponges, cleaning cloths, rubber gloves cleaning products on this shelving.

 Slide Out Kitchen Cabinet OrganizerSlide Out Kitchen Cabinet Organizer


Hanging Over Kitchen Sink Door Storage Racks

With hanging kitchen cupboard storage racks you can free up even more space for cleaning supplies.

There are two different types, one is a rack that fits neatly over the cabinet door, while the other is a rack that is screwed directly into the wood.

Either way, personally I would recommend storing lighter products on these racks as you don’t want to put a strain on the cabinet hinges.

How to Declutter Under the Kitchen Sink

Here is a great video that shows you how you can organize all that mess that has accumulated under the sink.

It’s so easy over the years to end up with a complete mess under the sink. Let us declutter under the kitchen sink, and enjoy the end result.

What Should be Stored Under the Kitchen Sink?

For me the ideal place for all my cleaning products is in the cupboard that sits under the kitchen sink. It just makes sense as I wash up to have the dish wash liquid and cleaning cloths to hand.

  • Spray bottle of glass cleaner
  • Microcloth cleaning cloths
  • Cleaning Sponges
  • Spray bottle of multi-surface cleaners
  • Bleach
  • Dishwasher liquid
  • Dish soap
  • Oven cleaners
  • Kitchen hand soap and nail brush
  • Sponges for cleaning
  • Brillo pads
  • Pot and pan scrubbers and brushes
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Furniture polish
  • Heavy-duty floor cleaning liquid

However, if I had small children I would certainly store all these products away from inquisitive hands. Either in a cupboard that is high up or fit a secure childproof lock to the door.

The consequences of a little one ingesting any cleaning products is too frightening.

I would also do this if I had dogs in the house. As they have been known to eat cleaning products, with dire consequences.

Nourishing Minimalism has some great ideas.

DIY Tension Rod Under Sink Project

Over at Hometalk.com there is a great tutorial on creating a neat and tidy cleaning cupboard.

This uses a tension rod that you can hang all the spray bottles on. it is the kind of home DIY project that anyone can attempt.

Look at all the space that has been freed up!

How to Organize Cleaning Supplies Under Kitchen Sink Using Dollar Store Finds

If you intend to store your cleaning supplies under the sink then here are some great tips, tricks and hacks you can use to get all the clutter in order.

Just using products you can easily buy from a dollar store. Neat House Sweet Home has some great ideas using cheap store-bought products.

Ikea Buys Help with Under Sink Storage

Here are some fabulous ideas for organizing cleaning products using Ikea products. The end result is very satisfying.

How to Store Kitchen Gloves

I like to wear rubber gloves when cleaning. So I’m often left with wet gloves that I really don’t know what to do with.

Here is a genius hack for tidying and storing rubber gloves, that will work even if they are wet from Inspired Home Style

How to Store Sink Sponges

It’s nice to have a place for everything in the kitchen, some small items like sponges can a problem to store neatly.

This is a great product to help keep the kitchen neat and tidy. I would store this under the sink, although it could be kept on the countertop. I feel the could look a bit too cluttered.

 Under Kitchen Sink Sponge OrganizerUnder Kitchen Sink Sponge Organizer


DIY Under Sink Storage Ideas

If you are a competent DIYer (or you know someone who is) then here is a great project you could make for your under the sink kitchen cupboard.

I love that the drawers are sliding. Also that the tutorial shows you ways of working around the piping.


I very much hope the tips and product recommendations will help you to achieve a perfectly organized under kitchen sink cupboard, that you can be proud of.

easy ways to organize the under kitchen sink cupboard