Top 20 Under Bed Storage Solutions for 2021

One underutilized storage area in your home is the space that is under the bed.

Here are my top 20 under bed storage solutions and products that will help you make the most of the storage space available in your home.

These products are particularly useful if you have a small bedroom, need to organize your children’s toys or to store seasonal items like Christmas decorations or winter bedding like large comforters.

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For anyone who has limited storage space in their bedroom, these have the advantage of freeing up space in your closets.

Sterilite Under Bed Storage Plastic Set of 4

Here are a useful 4 clear plastic under bed storage boxes by the manufacturer Sterilite.

As they are transparent, you can see immediately what you have stored in the box.

Under bed storage ideas that are perfect for clothes, paperwork, and seasonal items.

I like the way these are of a sturdy design, with latches that snap tightly shut.

Extra Large Under Bed Storage Box

When you are considering using the spaces under your bed for storage you find that long under-bed boxes are the best.

They provide plenty of space for those items that you have difficulty storing anywhere else.

These useful boxes have plenty of space and have a handy transparent top so you can see the contents at a glance.

Under Bed Storage Bins With Wheels

Wheeled under bed storage is very useful, as the bins can be accessed easily by just sliding the bin out from under the bed.

This would be useful for storing children’s toys as small kids could slide the container out themselves.

These bins come in a set of 4, so you will find plenty of room for your storage needs.

Budget Underbed Storage Containers

If you are on a budget, then this set of two large fabric dust-free containers would be perfect for you.

There are plenty of handles on the sides of the bin, meaning it will be easy to retrieve from underneath the bed.

The top is zippered and clear so you can see what is inside in an instant.

Plastic Under Bed Storage

This is a workmanlike and sturdy plastic storage bin, that protects your valuable items.

Use it for items that you don’t want squashed, like, cherished photographs, craft supplies and wrapping paper.

It is handy that it is on wheels, making it easy to access.

Low Profile Under Bed Storage Bins

This is a heavy-duty durable shallow under-bed storage bins. That is perfect for tight spaces.

The exterior height of the bin with the lid on is only 6 inches. This is the bin with the lowest profile I could find.

It comes in a set of two and has a distinctive red top.

Hefty White Storage Bin

The Hefty brand is a market leader in home organization and storage products, so they certainly know what they are doing.

Here is a Hefty clear storage bin with good strong latches. The design of the bin will ensure that in never buckles or bows even when stacked.

It has a large capacity of 52 quarts too!

Heavy Duty Vacuum Storage Bags

One of the miracles of home storage are these vacuum storage bags.

Fill the bags with bulky items like comforters, pillows or clothes. Apply the vacuum and the bulk of the items will just disappear.

Once vacuum packed either store these bags directly under the bed or, put these bags into storage containers.

This is a great choice if you have limited space in your home for storing seasonal items.

Under Bed Storage Ideas for Dorm Rooms

Dorm rooms very often have little storage space available.

This storage solution is ideal for a dorm room, as it has plenty of storage space yet is light to transport.

Could store all kinds of items from shoes to sweaters.

Wicker Rattan Style Underbed Storage Basket

If you have the type of bed that allows you to see underneath, then you will need to look for storage bins that are attractive to look at.

These country farmhouse decor style under bed boxes or storage baskets will fit the bill.

These wicker baskets will fit in with farmhouse or rustic bedroom decor.

Wire Under Bed Storage

Here is a nice metal under bed storage basket that will not look too ugly if anyone should see it.

One useful thing this basket has are a pair of sturdy handles.

I would use this as storage for bedding that is regularly used and cleaned. For long-term storage, you would be better off with dust-proof plastic boxes with lids.

Fabric Under Bed Storage

These are a pair of blue fabric storage cases that feature a useful see-through zippered lid and handle.

Really useful for bulky items like throw pillows and comforters. Keeping them clean and dust-free.

As they are low profile, they slip nicely under your bed.

Dust Proof Organizer for Clothes Shoes and Bedding

This is a very versatile storage receptacle that is suited to storing winter boots, shoes, blankets, and throw pillows.

It comes with 3 removable boards that can act as separators for your items.

It can be used without the boards as well so you have the space to store bulkier items as well.

Iris Under Bed Boxes With Hinged Lids and Wheels

As these sturdy boxes come with wheels, you can always retrieve your items quickly and easily just by sliding the boxes out.

Great, if you have a bad back or other mobility problems.

The top of the lid is hinged so you don’t have to pull the box all the way out from under the bed to retrieve your stuff.

It’s useful that they come in a set of 4 useful for families.

Under Bed Bag Storage

As this storage bag is soft and squishy, you will find you have more choices in the places you could use this for storage.

A couple of these could be pushed up together under a small bed.

In this way you will store more fabric items like clothes and bedding together compared to a plastic box.

Under Bed Shoes Storage Organizer Space Saver 12 Shoes Under Bed Lightweight

With this organizer, you can store up to 12 pairs of shoes. Keeping them clean and dust-free.

Because you are storing shoes in a circle, the heels that are the thicker parts of the shoe go to the outside. While the toes point to the middle.


Cute Frog Under Bed Toy Storage for Toddlers Rooms

For a toddler’s bedroom, you need items that are both fun yet practical.

Here is a great toy storage bin that is shaped like a green monster or frog (you choose!)

With this fun organizer, our toddler will enjoy helping to keep their toys and bedroom neat and tidy.

Under Bed Shoe Storage

If you are short on space, perhaps space in your closet or your bedroom is very small, then these shoe storage sets would be a good choice for you.

They have great capacity holding up to 12 pairs per organizer.

They will also help to keep your shoes clean and free from dust.

Storage Container with 5 Compartments

Here is an example of an under bed clothing organizer that would be perfect for storing men’s shirts.

This is a useful item if you have very little storage space to hang shirts up in a closet.

This is a great storage idea for a small bedroom.

Wooden Under Bed Storage

This wooden under bed drawer trunk is the perfect solution if you are looking for attractive storage solutions that will be on show.

It comprises 3 spacious drawers that can be used to store linens and seasonal items.

Makes good use of the area under the bed that is so often underutilized.

How to Organize Under Bed Storage on a Budget

Great, under the bed organizer ideas for people on a budget.

She shows us how she stores stationery items that would make her office look messy.

A great tip is to use cheap large plastic tote bags for your under bed storage.

How to Store Comforters in Small Spaces

In this video, they show us a space-saving way to fold comforters so they take up little space.

Use this technique together with either a plastic box or make the comforter even smaller before storing using a vacuum space saver bag.

Great tips for storing seasonal bedding items under the bed.

Should you Store Things Under Your Bed?

There are some disadvantages to storing items under the bed.

First of all it just makes it much more difficult to clean under the bed, so dust and debris have a tendency to accumulate.

Secondly, you need to make sure you are not using the under bed space to store clutter. Be really aware of this.

However, if you are on top of the clutter in your home, then using the under bed space could make sense for storing infrequently used items and seasonal items.


I very much hope you have found this post useful and were able to find the perfect storage product your needs.

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