What are Typical Clothes Hanger Dimensions?

clothes hanger dimensions

Here we answer the question: what are typical clothes hanger dimensions and why it matters.

Knowing the dimensions of the clothes hangers you intend to purchase is important for a few reasons.

  1. If you’re looking for a new set of clothes hangers, knowing the standard dimensions is important so that your clothes will fit comfortably on them.
  2. So you are certain the hangers will actually fit into your closet.
  3. These dimensions help you avoid purchasing a clothing that is unlikely to fit on a hanger properly.

This article will list the various types of clothes hangers and their dimensions so that you can find one that is just right for all of your garments!

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Finding out about these typical clothes hanger dimensions can help you purchase clothing hangers that are right for your needs!

What is the Size of a Standard Clothes Hanger?

The standard length of a clothes hanger for adults is around 17 inches, smaller for children’s clothes hangers at about 11 inches.

clothes hanger dimensions inches

Table that Shows Different Hanger Dimensions

Type of Hanger Typical Width
Wooden17.2 x 0.5 x 8.9 inches
Oversized Wooden 20 inches
Tubular plastic16.5 inches
Non-Slip Plastic17.5 inches
Velvet Non-Slip17.75 x 0.25 x 9.25 inches
Wire15.75 x 0.08 x 7.75 inches
Heavy Duty Metal Hangers16.5 inches
Satin or Material Padded 15.5 inches
Pant and Skirt Hangers with ClipsAdjustable
Wooden Suit or Coat Wide Shoulder17.7 long x 2.5 inches wide
Extra-Large AdjustableAdjusts to 23.4 inches maximum
Teenager or Petite Woman14 inches
Childs 11.6 x 0.2 x 7.9 inches
Baby 11.1 inches

Choosing Hangers by Size

what are the dimensions of a clothes hanger

The most important thing to consider when choosing clothes hangers is the size of your closet and the type of clothing you need to hang.

Use the right size hanger so the shoulder is supported all the way along the seam. If the seam is unsupported it will become stretched and distorted leading to bumps that can be difficult to remove.

However, don’t use a hanger that is longer than the width of your garment, this will lead to damage to the shoulder and the seams around the neck and the back.

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Also, some hangers are more appropriate for certain types of clothing than others.

  • Bulky items, such as coats and jackets may require a large wood hanger to support the weight better.
  • While blouses, skirts, and dresses will require a standard-sized hanger.
  • Hangers come in a range of sizes ranging from extra-large to smaller hangers for baby and toddler clothes.
  • If space is short look for products that are narrower than average like velvet hangers.
  • Make sure the hangers will fit into your closet.

What is the Standard Size of a Bedroom Closet?

how much space do hanging clothes need

Before buying hangers make sure they will fit into your closets. Generally, reach-in closets will be around 24 inches deep.

This is a great general-purpose depth that is big enough for larger items like suits, coats, and shirts.

Assuming the hanging rod has been installed in the center this means hangers up to 20 inches will fit well as this leaves a gap in front and behind the garments.

This gap is essential for the air to circulate so your clothes don’t start to smell musty.

How Far from the Wall should a Clothes Rod be?

  • The majority of closets are constructed to have the rods installed in the center of the closet.
  • This ensures you have enough depth to hang all your clothes.

What the Experts Say about Hanger Dimensions

How to Choose the Correct Hanger Size for Suits

Here is an interesting video that explains why this company offers so many different sizes of suit hangers.


Hanging clothing properly on is dependant on having the right sized hanger for the garment you are hanging up.

So it’s important to note the size requirements when purchasing your next batch of clothes hangers so that every item fits comfortably!

Also, make sure the hangers will fit into your closets. They need to fit with a few inches of breathing space around them.

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