Toilet Bowl Bombs Recipe: Toilet Cleaning Tablets Recipe

Are you tired of cleaning your toilet bowl because it is hard to remove the stains?

Consider making this toilet bowl bombs recipe as they will make your toilet sparkly clean while smelling good too!

The critic acid will help to dissolve limescale and the baking soda will clean while neutralizing bad odors.

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Here’s a recipe for toilet bowl tablets that you can use in place of store-bought cleaners. Simple yet effective while having a great smell too!

bomb recipes for cleaning toilets

Rosemary and Orange Tablet Toilet Cleaning Tablets Recipe

This recipe makes 6 large bombs or tablets. Experiment with different-sized silicone molds if you would prefer smaller or differently shaped toilet bombs.

The essential oils are just suggestions so feel free to use your favorite fragrance or any oils you have to hand.


  • 18oz baking soda
  • 5oz citric acid
  • 20 drops orange essential oil
  • 20 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 20 drops pine needle essential oil
  • 2 tablespoons witch hazel


  • small mist spray bottle
  • silicone 6 hole muffin tray
  • lidded glass jar
  • rubber gloves

In a bowl place, the citric acid and baking soda mix these together. Add the essential oils and mix thoroughly again.

Pour the witch hazel into the mist bottle, and lightly spray the dry ingredients. Just a couple of sprays at a time, you need to be careful you don’t over-wet the mixture, as this will start the mixture fizzing.

The mixture needs to be just damp enough to start sticking together when you clump it in your hands (wearing rubber gloves).

This should only take around 6 – 8 sprays.

Once you have a clumping mixture divide into 6 and fill the muffin pan holes. Then with the back of a spoon pack the mixture down firmly.

Leave the tablets to dry overnight. The next day pop them out of the silicone mold and store them in a glass jar with a lid.

How to Use Toilet Tablets or Bombs

Drop 1 tablet into your toilet bowl. Leave for around 30 minutes or preferably overnight. There will be a pleasing fizzing.

Then using a toilet brush give the bowl a good scrub. Then flush to rinse away.

Use these weekly to keep limescale at bay. For stained toilets use 2 tablets and repeat daily until the limescale and stains are gone.


Toilet bowl bombs are an easy and inexpensive way to clean your toilet. If you have problems with the build up of limescale using these regularly should keep this a bay.

You can make these with a few ingredients and some easy-to-source equipment.

The recipe I’ve provided is simple and effective for getting rid of stains and limescale on your porcelain toilets.

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Toilet Bowl Bombs Recipe