How to Store Purses: 31 Hacks and Tips

hanging purse storage for small closets

How to store purses to keep them in excellent condition. Here are some tips, tricks and hacks to help you get your purse collection under control.

I’m not the most enthusiastic purse lover you will ever meet, but over the years I seem to have gathered an extensive collection. Every wedding and special event or new outfit needs to have a matching purse to finish the look.

✅ What is the best way to organize this growing collection?

It is so easy just to store these bags in a pile at the bottom of the closet. This is not good for the purses, which will become worn and shabby. I always feel it is such a shame to damage expensive bags by sloppy storage.

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Here is a collection of 31 clever ways to organize the purse collection that will keep your bags beautifully displayed and organized.

I have selected simple yet clever ideas that anyone can make. But also I have selected some products you can buy that make storing purses a breeze.

✅ Hanging Handbag Organizer

It can be a challenge to organize all your handbags if you are short of space.

This idea is such a space saver for organizing your purses in the closet. The organizer simply hangs from your closet rod.

As it has 10 compartments, it should be the right amount for most people. Just make sure you leave enough space for all your clothes.

Hanging Purse Handbag Organizer with 10 Pockets Hanging Closet Storage Bag

You can buy this practical purse organizer from

✅ Dust Bag Storage Ideas

You can buy dust bags that are specifically made for storing valuable leather purses. Plastic bags seem tempting, but these are not suitable as they don’t allow the leather to breathe.

These bags are a good idea too if you have patent leather purses, as they can stop the shiny leather from becoming smeared with fingerprints.

Dust Cover Storage Bags Silk Cloth with Drawstring Pouch For Handbags Purses Pocketbooks

These dust bags are available from

✅ Use Clear Shelf Dividers or Boxes to Organize Bags

Use clear perspex dividers that easily clip onto your shelves, leaving slots you can store your purse in.

The great advantage of perspex is you hardly know it is there, so we can see plainly the beauty of our handbag collection.

Alternatively, there are perspex boxes with lids that will display your purses well and keep them dust-free.

5 Compartment Plastic Hanging Closet Storage Organizer Tray

These useful hanging perspex organizers are available from

✅ How to Organize Purses on a Shelf: Open Shelving

I love the idea of using open shelving for leather handbag storage.

I believe that storing bags in this way will increase the life of your bag and will keep them in tip-top condition for years. An important consideration if you have spent a lot of money on a designer bag.

You will need to have the space to do this, though!

Buy from

✅ Handbag Shapers

Do you sometimes feel your bag is too floppy? The answer is an insert to give body and structure to the bag. It protects the bag from collapsing and creating creases and wrinkles that will eventually make your purse look shabby.

Easy to use as well. First, you place a separate insert into the bottom of the bag. Followed by an insert that has handy pockets for organizing all the stuff you keep in a bag.

Purse Organizer Insert with Base Shaper Handbag Felt Organizer Insert

Purse organizer inserts like these can be found at

✅ DIY Purse Rack Cheap and Easy to Make

It’s hard to keep all your purses organized!

I love this tutorial that shows you how to organize your purses using a homemade divider. This project is very easy and nice and cheap to make. It requires simple DIY techniques that most of us can do using simple tools.

A top tip is to get the hardware store to cut up the wood to size for you!

✅ Large Totes Folded up and Stored Flat

Here I don’t mean the cheap tote bags you buy to carry home your groceries. These can just be folded up and placed inside other bags.

Instead, I mean the large designer tote bags that have cost you a lot of money. You should store these on their side. Provide some kind of stuffing or bag shaper inside to help keep its shape.

I recommend you store tote bags in a dust cover, either use a cover the manufacturer provided or buy one.

✅ How to Display Purses on a Bookshelf

You might have a selection of evening bags that will look great displayed on a bookshelf.

I love these floating shelves that have been used to display and store beautiful objects like designer handbags and shoes.

✅ Overdoor Purse Organizer

When you are short of space, one area that you can use is the area behind the door.

Such a clever, cheap and practical idea.

Over Door Hanging Purse Storage Organizer - Durable, Holds 50 POUNDS, SWIVELS 360 Degrees for Easy Access; Purses, Handbags, Satchels, Crossovers, Backpacks,12 Hooks, Chrome

Behind the door, handbag hangers are available from

✅ How to Store Handbag on Hooks without Damage

The only practical way to stop the damage from hooks is to find another way to store your handbags. Avoid this if you can.

I know that closet space is at a premium, so sometimes hanging on hooks is the only option.

To lessen the impact and damage a hook might to your handbag handle. Frequently change the place on the handle you hook the bag up to.

✅ Modular Shelving for Closets

If you are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, then think about installing a modular shelving unit to house all your handbags.

Shelves should have different-sized cubby holes so you can have space for both large and smaller purses.

Storing your purses in this way will ensure they remain in the best condition possible. Also when you are getting ready to go out you can see at a glance what bag to wear to compliment your outfit.

An alternative is installing a simple closet shelf that runs along the length of the closet.

One disadvantage of keeping bags hidden away in a closet is that it is so easy to forget what is in the collection.

 Modular Purse and Shoe Shelving Storage OrganizerModular Purse and Shoe Shelving Storage Organizer


✅ Fill Handbags with Tissue

One of the most important things you can do to keep your purses looking as good as new is to stuff the inside of the bag with tissue so that it keeps its shape while being stored.

One tip is to make sure that you keep the tissue paper that was inside the bag when you bought it. It’s very tempting to throw this away!

An alternative to tissue paper is to use bubble wrap.

✅ Free Standing Hall Tree

A hall tree sitting next to the front door can act as a great way to store your more frequently used purses, totes, and handbags.

✅ How to Care for and Store Designer Bags

In this video, you are shown the best organizing and storage ideas for your purse collection. There are some great tips particularly if you are short on space.

Following these tips ensures that all your handbags, tote bags, shoulder bags, and purses are easy to reach and always in good condition.

✅ Hang Purses in the Closet using Shower Curtain Rings

Over at creatively organized, there are some creative ideas for using cheap shower curtain rings from the dollar store.

✅ Store in Armoire with Glass Panels

If you have space in your bedroom then a glass-fronted armoire would be the perfect place to display and store your purse and leather bag collection.

✅ Tips for Small Closet Purse Organization

Here is a useful video that shows you how to make the most of a small closet to store your purses.

✅ Dust Covers for Purse Organization and Storage

This is a very useful product that will keep your purses in excellent condition. I would certainly recommend this if you have spent a lot of money on a leather designer bag.

I love the see-through design and useful carrying handle of this practical organizing accessory.

Handbag Storage Handbag Organizer 3 Pack Dust Cover Bag Transparent Anti-dust Purse Storage Bag for Hanging Closet with Zipper and Handle (Beige)

Find these dust cover bags at

✅ Organize Clutches in Open Trays

If you have an extensive collection of clutches, then you will know how difficult it is to store them in an orderly way. Here is a great product that will allow you to store clutches neatly.

✅ Shelving in the Closet

If you have plenty of space in your closet, then consider freeing up some space with shelving to store your expensive leather handbags and clutches.

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✅ Money No Object Purse Organization Closet Ideas

If I had Kylie Jenner’s money, then this is the kind of purse storage I would have. Amazing!!!!

✅ Hang Handbags on Coat Hooks

Choose an area in your bedroom wall and put up some beautiful-looking coat hooks.

These will be perfect for hanging those handbags that you use regularly.

✅ Use Tension Rods or Shower Rails and Hooks

At a View Along the Way, there is a great tutorial post I would recommend. It shows you how to makeover a really messy closet.

Part of the post shows you how to use a tension rod to organize a purse collection.

✅ Hanging Organizer for Closet Doors

Here is a product that will let you make the most of the storage space behind the closet door.

Over Door Organizer for Handbags

Door hanging storage for purses can be found at

✅ Repurpose a Coat Rack

Coat racks make a great hanger and are a great way to organize the purses you use regularly.

✅ Use Pegboard and Hooks for Storage in a Closet

A Bowlful of Lemons takes us on a tour of her wonderfully organized closet.

✅ Organize Clutches in Magazine Files

Perpetually Chic organizes her clutches and accessories in magazine files.

✅ Store Purses in Clear Plastic Boxes

These boxes are so practical as they keep your purse collection clean and dust-free. They also have the added advantage that you can see the contents at a glance.

Open Front Clear Closet Home Storage Organizer great for your purse collection

Useful clear storage boxes like these are available from

✅Ikea Hack Billy Bookcase Purse Storage Ideas

Using one of Ikea’s most popular products the Billy bookcase case. You can keep your purse collection well organized.

Final Thoughts

I very much hope you have enjoyed this post and that it has given you plenty of ideas and inspiration on how to organize, purge and display your purse collection.

You have no doubt spent a lot of money on your purses. It will pay you to look after this collection well.

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