Skirt Hangers That Don’t Leave Marks: Tips and Hacks

black skirt hanging on a maetal skirt hanger with clips

If you’ve spent your hard-earned money buying beautiful skirts, it’s important to know to store them so they don’t get damaged when stored on hangers in your closet.

Here are tips to help you keep your skirts well cared for using skirt hangers that don’t leave marks. Hanging your clothes correctly saves you money, as properly looked after clothes will last longer compared to poorly cared for items.

Using the correct skirt hangers and hanging techniques will save you time as well. If you have ever had to re-iron your skirts due to creases and marks caused during storage you will understand how time-consuming this can be. Certainly, the last thing you want to be doing as you get dressed in the morning.

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How to Hang Skirts on a Hanger to Prevent Marks

The best way of preventing marks is to use the right kind of clothes hanger. I recommend using skirt hangers with either metal clips (I like this one from or a trouser clamp design (like this from

These types of hangers will help keep your skirts hanging straight and crease-free.

Here are my top tips.

  • make sure the skirt is hanging straight on the hanger so the material in the skirt is not twisted.
  • try to allow space between your skirts as you hang them in the closet. Crushing them tightly between your other clothes will result in wrinkles and creases. Also, the skirt might be pulled off the hanger and could end up noticed on the closet floor.
  • for tailored skirts make sure the hanger supports the whole length of the waistband, I would recommend a clothes hanger clamp design.
  • for delicate fabrics like chiffon use padding on the inside of the metal clips to make sure they won’t damage the delicate material.
  • skirts made from delicate materials should be hung inside out so any mark from the hanger will not be seen.

Useful Hack to Prevent Hanger Clip Indentations

Skirts made from delicate floaty fabrics are easy to mark or damage even with the best hangers.

To prevent this use old credit cards cut in half and placed between the fabric and the clip. Alternatively, you could use cardboard or pieces of fabric, or foam.

This picture demonstrates this.

demonstration of two ways to prevent hanger damage from metal clothes hanger clips

Top 3 Recommended Mark Free Skirt Hangers

Try to avoid plastic or metal hangers for any of your clothing but especially for skirts. These types of hangers just aren’t strong enough and can twist, bow, or snag your skirts.

Wooden Non Slip Skirt Clamp Style Hangers 

Wooden Clamp Style Skirt Hangers

This clamp-style skirt hanger is available from

These wooden non-slip skirt hangers are perfect for hanging skirts, pants, jeans, work trousers, maxis, leggings, & shorts.

Here the wood with an extra layer of lacquer enhances your closet appearance. Would look great in a spacious walk-in closet.

The design of the hanger tightly grips your skirts without leaving any markings.

I love the look of these hangers, be aware if you are tight on space that the hangers themselves will take up room in your closet.

These are perfect if you have plenty of space.

Skirt Hangers with Metal Clips 

20 Pack Skirt Hangers Skirt Hangers with Clips

I like these skirt hangers you can find at with metal clips because they are not too bulky, so you can fit more clothes in your closet.

They have rubberized clips that are strong yet will hold your skirts firmly in place without damage or creasing.

I love the way the two adjustable clips slide easily along the crossbar to fit different sizes of clothing for adults, youngsters, and children.

Space Saving Skirt Hangers 

Space Saving Skirt Hangers 4 Tier

These hangers from can take up to 4 skirts in the same space in your closet as a single hanger freeing up plenty of space.

These skirt hangers have non-slip strong metal rubber-coated clasps. The clips can be moved along the metal bar to fit different clothing sizes.

This product is strong and sturdy and made to last.

Skirt Storage Mistakes

I would always recommend hanging your skirts hanging up in your closet. Provided they have room and the right hanger the skirt will stay in good condition, ready for you to simply take the skirt off the hanger and wear it straight away.

A big mistake is to take the skirt and fold it over the hanger bar. This will put creases right across the middle of your skirt and you will have to iron the skirt before wearing it.

Remove skirts from the dry cleaning bags as they will be on metal hangers, which will damage your clothes. Place the skirt on a proper shirt hanger once you get your dry cleaning home.

Try to avoid crushing clothes into your closet.

  • If your closet is stuffed full consider decluttering your clothes, or remove some of the clothes and fold them for storing on shelves or in drawers.
  • consider space-saving hangers that are designed to hang multiply skirts on one hanger.

Should I hang a Skirt up by it’s Hanger Strap or Loop?

You might think that using the loops or straps stitched into your skirt waist will help to prevent skirts becoming marked. I find the loops are often very thin and seem break easily, leaving your clothes in a heap in the closet floor. Instead I would always recommend hanging up your skirts using a proper skirt hanger.

Alos when you use these loops the skirt remain unsupported in the middle of the waist band. This can result in the skirt material twisting out of shape.

This is demonstrated here in this picture.

explaination of why you should never use the skirt loops or hanger straps sown into the skirt


If you have been looking for a way to hang your skirts without leaving those pesky marks that can occur when hanging up in the closet. I hope this article has given you some useful information.

There are hangers available that are designed especially for hanging your skirt so they stay in perfect condition.

I would recommend using the best hangers you can afford, as these will help you keep your clothes in perfect condition. Saving you money on replacement and time ironing creased skirts.

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