35 Shed Organization Hacks & Declutter the Shed Tips

declutter the shed tips and tricks

Before you even start out to organize your shed you will most likely need to do some decluttering.

Get rid of old unwanted children’s toys, old garden furniture, broken tools and anything that is duplicated.

For example, when I moved house a couple of years again I was amazed to find I had a collection of 5 garden racks. Where did they come from!!!

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As garden tools seem to last a lifetime just find new homes for any duplicated tools.

Shed Shelving Ideas

To get the most out of the storage space in your shed, I recommend some kind of strong shelving. Here is a great tutorial that shows you a straightforward way to construct strong shelving.

I love the way they have designed it so the shelves are nice and deep.

Free Standing Shelving Systems

A simple way to add shelves to your shed is to use free-standing shelving units.

These have the advantage of not needing to be attached to the shed walls.

A great bonus if you have a metal or plastic shed that does not have the thickness in the walls to accept anchors for the screws.

Drawer Organizers

Saw Dust Girl has great ideas for organizing shed or workshop drawers.

DIY Wooden Pallet Garden Tool Organizer

If you can get hold of spare wooden pallets, then this idea for organizing your garden tools is genius.

Hometalk has some easy DIY pallet projects to help you tidy up all your tools

Wrap it Loop Garden Hose Organizer

Garden hoses are really difficult to keep under control. They can end up as a nasty tangled mess in the corner of the shed.

Once the hose becomes kinked, it is a nuisance to use.

I would recommend this handy hose organizer to gather the hose together and you can then hang the hose up neatly on the wall. It has a handy storage box on the side so practical.

 Hose Holder Storage Hanger Wall Mounted with ToolboxHose Holder Storage Hanger Wall Mounted with Toolbox


Tools in Plastic Tubs (Baskets)

Use cheap plastic tubs to store all your tools. Make sure you label the front of the baskets so you know how to lay hands on your essential tools quickly.

Wooden Crates for Storage

If you have access to free wooden crates, you are lucky. Use these to make up a shelving and storage system in your shed.

Store Brushes Hanging from the Roof

If you love DIY like me, you will no doubt have loads of different sized paintbrushes that have been used for DIY projects.

One way to organize these brushes is by storing them hanging upside down from the roof.

This keeps the brushes in tip-top condition and out of the way. Find this at Family Handyman.

Power Tool Storage Rack

I love these power tools storage racks. I hate how every time I need to use a power tool I have to open up lots of boxes to find the toolset I need.

With this idea, you can see immediately to piece of equipment you need. You can then grab this and go.

✅ Utility Hooks

Utility hooks are so useful. Great for storing ladders, wheelbarrow and bikes up and out of the way.

These hooks from amazon.com are strong enough to hang bicycles from.

Garage Hooks, Garage Organizer Utility Hooks, Heavy Duty Garage Storage pegboard Hooks for Tools, Ladders and Bikes, Pack of 12 – 10 Double Hooks & 2 Bike Hooks – (Black)

Pegboard Tool Organizer

I love the idea of having all my tools hanging up on a pegboard.

You can see straight away the tool you need and you can just grab what you need and get working.

Here is a simple tutorial for making a pegboard tool organizer.

Use Shed Door as a Space for Organizing Tools

One underutilized storage area of the shed is the door.

You can install narrow shelving or organizer cubbies to the inside of the doors.

Great for those smaller items like screwdrivers.

Use Overhead Spaces for Storage

If your shed has a tall roof use this space to store larger items.

For example bicycles, ladders, garden furniture, large children’s toys like slides during the winter and planks of wood.

Make a DIY Gardening Tools Tote Garden Hand Tool Holder

Keep all your frequently used garden tools together in a tote.

Then you can just grab this and get straight on with your gardening.

Costume Workbench Rack and Storage

If you love DIY then you will find a workbench in the shed a boon. I love this one with a set of storage racks at the back.

 Stainless Steel Top Workbench and Storage RackStainless Steel Top Workbench and Storage Rack


Easy DIY Project Using Funnels for Twine Organization

I saw this idea for using funnels to organize your twine and though it was so clever. Also, it looks like an easy DIY project that anyone could try.

DIY Chain and Hook for Garden Hose Organization

Keep your garden hose under control with this easy project. All that is required is a stout hook and a length of chain.

Bungee Cord Storage for Sports Balls

The kid’s sports balls are a nuisance to store they just keep rolling everywhere. Keep them under control with this ball organizer made form bungee cord.

DIY Lattice Rack Storage

This is a great idea for storing tools with long handles, pieces of piping, lengths of wood and bamboo canes.

Corner Tool Rack

This is a great space-saving way to organize all your garden tools in a small shed.

DIY Elastic Cord Tool Organizer

Here is a simple DIY project anyone can achieve. A great way to organize all your screwdrivers so they are on view and easy to select the tool you need for your projects.

Store Nails and Screws in Jars

It’s easy to collect together a number of jars that would have ended up in the recycling.

It is then a simple job to sort through your screw and nail collection and organize these into jars.

Storage Racks for Screwdrivers

These are a great idea if you have a selection of screwdrivers. Easy to sort the screwdrivers out by size and type.

Adjustable Wire Shelving

I like these wire shelving systems. They are a really practical choice for your shed organization needs.

I like that you can customize these shelves by making the gaps between the shelves wider depending on your needs.

Hang Up Bicycles and Wheel Barrows

Free up plenty of space in your shed by hanging up large items like wheelbarrows and bicycles.

Store Seeds in an Album

A great tip for keeping your seed collection well organized and dry. Store seeds in albums that have plastic pockets.

PVC Tubing Storage Ideas

PVC piping has many organizing uses. One of the best uses is to store long-handled garden tools.

Pull Out Peg Board Tool Organization

When I saw this idea I was truly blown away. As with other home organization ideas storing items vertically is great for saving space.

Garden Tool Rack Organizers

Gather together all your garden tools and stack them neatly in an organizer.

DIY Tape Organizer and Dispenser

I love this idea for storing and dispensing for tapes, for example, duct tape

Tool Hanger for Long Handled Tools

This is a great way to store tools with long handles.

Magnetic Strips for Storing Drill Bits

This is a great drill bit storage hack using a magnetic strip. (These are usually to be found in the kitchen for holding knives).

Chalk Board for Notes

When working out in the shed, it is always handy to have a way yo write reminders.

Chalkboards are handy as you can write on them even if your hands are dirty. This chalkboard can be used over and over again.

Work Bench with Drawers

If you are looking to invest in a workbench for your shed. I would definitely buy one that has drawers.

These drawers are just so handy for storing smaller items that would get lost on shelving.

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