Best Sewing Room Organization Ideas for a Tidy and Organized Space

sewing room organization ideas for a neat and tidy sewing room

Here are my top sewing room organization ideas for a neat and tidy work space to be proud of.

It is so easy for a sewing room to become cluttered and full of mess!

When you manage to get on top of the mess you will be amazed at how your creativity and productivity will increase.

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Here is a selection of organization products that I hope will help you to contain the clutter and keep your working areas neat and tidy.

Sewing Supplies Holder on a Turntable

This is certainly a very handy sewing organizer that will happily sit on your work bench.

The way it is designed allows you to see at a glance what sewing materials you have.

It only takes a moment to then select the storage container you need for the project you are working on.

Thread Spool Organizer

There is nothing worst than a tangle of threads!!!

Often the only way back is just to cut away the tangles, wastful and time consuming.

Here is a way to keep all those thread spools neatly organized. It is versatile as it takes a wide range of spool sizes.

Magnetic Box to Hold Pins and Needles

As you are working on your sewing projects. Its is so easy to misslay items like pins, needles and scissors.

Here’s the solution, a box with a magnetic sheet that will keep all these items safely in one place.

Years ago I can remember tipping over a box of pins onto a carpet, it was a nightmare to clear up. This product could have saved me all that bother.

Sewing Supplies Wheeled Storage Cart

I love a wheeled cart to hold my crafting and sewing supplies.

You can wheel the cart up to the workbench and just reach in to get what you need as you go.

Once you have finished the cart can be neatly tucked away.

Sewing Material Storage Armoire and Work Bench

With this armoire, you get not only plenty of storage for your sewing stuff you also get a drop-down table.

The table could be used for your sewing machine, and the shelving could house fabrics, threads and patterns.

After you have finished there is room for the sewing machine and everything is folded back into the armoire. Once the doors are closed that is your room neat and tidy.

This product would be great if you don’t have a dedicated sewing room.

Folding Cutting Table with Drawers with Storage

When you are sewing you often need of a suitable table for cutting out your patterns.

This handy table comes on castors and folds out to make a cutting table.

After use, it’s only a moment’s effort to fold the table top-down and the whole thing can then be pushed neatly against a wall out of the way.

It also has some very useful storage drawers and a shelf.

Embroidery Floss Organizer

Embroidery floss can be a complete nightmare to store without tangling.

Here is a floss organizer that will prevent this from happening.

What I like about this is the way you can label all the different colors. Making it easy to select the correct color for your embroidery project or tapestry.

Magnetic Pin Cushion

When you are sewing these magnetic pin cushions are so useful.

I would strongly recommend these to anyone that has children or pets in the home, as they are one way of making sure pins don’t end up on the floor.

It is practical but it also looks good with a bright polka dot pattern.

Tote Rolling Bag for Sewing Supplies

This is a useful way to organize your sewing supplies when you are on the move.

I like the way there is plenty of room inside this tote for a sewing machine.

This is ideal to take on vacation or to your local sewing bee.

Sewing Organizer with Compartments

This organizer has plenty of compartments to store all your sewing items.

As it has a sturdy handle you can take this with you, anywhere.

It even has handy little storage compartments in the lid that would be perfect for smaller items like packets of needles.

and Finally….

I very much hope you have found the information here useful to you.

If you’re struggling to get started, just imagine how great your life will be when everything in your sewing room is well organized.

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