Realistic Organizing Tips – Organize and Declutter Easy Steps

realistic organizing ideas for your home

Being organized makes life easier that’s for sure. To help you out I have come up with some realistic organizing tips.

These are easy to implement and follow.

By having an easy system for organizing your life you will find that you will become a happier and calmer person.

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Keep On top of Any Clutter

It may not be that much of a big deal if there’s a small amount of clutter around you, occasionally. However, clutter is a symptom of being disorganized.

Being unorganized can so easily become a habit. Particularly when we rationalize this behavior by making excuses about being too busy.

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Being Organized Frees Up Time

Here is one of life’s paradoxes. Have you noticed that those people who are the most productive and seem to be able to schedule spare time at short notice, are almost always the tidiest?

If you are in the other camp, you may seem never to have the time to pick up after yourself (and badly trained others). By the time you attempt to have a clean-up, the sight of your clutter exhausts you even more, and you become overwhelmed.

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Advantages of being organized

The Effects of Clutter on the Mind

There is no doubt that clutter can easily accumulate over time and can be super stressful to look at. Piles of different things and countless to-do lists can potentially drag you down.

This can affect not just your day-to-day schedule, but all aspects of your life, both work, and play. To relieve yourself from the stress of being disordered, there is a simple solution. Be organized!

However, like most things in life, simple does not always mean easy. You need to put in the extra effort of getting organized and staying organized, which can eventually reduce stress levels and will make you feel more accomplished and in control.

New York Times article is very informative on the subject of the psychological effect of a cluttered home HERE

Clutter Could Be Ruining your Life!

Living in a cluttered environment and being unorganized is circular – each feeds off the other. You can improve both aspects, but you have to break the cycle by forming better habits.

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Getting rid of all areas of clutter can help you make healthier decisions in life, and also make your relationships easier and more rewarding.

Fast Company has some great insights into the ways being disorganized can ruin your life.

Top 6 Helpful Tips to Get Organized

Declutter your home It is energy-draining when your house is a mess, as where you start and end your day has a big effect on your outlook. Don’t get distracted by micros – there is no need for in-depth organizing.

The important part is to put everything in its proper place. Determining the one correct place for each item, and returning it there every time is the biggest problem solver in de-cluttering.

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#1 Discard Your Clutter

The most important lesson to learn when dealing with loads of clutter in your home is to simply get rid of as much of it as possible. The reason for doing this is that it is impossible the organize clutter if you try it will just come back to bite you.

Think about how you can discard items, could they be sold, donated, recycled or gifted to friends or family, only then as a last resort sent out as trash.

So declutter first then organize what you really love and want to keep.

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#2 Read Books About Organizing Your Life

For me reading the book by Marie Kondo “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” was a complete game-changer in my life. Her decluttering and organizing methods are so different from the usual advice.

What you do is to take a category of item to tidy for this example lets look at socks. So you would gather together all the socks you own and put them in a pile.

This is the time to discard any unmatched pairs, socks with holes, and most importantly any of these socks that don’t spark joy. That’s it all the socks you hate are gone.

The remaining pairs are allocated a space in a drawer and folded neatly.

When I first did this a couple of years ago it felt strange but unbelievably I have had a tidy sock drawer ever since!!!

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Here is a video that shows you how to fold socks the Marie Kondo way.

#3 Learn to say no

Setting boundaries for yourself and others is one key to becoming more organized. Knowing you have preset limits can help decrease your stress level.

When you are in the middle of decluttering your home and your life, don’t automatically say “yes” to requests for help from others. You need to have a laser focus to achieve your organizing goals.

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Evaluate each request before responding by asking is this really a good use of my precious time?

Oprah Mag How to Say No When Setting Boundaries

#4 Start Planning Ahead

Planning your day ahead of time greatly helps in reducing your stress level. This will alleviate feelings of being rushed all the time. By planning you know what time has been allocated to dealing with clutter and organizing your life.

Take time towards the end of the day to plan for tomorrow. If you do this, you will feel far more relaxed and in control.

Here are 7 top tips to help you plan your decluttering schedule.

#5 Proactivity is the key

Being proactive with your problems is part of being organized. Unaddressed problems accumulate, and your emotional clutter is probably affecting you more than anything else.

Solve the issues that you can, then pay attention to different stressors in your life, and work to manage and eliminate them.

Information on mental and emotional clutter

#6 Start with one small area of your home

This is my top tip, you need to start with small manageable projects. You must avoid becoming overwhelmed at all costs.

For example, you could decide that over a weekend all the clutter on your dining table should be cleared and dealt with so your family can enjoy meals together.

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It is important that once you have decluttered an area that it doesn’t become disorganized again.

Only you can decide what are the priority areas that need decluttering, organizing, and cleaning.

Advantages of Being More Organized

If you’re more organized, you will feel in control, instead of feeling you are being swept along by the events of the day.

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Improvements include feeling calmer and less stressed.

You can find a list of the advantage of being organized here at

Being Systematic and Organized Creates Clarity of Mind

This makes us feel more energetic and eager to do what needs to be done instead of avoiding it. makes the case that cleaning and organizing can improve both your physical and mental health.

The Freedom Decluttering Brings to you Life

One of the best things about being organized is that it creates time for the things you want to do, whether at home or work.

This gives you freedom from feeling that you are trapped in a never-ending spiral of feeling you are always behind and disorganized.

The Cleaning Ladies have plenty to say on this subject.

Your Personal Life is more Satisfying when you can Achieve your Goals.

Organizing and decluttering gives you a powerful sense of accomplishment and empowerment.

This sense of accomplishment will give you a strong sense of well-being that can transform your personal life.

Here are some realistic decluttering and organizing tips to help you achieve your life goals.

It Helps you to be More Productive in your Job

Being an organized employee will make you stand out against mediocre colleagues which may in turn which will give you a greater opportunity for career growth.

When you become more organized you will have more productive time for higher-priority tasks.

This is a great video that helps you to be organized and productive at work.


It doesn’t take too much effort to improve your organizational skills, and if you do, you will save yourself a lot of time, stress, and heartache.

Getting started is always the hardest part!

I hope you have found these realistic organizing and decluttering tips useful.

Good luck….

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