Raccoon Proof Trash Can Straps Top Solution to Stop the Mess

Raccoon Proof Trash Can Straps Ideas for Keeping animals away fromyour trash.

Raccoons can be a huge pest in some part of the country. If you are frustrated by the mess caused by animals tipping over your garbage, then consider deterring them by using raccoon proof trash can straps.

If you are looking for a solution to the mess made by raccoons. These straps offer a cheap and easy way to secure your trash.

A simple way to protect your trash from pesky critters. These easy-to-install straps will secure most standard sized garbage bins.

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✅ Raccoon Garbage Bin Lock

The Bandit-Band is a raccoon proof trash can lid attachment that is simple to install and use. This useful gadget will work with all 32 gallon size cans with side handles.

It is made to last from heavy duty materials and has large handles that are easy to grasp for adults or children. It is important to note that this product requires garbage cans that have two existing side handles.

Bandit-Band Latches Under Your Trash Cans Side Handles to Stop Raccoons and Animals. Trash CAN NOT Included

✅ Universal Fit Lid Lock Utility Strap

Maybe is the most durable and versatile trash can lid lock ever! No tools required for installation. Will attach to all sized outdoor trash cans.

The universal attachment makes it versatile enough to be installed on just about any can. You never have to be worried about your favorite garbage cans being opened by naughty raccoons again.

Strong Strap - Universal Garbage Can Lid Lock Utility Strap

✅ Metal Strap

This product has two animal chew proof straps that fit over your garbage can lid. The manufacturers supply it with easy installation instructions.

It’s easy for humans to attach and detach the straps. Yet it will keep out any pesky animals or pests trying to get inside for an enjoyable feast.

YYST Bin Strap Bin Holder No Chew ! Instruction is Included No Bin - Easy to Attach and Undo

✅ Anti Raccoon Garbage Can Cord System

Lock your trash up tight with this clever cord system! Great for keeping small animals out of your trash cans. This design is relatively easy for humans to open, yet animals will find it nearly impossible.

Easy installation as not tools are needed. The cords wrap it around the can and the locking mechanism is simply squeezed shut. Fits most 50-96 gallon cans: square or round designs.

Your animal in the garbage problems are solved once you get yourself one of these!

Encased Extra Large Trash Can Lock for Animals/Raccoons, Bungee Cord Heavy Duty Extra Large Outdoor Garbage Lid Lock (Fits 50-96 Gallon Trash Can)

✅ Raccoon Garbage Can Strap

Lock your trash can, so that pesky raccoons who want to access the tasty food inside just won’t be able to open it.

Anti-skid and anti-wear pads will prevent damage to your garbage can from opening it too often.

The strap is adjustable and will fit most standard city garbage cans.

Don’t let those critters get to the delicious leftovers inside!

QOONESTL 1 Set Universal Trash Can Lid Strap Bin Strap Garbage Lock, Garbage Can Security System Strong Quick Shackle Adjustable Screws No Mess Nylon Lock Tool

Tips for Keeping Racoons out of the trash

Here are a few easy to follow tips for keeping small animals (raccoons, small dogs, domestic cats, squirrels and rats) out of the trash. These tips won’t deter bears, unfortunately.

  • keep your garbage cans in an area that is difficult for raccoons to access, like a storage shed or garage.
  • place a very heavy rock on top of the trash can.
  • use motion activated lights
  • keep food out of the trash until collection day. A great tip is to keep waste food in a freezer until pick up day.
  • cover the smell of food with powerful smells like bleach.
  • try animal repellent sprays
  • secure your trash can to a stake or fence to prevent it being tipped over.
  • string outdoor Christmas light around your trash can area and set them to blink.

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If you have dealt with the most frustrating animals on earth: raccoons! I can feel your pain!

They have mastered the art of undoing all garbage can lids, leaving them wide open for your trash to go everywhere.

Luckily for me (and you), we don’t need to worry about that anymore. The only thing that needs to be done is strap down and animal proof your garbage cans.

Any of the featured products in this guide are super easy to install and are sure to help in your quest for a mess free yard.

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