17 Beautiful Pictures of Master Bathrooms with Walk-in Showers

master bedroom shower enclosure with blue tiles

if you are planning to remodel your home you will just love these pictures of master bathrooms with walk in showers.

In this post I’ve featured many differnt decorating styles from modern to traditional.

Many of the designs are of fresh neutral colors particularly whites and grays. I have intentionally tried to include pictures that have some color in them.

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I hope you enjoy the selection I have picked and that the pictures will provide plenty of ideas and inspiration for your own home.

Large Shower Enclosure with White and Gray Marble Tiling

Here we have a beautiful large walk in shower that is going to be a joy to use every morning.

One feature I love about this bathroom is the interesting way they have laid the floor tiles to produce an interesting geometric design.

The color scheme of white and gray with wooden accessories is both calming and beautiful.

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Trendy Walk-in Shower With Black Mosaic Tiling

Here we have a homeowner that is not afraid to make a bold statement with their choice of black mosaic tiling.

Choosing mosaic tiles brings the white grout to the fore, making a stunning black and white pattern.

One thing I like about the way they have designed this shower is the two different shower heads, very practical.

walk in shower with black tiles

Large Shower Enclosure with White Tiles

Wow this shower enclosure certainly makes a statement.

I love the pure white tiles that co-ordinate so well against the dark wood of the door.

With its simple clean modern lines, I can see that it will be easy to keep clean and sparkling.

Contemporary Style Bathroom in Gray and Brown

The shower enclosure has fitted in easily here as it takes up to whole length of the bathroom.

Of interest to me here is the way they have highlighted the ceiling with recessed lighting and a framed skylight. Very effective.

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Rustic Style Walk-in Shower With Stone Walls

I love the way the designers here have continued the stone on the outside wall from to the indoors.

Such a stunning design feature.

The shower is still perfectly practical to use though.

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Modern and Sleek Shower Room

There are some great design ideas to be taken from this shower room.

It pairs neutral colors with a bold dark framed mirror.

I love the vanity unit that is a made from a modern light wood.

modern walk-in master bathroom shower in neutral colors

Roomy Black and White Shower Enclosure

This is the kind of large roomy shower that every home needs.

I love that it incorporates a seat in the shower very practical.

Also, I think black accessories like the showerhead and towel warmer look great against the white tiles.

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Modern White Master Bedroom

Here is an example of the right way to decorate with neutral colors without the room looking bland and uninteresting.

Small design details like the mosaic tiling around the mirror lift the whole room.

I just love that really pale gray color the vanity unit is painted in.

picture source

Modern Pink and Gray Bathroom

Sometimes it’s ok to go a little crazy, just like the designers of this pink, gray, and white bathroom.

I think the whole bathroom looks great, modern and on trend.

I’m in love with the crazy towel warmer.

modern colorful walk-in shower enclosure

Open Sided Shower Enclosure with White Tiles

Here you don’t even have to open a door to get to the shower. This must be the ultimate in walk-in shower rooms.

An all-white tiled bathroom could look a bit bland. But here it is decorated with wooden accessories like the stools and bathtub caddy tray.

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Large Walk-in Shower with Marble Feature Wall

This bathroom really makes a statement whole piece of beautiful black and white veined marble.

The marble gives a sumptuous expensive feel to the whole room, I just love it.

I also like that they were able to make the shower curbless.

picture source

Pure White Master Bathroom Idea

Wow this is how you do an all white bathroom, really stunning.

I can see from its simple design that will this bathroom is going to be really easy to keep clean and tidy.

In this bathroom is it so nice that natural light is allowed in.

picture of a pure white master bathroom

Rustic Slate Tile Waterfall Shower

When you use this shower you could easily imagine you are in a tropical forest showering under a waterfall.

The back of the shower is made from a rough rock while the wall side is faced with slate tiles.

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White Tile Double Shower Enclosure

Although completely modern the design of the shower heads and shower enclosure harks back to Edwardian times.

Very useful that this shower can accommodate two people at the same time.

picture source

Photo by Michelle Dirkse Interior DesignSearch bathroom design ideas

White and Gray Marble Bathroom

If you love the look of marble then this would be the bathroom for you.

It features a very generously sized shower enclosure, that is perfect for a master bedroom.

picture of master bathroom shower in marble

Turquoise Tile Shower Enclosure

The turquoise tiles that make up the back of this shower give a modern look to this lovely bathroom.

I like shower enclosures desinged like this, so a door is not necessary.

You can simply just walk in and get showered in a moment.

picture source

White Bathroom with Large walk in Shower

Here we have a stunning pure white master bathroom that is simply stunning.

Adding a darker colored vanity unit and a plant stops the bathroom from being a sea of all white. Very effective.

white master bathroom image


I hope these pictures have given you plenty of ideas and inspiration for your own home.

Even if you don’t like some of the designs I have picked, this useful too as you learn to know what you don’t like.

pictures of beautiful master bathrooms with large showers