20 Best Pictures of Kitchens with Pendant Lighting

picture of pendant lighting in a large kitchen

Enjoy browsing my selection of pictures of kitchens with pendant lighting.

Here’s an incredible selection of pendant lighting ideas that will give you inspiration when you next remodel your kitchen.

It is quite amazing the range of different styles of pendant lighting available, from ultra modern to traditional.

You can also choose from pendants with just one light on them to multiple banks of lighting.

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Different Types of Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Here is a selection of original designs of kitchen pendant lighting that are available.

Pendant lighting is most often used to illuminate kitchen islands and countertops. Less often these are fitted as a main central ceiling light.

I think you will be suitably impressed at the different options, available.

Glass and Metal with Candle Lights 

Two large pendant lights look great here, hanging over a large central island in this kitchen.

A modern take on a farmhouse kitchen.

Pendant Lighting ideas in a Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Glass Bottle Lamp Shades

Bank of 3 glass bottle style lighting in a black and gray modern kitchen.

We commonly see this lighting configuration in kitchens as it provides subtle lighting over the kitchen island.

picture source

White Kitchen with Large Pendant Lights

In this kitchen, the stunning marble topped island is illuminated by two large pendant lights in metal and frosted glass.

picture source

white ktichen pendants hang in a beautiful marble kitchen

Large Traditional Kitchen

Used here three traditional style hanging pendants, giving a wonderful effect.

The owners of this practical kitchen have gone for metal and glass with candle style light bulbs.

Traditional Style Island lights are the perfect accent for any kitchen

Exposed Decorative Edison Light Bulbs

When designing the kitchen decor style in this kitchen. The owners choose an eclectic scheme with a set of 5 hanging Edison light bulbs. I love the way they have arranged them at different heights.

Although it seems strange to have bare light bulbs, these types of Edison bulbs are designed to produce a pleasant soft light. So with these bulbs you won’t be blinded by stark bright white lights, as I’m sure some people imagine.

Edison island lights complete any kitchen

Modern Industrial Metal Light Shades

Industrial style kitchen decor is currently on trend. It’s a design that can be easily achieved in the kitchen. Just think of bare floorboards, metal accessories and thick wooden countertops.

Here the industrial theme is styled with the use of scaffolding materials, metal framed factory style seating and 4 large black and white enamel pendant lights.

Also, I noticed that in the ceiling they have left the ventilation ducts exposed. This is a feature often seen in industrial styled home decor.

picture source

Add in the wooden countertops and industrial pendants over the large central kitchen island

Glass Kitchen Hanging Lighting

As we can see from this image, the use of glass lampshades for lighting is very effective. The set of three hanging lights here light up the kitchen island beautifully.

Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Mini Pendant, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Rattan Shade Pendant Lighting

These cool shades bring interest and texture to any kitchen. These stand out as the rest of the kitchen has a very pale color palette.

When in use, these lamp shades will cast interesting shadows across the wall and ceiling of the kitchen.

picture source

Farmhouse Style Lighting

Here is an example of ceiling lighting that lights up the entire kitchen. Although they have spotlights in the ceiling of this kitchen.

The owners clearly wanted to bring in ceiling lighting with some interest and design elements.

I like the way the same light is used in the dining room as well.

4-Light Rustic Kitchen Chandelier, Adjustable Height Lantern Pendant

Blue Hanging Glass Lighting

In this modern kitchen, the designers have opted for a bright blue decor theme.

They reflect this by their choice of 3 pendant lights with blue glass light shades.

It’s so refreshing to see a kitchen decorated in bold colors like this. These days we so often see gray and white kitchen decor ideas that can become a bit boring.

picture source

blue glass kitchen pendant lighting

Kitchen Ceiling Lamp on a Pulley

The light here has a clever pulley system, so they can easily adjust the height.

The design of this hanging light would fit into a farmhouse, industrial or eclectic style kitchens.

Rustic Pulley Pendant Light One Light Adjustable Height Industrial Black Ceiling Hanging Light

Glamorous Kitchen Lighting

The designers have used a glam look in this stunning kitchen.

This is emphasized by the 3 large globe hanging lights, made from metal and glass.

luxurious metal and glass lighting globes illuminating a kitchen island

Modern Black Pendant Lighting

If you have a large kitchen island, why not make the lighting that focal point?

This is achieved here by installing 4 really large black pendant lights.

The whole decor of this kitchen is wonderful. I love the exposed beams, wooden kitchen cabinets, and island countertop.

picture source

Great looking Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Modern Vintage Style Kitchen Lighting

This light comprises a set of Edison bulbs with seeded glass shades and a bronze finish to the metalwork.

I think this look is great for any modern vintage style kitchen.

picture source

Metal Cage Hanging Lights

The unusual design of these hanging lights has a retro feel. However, they will fit in perfectly in a modern kitchen.

Here they look great in a kitchen with exposed brick back splashes.

Modern Farmhouse Style Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Islands

Metal Lights on a Pulley System

These lights are adjustable so it does not commit you to a predetermined height on installation.

This design is perfect for a farmhouse style kitchen with industrial style elements.

3-Light Pully Pendant Kitchen Light Adjustable

Country Kitchen Island Lighting

3 chandelier lights grace this beautiful white and gray kitchen.

chandelier style kitchen pendant

Dark Wood Kitchen with Red Pendant Lighting

A kitchen made from dark wood will be brightened up by using red glass pendant lighting.

Here a set of 3 lights make a bold statement in this large kitchen.

picture source

modern red glass hanging lighting for kitchens

Farmhouse Chandelier Pendant Lighting

Another alternative is one of these large farmhouse style lights. This has a set of 4 lights all in the one hanging light.

A farmhouse look is emphasized by using an oil rubbed bronze finish.

Vintage Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island

Set of 4 Small White Lights

Another way to decorate a kitchen is using several smaller lights. Here a set of 4 small lights makes an outstanding job of brightening up a large kitchen and island.

set of small white lights that are lighting up a kitchen island


I hope you have been inspired by this selection of different types of pendant lighting available for your kitchen.

Great ideas to include in your next kitchen, remodel. From modern to traditional and everything in-between.

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