21 Fabulous Pictures of Bathrooms with Freestanding Tubs

Thinking of upgrading your bathroom with a new freestanding tub? Check out our pictures of bathrooms with freestanding tubs for inspiration.

Once tubs were discarded in favor of showers. But now tubs are back in as people have learnt to appreciate how wonderful a good soak in the tub can be.

For contemporary bathrooms look out for beautifully styled freestanding tubs that have a modern look. For traditional style bathrooms there are many designs available, for example freestanding tubs with claw feet

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Here’s an incredible selection of bathroom designs I know you will love.

Small Bathroom with a Freestanding Tub Example

Wow, this small bathroom is amazing. They include the tub in the shower enclosure, which brilliant use of space in a small bathroom.

The spectacular blue and white geometric tiles are a brave choice here, but I think it works.

picture source

picture of modern small bathroom with freestanding tub and shower

Modern Gray Bathroom Design

I love the way they use cool grays in this decor scheme to give a sense of space.

If this was my bathroom, I would add brightly colored bathroom accessories, either yellow or bright pink.

inspirational photos of modern bathrooms with standalone tubs

Stylish Black Stand Alone Bathtub

This black tub is ideal for anyone contemplating a standalone tub in a contemporary bathroom.

You could use this bathtub as an interesting focal point for an all white bathroom.

Freestanding Black Acrylic Bathtub Modern Stand Alone Soaking Tub

Farmhouse Master Bathroom with Copper

The designers achieved a country farmhouse look with a wooden vanity and cabinets, stone on the wall and floor, and of course the stand out piece a copper bathtub.

This will not appeal to the minimalists out there, but I just love it.

copper standalone bathtub in a farmhouse bathroom

Large Copper Bathtub

I like the way we can pair a copper bathtub like this with old-fashioned style accessories.

An outstanding example is the faucet and shower set that looks Georgian in design.

picture source

Bathrooms with Freestanding Tub and Shower

What do you prefer? A shower of or a tub?

This glamorous bathroom has the best of both worlds. A lovely large soaker tub, and a super-sized walk-in shower.

I’m rather intrigued by the number of different shower heads and knobs in the shower enclosure. Looks complicated!

picture source

Image of large bathroom with freestanding tub and walk-in shower

White Bathroom with Large Window

This bathroom has an enormous window. I like the way the tub is arranged so you can bathe while admiring the view.

The textured white tiling show here is a nice design idea.

Spectacular Master Bathroom With Freestanding Bathtub with a great view

Modern White Standalone Tub

Here is an example of a standalone white bathtub that will look wonderful in any modern bathroom.

Freestanding White Bathtub Modern Stand Alone Soaking Tub

White Clawfoot Bathtub in a Traditional Style

If you like the look of old-fashioned enamel bathtubs with claw feet, here is the bath for you.

Although it looks like the real thing, it is in fact mainly made of acrylic, so is a great deal lighter and easier to install than a metal enamel tub.

picture source

Principle Bathroom with Freestanding Tub and Walk-in Shower

Here is a bright and sunny bathroom. The light floods in through the skylight.

I love the color of the green subway tiles used here in the shower enclose.

picture source


Curved Shaped White Bathtub

Because the bathtub has this an interesting curved shape, you can spend hours in the tub sitting up reading or relaxing.

White Trendy Standalone Soaker Tub With Modern Style Curved Shape

White Tub with Wood Backsplash

This photograph shows us how nice it is to pair white with bare wood.

This gives a modern Swedish inspired bathroom design.

Luxury Modern Freestanding Bathub with trendy wooden surround

Luxury Gold Free Standing Tub

The height of luxury here with a tub that has been finished in gold leaf.

This is ideal for any bathroom with a glamorous decor theme.

picture source

Small Bathroom with Freestanding Tub and Shower

Here a freestanding tub and shower combination were installed into the tiniest of spaces.

I would have one worry that water would get into the wooden floors and wall coverings.

picture source

tiny freestanding tub and shower combination

Designer Red Oxide Bath Tub

Bathroom don’t need to be boring and white. Look at this style of bathtub that is available in many colors.

I really love the red rust color of this tub.

picture source

designer red free standing tub

Brown Bathtub with Green Tiling

The designer here pairs a gray tub with as backsplash made from green tiles.

This makes a very effective color scheme for any bathroom.

gray and green bathroom with standalone bathtub

High Sided White Soaker Tub

Here we have a tub that is high sided just on one side.

This style would look great in any style of bathroom.

Picture of a Freestanding White Bathtub that is High at one end

White Free Standing Tub

White and gray always works well in a bathroom.

Here interesting textures are introduced by the floor and wall tiles that have an interesting “wood grain” pattern.

white and gray bathroom freestanding tub with separate shower

Modern White Square Freestanding Soaker Tub

It was a surprise to find that standalone tubs came in a rectangular design.

This design will be perfect for a contemporary style bathroom.

White Modern Square Freestanding Soaker Tub

Freestanding Tub in a Country Cabin Bathroom

Here the designer has gone for the country style look in a big way.

The large beams from the cabin ceiling act as a great backdrop to this enormous and luxurious bathroom.

picture source

large bathroom in a cabin with a standalone tub

White Tub in a Farmhouse Bathroom

A freestanding tub is just perfect here is a country farmhouse bathroom.

The pure white of the bath look great against the wooden beam of the vaulted ceiling.

farmhouse style bathroom room with a soaker tub

Questions About Freestanding Tubs

How do I choose a freestanding tub?

Choosing the right freestanding tub for your bathroom is easy. But you need to make some decisions.
How much do you want to spend?
What is the bathroom design theme?
Would a tub fit into your bathroom? A particular concern if your bathroom is small.
Large online suppliers like Amazon.com, Wayfair, and Walmart all sell free standing bathtubs.
However, you will get more help and advice if you shop locally in a plumbing supplies store.

Do you need tile behind a freestanding tub?

One of the significant advantages of a freestanding tub is that you don’t need to have a tile surround.
However, the walls surrounding the tub need to be protected against the inevitable water splashes. Wainscoting, waterproof paint, vinyl or glass panels could make a suitable alternative.

Can you have a freestanding bath in a small bathroom?

Yes, there are sizes of standalone baths that will fit into tiny bathroom spaces.
One of the best supplies of small tubs the Albion Bath Company. They have a cute range of tubs that are just 4 foot long.

Final Thoughts

Your bathroom can be a serene oasis where you can spend hours luxuriate in warm soapy water.

I hope these bathrooms pictured have inspired you to add a tub when you next remodel the bathroom.

It doesn’t matter about the size of your bathroom, there will be a tub to fit most rooms.

Also, you can find bathtub’s available in all styles from traditional to ultra modern.

On a budget? Shop around there will a tub that suits your price range.

pictures of bathrooms with freestanding tubs