Organizing Kitchen Pots and Pans {Pot Lids Too!!!}

how to organize kitchen pots and pans

Is your pot and pan collection in a terrible mess? Here are my top tips that will help you to tidy up and organize all this cookware.

In this post, about organizing kitchen pots and pans you will find tips and tricks to declutter an organize your cookware collection.

Ideas for storing pots and pans in a small kitchen, pan lid storage hacks and tips for knowing when to get rid of pots and pans.

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How much cookware do I need?

When to get rid of Pots and Pans – Declutter Pots and Pans

Before you take action to buy a product that will help you to organize your pot and pan collection.

Have a good look at your current pots and pans.

See if there are any that are damaged, scratched or the Tefal is worn and chipped. Throw these out.

Think realistically about the pans you actually use day to day.

For example, I tend to just use the same 3 pans for virtually all my day to day cooking. I bet you do as well!

Some pans are just used seasonally, for example, I have a large pan that I cook a ham in a for Christmas. These infrequently used items can be stored away in less accessible places. Consider storing these items away from the kitchen for example under the bed.

Pots and Pans End of Cabinet Storage Ideas

One neat and tidy way to organize your pots and pans is to place them neatly in a cabinet. Assuming of course that everything can realistically fit into one. You can sometimes buy kits that often comes from the manufacturer of the cabinet you have.

Alternatively, you can look at various racks and stacking shelves to place everything on for example from

Use the space at the ends of your cabinets to hang pots and pans. In a small kitchen, it is great to make the most of unused spaces to hang cookware items. This would work with lighter pot and pan sets. I think cast iron cookware would just be too heavy.

Buy Less but Better Quality Cookware

One of my top tips is to buy fewer items of really good quality cookware. (The type that will last a lifetime). I recommend stainless steel and cast iron.

Also a nonstick skillet for frying eggs,

Use these daily and take the time to look after them properly.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions {Amazon!}

If you prefer to keep your cookware stored away in cupboards then there are numerous products you could purchase.

They come with racks and hanging hooks so everything is kept neat and tidy.

You may be able to buy one of the organizers from the company that made your kitchen cabinets.

Sturdy Pots and Pans Hanging Rack

One nice way to get the pots and pans organized is to arrange them onto a hanging rack.

The great advantage is the pans are immediately to hand so you can quickly grab the pot you need when you are cooking. The disadvantage is the pans are on display which is fine if you have a farmhouse-style kitchen, but not good for a modern minimalist look.

The rack pictured below is a great example and it would be sturdy enough to hang your collection of cast iron cookware on it.

Use Open Kitchen Shelving to Store Your Pots

This is the option I use. As you can see in the photograph below I keep the pans I use most often on these shelves.

I keep my nonstick skillets in a cabinet, as they are just too ugly to put on show.

Hidden or Displayed? – How to Store Stuff in the Kitchen

One decision you need to make when organizing your kitchen is the amount of open shelf storage you want.

Some people simply hate to have kitchen items on show. Preferring instead to have a more minimalist look for their kitchen.

While others like myself much prefer to display attractive looking pots and pans on open shelving.

The biggest advantage for me is having open shelving for my pots and pans has freed up a lot of space in my kitchen cabinets.

Ikea Pan Lid Storage Hack

Ikea has products for organizing just about anything. One great tip or hack to organize those annoying pot lid is a product that stacks the lids neatly inside a drawer.

Can I Store Pots and Pans Under the Sink?

If you are short of space the under the sink cabinet could be used to organize your pots.

There are many shelving products that will work around the U-Bend making this and area for useful storage.

Command Hooks for Pots and Pans

Consider command hooks for hanging up lighter cookware items. These will only work if you understand the limitations of the hooks.

I don’t recommend hanging heavy cast-iron pots on these hooks. However lightweight aluminum pans should be fine.

Also, make sure that you use the heavy-duty command hooks.

Storing Pot Lids with Command Hooks

Here is a great idea for storing pot lids on the inside of your kitchen cabinets. I really think this is a genius idea. And anyone could do this DIY project.

Storing Pots and Pans in Small Kitchens

Hang a wall-mounted pot rack that takes up so little space. This is my top tip for anyone that is short on space.

In fact, a top storage tip in a small kitchen try to hang up as much equipment as possible to free up extra space.

Pan Lid Storage Hacks and Saucepan Lid Storage Solutions

Oh, those pesky lids – they are just so difficult to store in a neat and tidy way.

The ideal solution would be to store your pots and pans with the lids already paired up with the pot or pan the fit, but who has that kind of space!

Over at Expert Home Tips, there are some great ideas for storing pan lids. For example, using an old dish rack.

How to organize pots and pans in drawers

Many modern kitchen cabinets come with drawers that are suitable for storing all your cookware. I would love to have a kitchen that was big enough to have one of these. Jealous!!!!!

How to Organize Pots and Pans in a Lazy Susan

There are many different designs for a lazy susan that is designed to fit into a kitchen cabinet. These are great in those funny shaped cupboards you get in the corners where kitchen cabinets meet a right angle.

I would recommend these for a small kitchen.

DIY Cookware Organizer

If you are handy then consider making your own DIY pot organizer. Over at Organizing Home Life, there are some great ideas for organizing cookware on a budget.

Use Peg Board like Julia Child

I have always loved the way Julia Childs has organized all her cookware. It would be easy for anyone with basic DIY skills and a power drill to make a pegboard kitchen organizer.

If you watch this video from the National Museum of American History, you can see a close up of the pegboard storage system Julia Childs had in her own kitchen.

Getting Started

One of the most difficult things to overcome when decluttering and organizing the kitchen is procrastination.

My advice just don’t think about it. Just set a timer for 5 minutes and do something, anything that will improve the kitchen.

Even 5 minutes of focused work every day will show worthwhile results.

Either clearing clutter, wiping down worktops or throwing away out of date products.

You may find once you get started there may be no stopping you.

Good luck!

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