How to Organize Scrapbook Paper – and Paper Scraps Too!!!

How to organize scrapbook paper to keep your craft room decluttered and tidy.

When you start scrap-booking it is so easy to become overwhelmed with scrap book paper clutter.

Paper can be so beautiful that its hard to resist buying more.

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This leads to a problem!

How do we store all this precious and expensive paper so it doesn’t become damaged, and you have easy access to it?

Here are some paper organization solutions that will help you tame the paper stash.

Magazine Holders

Simple magazine holders are an excellent way to store paper.

If you a have a number of magazine holders you can organize your paper by color and type.

Just be careful to ensure the magazine holder is full up so all the paper is supported so it stays upright.

Use anything that will fit in and give support, for example magazine or books.

This will prevent your expensive paper from buckling or creasing.

Paper Storage Trolley on Wheels

This is a very useful storage trolley that has loads of space for your paper. The transparent storage container means you can see at a glance what supplies you have.

I personally prefer to store paper vertically so this is the kind of storage for me.

I like that this has wheels, great that it can be wheeled away and stored neatly when not in use.

Vertical Desktop Paper Organizer

I love the minimalist looks to this paper organizer.

This would be great just sat on your workspace desk. Just close enough so you can grab paper supplies as you need them.

This has a lovely chunky “I mean business” look to it.

Stackable Paper Storage Trays

If you are looking for a suitable paper tray them this minimalist style set of storage trays may be for you.

These are very versatile, as they could be placed inside a cupboard, on a desk or open shelving.

They would look good in any situation.

Desktop Paper Storage Rack

This is a mint green framed paper holder.

This would be perfect either on a work bench or on open shelving.

There is plenty of space between the shelves so ample room for all you scrapbook papers.

Expandable Scrapbook Paper Holder

This is a very useful and versatile paper organizer that can hold up to 900 sheets of paper (12 X 12 inches).

It is designed to both hold paper and file into sections.

This is achieved by a number of clear tabs that you can label.

I also like the canvas style black and white pattern on the ends of the organizer.

Scrapbook Supplies Storage Tote Bag

Here is the perfect item for storing all your scrapbook supplies including scrapbook paper.

As this is portable you can take this away with you on vacation or on your travels.

It has a lot of storage space, as it can hold up to 300 sheets of paper.

Portable Scrapbook Supplies Storage Box

This box looks good and chunky, just perfect to hold your scrapbook papers.

Inside are 3 hanging files that give you plenty of room.

As a bonus the lid also has a storage compartment inside it. I would use this keeping scraps!

Shelf Unit with Storage Boxes

Wow this is going to brighten up any crafting room!

Its a shelf unit with six separate slots for plastic storage boxes.

Each of the storage boxes has plenty of room for scrapbook supplies like papers and stickers.

The storage boxes all have a handy secure latch.

Decorative Eight Scrapbook Paper Organizer

This is a stylish paper organizer that would be perfect to sit on your work desk.

it has plenty of room for your scrapbook paper stash.

The pattern on the outside of the organizer is very attractive as well.

How to Organize Scrapbook Paper Scraps

The crafty organizer has some clever tips on the best ways to keep your scrapbook paper well organized.

I love her ideas for storing scraps in clear plastic folders with a white piece of card behind. This acts to highlight your scraps so you can see at a glance what you have

And also to keep the pieces of paper in good condition.

and Finally

I very much hope you have enjoy my scrap book paper storage ideas and solutions.

I wish you luck as you aim to declutter and organize of your scrapbook paper supplies.