15 Modern Home Office Design Ideas Clutter-Free and Organized Spaces

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When I think of modern home office ideas, the first thing that comes to mind is to paint everything white.

As you will see from this article, most of the offices I have chosen to highlight the modern look, either has white or very pale color on the walls. With either wooden accents or some kind of bold color like red.

The best thing about these home offices is the way the owners have decluttered the space. Giving all these offices a wonderful minimalist look.

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They must be all great places to work in.

modern home office ideas wood and white minimalist home office design

White Office in a Tiny Space

This is an example of a tiny office that has been made in the attic. The addition of the windows lets in loads of light. Making a room light and airy make rooms seem larger.

I just love the lack of clutter here. The open shelving would keep everything organized.

You can find more information from Houzz.com

Modern White and Red Office

Wow this room is amazing. I just love the bold red accents, in the chair, desk and sculpture. Very bold.

Pairing this scheme with black and white photographs artfully arranged on the wall is genius.

I can see that they have made the most of a difficult and awkward space.

You can find more details about this room at Houzz.com

Bold Red and White Patterned Wallpaper

I think that a fussy wallpaper can look very old fashioned. This room has proved to me that wallpaper has a place in a modern home.

Here the designer has chosen a very bold red and white wallpaper that works really well in this space.

I like the red office accessories in this room like the lamp, bin and filing cabinet.

Houzz.com has more information on this room.

Use Shelving to Great Effect

Even in this tiny space, you can see very effective use of shelving, which has made the office practical and usable.

The walls of this office are plain and simple yet the whole office has been brightened up by a lovely set of red office storage boxes.

Find out more at Houzz.com

Sleek Home Office Design with Wooden Ceiling and Accents

Wow this is a really tiny office, despite this it is really clearly functional. The open shelving and storage cabinet provide plenty of storage space.

I just love the wooden ceiling. This is the kind of office I would love.

The wood decoration is carried on in the desk and window frame.

Houzz has more details about this room.

Plain and Simple Home Office

This home office is so beautifully simple and minimalist.

This room could have been very stark and unwelcoming in. However, with the addition of a very interesting and modern take on a chandelier it becomes a fabulous room.

I could imagine be very productive if I had an office like this to work in.

To see more details about this room visit Houzz.com

Tiny Home Office in a Bedroom

Being short on space shouldn’t be holding you back from having a great office space in a bedroom.

This is just perfect for teenagers that have a lot of home work to do.

I love the minimalist desk accessories that match so well with this style of room.

Houzz.com has more information on this tiny office.

Corner Desk Idea

In this room they have dispensed with a carpet and have painted the woodn floor boards instead.

This gives a light and airy feel to the room.

I saw a desk that was similar to this here.

Minimalist Office Example

This has to be one of the most minimalist office set ups I’ve ever seen.

This picture provides great inspiration if you love a minimalist look. It has enough accessories to make it a nice place to work in.

This office would look great with some rose gold accessories.

Loft Space Office with Modern Design

Who ever thought to paint this the roof beams in this room a bright white is a genius.

It sets off the otherwise clinically white walls off in a fantastic way.

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Again the wooden floor boards have been painted white. Love it!!!

To find out more about this room visit Houzz

Photo by Stiff and Trevillion – Browse home office ideas

White Spare Room Home Office Idea

Here is an office with a wonderful view. The desk has been orientated so that it makes the most of the view.

As this is a spare room you can see that the sofa becomes a bed. Yet it is a functional couch when the bed is put away.

Houzz has more detail on this white minimalist office.

Sleek and Simple Home Office Decor Idea

Here is a another well designed small home office. I would just love to have an offie space like this.

Again the designer has used the very effective device of white walls coordinated with wood to great effect.

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Also there is plenty of storage in here with open bookshelves and cupboards.

Houzz has more details.

Bold Red and White Office

Here is a bold red and white home office for all the family to use.

The red furniture and accessories compliment well with the white walls.

It looks so functional and easy to keep clean and tidy.

You can find out more from Houzz.

Ikea Modern Office Look

This office is part of a living room, so is ideal for all the family to use.

I love all the storage cubicles. In a home office, you can never have too much I feel.

Modern Minimalist Office

This office comes with plenty of shelving to house books, office paperwork and accessories.

Once you have finished with the office its is just a moment’s effort to close the folding doors on the shelving. Giving a sleek modern look.

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Again we see here plenty of light colored wood paired with white.

Find more information at Houzz


As you can see creating a modern home office to be proud of can be achieved by anyone however small the budget.

At the most basic level, just get some white paint and start making the walls white.

Pair with bold contemporary accessories for a modern, clean and minimalist look.

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