Top 15 Minimalist Kitchen Ideas to Clean, Organize and Declutter

Here are my minimalist kitchen ideas that include top tips for creating a beautiful minimalist style kitchen by decluttering and organizing all the areas of the kitchen.

Get Rid of Unwanted Appliances

If you want an uncluttered look then you really need to have a good look at the appliances you own. To create a minimalist feel you need to have just the minimum of appliances sitting on a countertop.

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Only live with those that are genuinely useful.

For example, I like to have a microwave oven and an electric kettle out on my countertops. If you are an enthusiastic baker then a food mixer might take pride of place.

Try to find space in a cupboard for items that get used but need to be out of the way most of the time. Here I’m thinking of electric toasters and stick blenders.

Fridge Magnets must go!

To my mind, one of the worst looks in a kitchen is a large collection of fridge magnets. They are usually holding a strange collection of kids’ art, old receipts, appointment dates.

If you aren’t ready to give up sticking stuff to the fridge dor then the minimalist look is probably not for you.

Over at the website Reviewed are some useful tips on displaying kids’ art.

Sort out your Knife Collection

I bet you anything you have far too many knives!

This site explains how you only need 9 knives for all your cooking needs. So go through your knife collection and only keep those that are useful.

Then invest in a beautiful knife block that is attractive enough for displaying on the countertop.

Choose good quality knives and look after them by keeping them sharp, cleaned and dried after use.

Keep the Cookware and Bakeware You Need

Another section of your kitchen that often becomes a complete mess is cookware and baking items.

Go through all your old cookie, cake, sheet, loaf and muffin pans discard any you don’t need anymore. Or are damaged and scratched beyond repair.

In my case, I decided to get rid of all my cookware (I gave it to my Niece) as baking was a phase I went through and now I hate it!!!

Also, I wanted to improve my health with a keto diet and cakes and cookies don’t mix with that kind of lifestyle. 3 years on I don’t regret doing this at all.

If home baking is one of your hobbies then Sally’s Baking Addiction has some great tips on a selection of baking equipment that won’t clutter up your beautiful minimalist kitchen.

Reduce your Dishware Collection

This person has gotten rid of all her dishware and now only keeps 8 of everything. Not sure I would be that extreme but it would certainly help if you want a minimalist kitchen.

Get Rid of Unwanted and Useless Gadgets

It is so easy to be persuaded to buy useless gadgets.

They always seem to offer a solution to problems you have in the kitchen, by saving you time. They so often underdeliver and are fiddly to use and clean.

In my list of useless gadgets that you probably never use are ice cream makers, banana slicers, strawberry slicers, avocado slicers, cake portion makers and pizza scissors.

I bet you have some useless appliances that could be tossed for example waffle makers, quesadilla makers, rice cookers, cupcake machines and breakfast sandwich makers.

Of course, keep an appliance if you know you will use it regularly.

Here is Alton Brown’s hilarious take on the most useless kitchen gadgets.

Store Kitchen Items out of Sight

Out of sight is best for most of the items in your kitchen. Unless they are beautiful e.g. a gorgeous fruit bowl or used frequently e.g. an electric kettle.

Find space in cupboards cabinets for all the other essential items in your kitchen.

Over at Downshiftology they have some great tips for creating a minimalist style kitchen.

Be Brutal with Clutter

To keep your kitchen minimalist you need to be brutal with clutter.

No bills and letters piling up on countertops, kids’ homework, dirty mugs all need to be dealt with in real-time otherwise these will take over your beautiful kitchen.

I love Flylady her tips for dealing with clutter are genius. Here are some tips on how to get started with the Flylady cleaning system.

Minimalist Kitchen Utensils

Over at The Tiny Life, there is a great post on the absolute minimum requirements for a minimalist kitchen.

Another post I would recommend you read is a list of utensils, gadgets, and accessories that you just don’t need, for a functioning kitchen. This can be found at Becoming Minimalist.

Ditch the Tupperware and Plastic Storage Boxes

When I first started to clean out all the clutter in my kitchen, one of the worst areas to deal with was the masses of Tupperware and plastic boxes I used for storing food in the fridge and freezer.

I had lots of different sizes that didn’t stack bottoms without lids! Lids with a bottom and damaged pieces.

I think the reason this happens is that these boxes are kept because you think they will come in handy someday. Tip: they never do!!!

In the end, I bought 20 stacking plastic rectangle boxes and I kept 4 beaker-style containers. The difference was amazing all the boxes stack when empty, and they fit neatly into the fridge and freezer.

All the others were just thrown away.

 Microwavable, Freezer Proof Stacking Food Storage Containers with LidsMicrowavable, Freezer Proof Stacking Food Storage Containers with Lids


Get Those Cleaning Products Under Control

it’s just so easy to go to the supermarket and bring back too many cleaning products.

There seems to be a cleaning solution for every different kind of surface or area of your kitchen.

Sprays for the floor, stovetop, and kitchen surfaces. In reality, you can just use a general-purpose cleaner for all these jobs, provided you don’t ever allow these areas to get too dirty.

Definitely get rid of old clothes and sponges. Investing a lovely set of microcloth cleaning cloths.

If you are planning on storing cleaning products under the sink then you may need some shelving that is made especially to go around the U-Bend.

Organize your Herbs and Spices

If you have herbs and spices lined up on shelves or even stuck to your fridge then gather these together and put them away in a cupboard, I think these are a really ugly sight.

Before storing them discard those that are out of date, unwanted, or just won’t be used anymore.

Often if you have been buying sets of herbs there will be jars that you just will never use.

I love this in-depth article on storing herbs and spices.

Think About the Color Scheme

For a minimalist kitchen, we tend to think of white. But there are plenty of other colors out there that look just as modern bright and clean as a white one.

Minimalist Kitchen Essentials

A great post on minimalist kitchen pantry ideas is from Simply Well Balanced. The post discusses the very basic essentials for a functioning kitchen pantry.

Choose Sleek and Modern Design for Kitchen Cabinets

If you are aiming for a minimalist look it’s not totally about clearing clutter from the kitchen counters.

It is also a home decorating style that has a certain look.

When it comes to your kitchen decor out should go anything fussy like lace curtains and table cloths. Ornamental cabinet knobs could be changed to a more simple modern style.

Paint old-fashioned wooden cabinets with a plain base color (I like light colors) Pair this with a contrasting backsplash to create some drama.

Then think of some modern style wall art that you love and will make a statement.

Add simple kitchen accessories that match your new color schemes like kitchen canisters, modern style electric kettles, and curtains.


With these kitchen decor and decluttering tips, I hope you will be able to achieve the lovely modern minimalist kitchen of your dreams.

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