Minimalist Home Office Ideas

minimalist home office design ideas and inspiration

If you find you have been trying to work in an office that is a cluttered mess. You will know how energy-sapping that is.

Increase your happiness, wellbeing and productivity by turning your home office into a minimalist well-organized haven.

When you take away the stress of living with clutter you will be astonished at the changes it will make to your life.

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You are guaranteed to feel happy and calmer.

Here are some inspirational images to help you to find plenty of minimalist home office ideas.

Japanese Minimalist Office for Homes

When you think of minimalist design your mind is bound to wander thinking of beautiful simple designs the Japanese do so well.

You can bring some of these design accents into your own home.

One way is to choose beautiful natural wood as a decor material. Like the door in the picture below.

Paint the walls in a pale neutral color, and then take beautiful yet simple prints to hang on the wall.

To maintain a Japanese feel make sure the office remains tidy and uncluttered.

Simple Black Table Design

This is an example of the type of table that would look great in a minimalist office.

If you start working in a room like this you are bound to find your productivity increasing as there is nothing to distract you.

White Contemporary Home Office Design

This is a lovely and simple home office design that is possible for anyone to achieve.

To get the look paint the walls in a pale color, and choose open shelving with different sized document boxes.

Try adding a bit of character with an unusual industrial style office chair. The overall look is very effective.

Glamorous Minimalist Home Office Makeover Ideas

Here is an example of a glam yet minimalist office.

The design brings in some glamorous elements including a plush chair and beautiful prints on the wall.

Hello Fashion Blog

Girly Home Office Tour – Simple Yet Fantastic

I love the office featured here it has elements in the design that looks great when paired together.

One way of getting a minimalist look is to choose a table with a clear glass top. It brings light and a certain simplicity into the room.

Simple Sleek Minimalist Desk

It would be hard to find a more simple desk design than this black table.

This would be great for anyone who wants an office space in their home but is very tight on space.

Gray Tone Office Decor Simple Design

You don’t have to stick with traditional office colors.

Here is an example of a lovely design that uses a neutral gray paint on the wall combines well with pale wooden office furniture.

Bright and Cheerful Scandi Style Office

If you love Scandi style minimalism then this is a great office to inspire you.

The space here is light and airy due to the installation of well designed open shelving.

My Full House

Minimalist Office Mood Board

Here is some useful information on how you should go about designing an office space.

It features a way of using a mood board to see the best way of moving forward with your home office design.

The Design Play Book

Minimalist Desk and Shelving Combo

Here is an example of the kind of desk you need to get started with a minimalist office design.

I like the way the desk is attached to the shelving it means you could fit this into the corner of even the smallest room.

Dutch Colonial Style Meets Minimalism

Here is a tiny office example that shows you don’t need to forget home design even in the office.

I love the white dutch colonial style cupboards and shelving very stylish.

All in all a very beautiful yet useful office space to be proud of.

Cozy Minimalist Home Office Idea

This picture shows us that minimalism and comfort can go together to produce a lovely welcoming home office environment.

It features a lovely white table with open shelving. Pictures of the family give a human touch.

How do I Create a Minimalist Workspace?

The benefits of working in an uncluttered organized office cannot be over stated. You will feel more calm as you stress levels reduce.

Increase your productivity by following some or all of the tips in this video.

How can I make a Home Office with no Space?

Are you a bit short on space and money?

You want a home office on a budget but you only have the tiniest of spaces to fit it in.

Here is a great video for you to watch. Very inspirational.

How to Tidy and Organize an Office with Marie Kondo

Here we have lifestyle guru Marie Kondo who shows how to organize an office.

I would recommend following some of her tips if you want to achieve a minimalist home office. That is beautiful uncluttered and functional.


I hope this post has helped you to achieve a step towards leading a satisfying minimalist lifestyle.

If you use some of the images here, as a starting point, to help you plan and design your room you are sure to end up with a lovely productive office space.

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minimalist home office design ideas and inspiration