Mid Century Modern Desk Accessories

mid century modern home office desk accessories

Here are my top picks of the best mid century modern desk accessories.

To get the mid-century look you could choose products that are made from wood, leather or metal. With a retro design features.

The color palette is varied, but I tend to go for light wood and white as this looks nice and clean and contemporary.

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Here is the Mid Century Modern Office I have used for Inspiration

I love the office decor pictured below. it reflects a clean modern design that has mid-century modern elements.

For example, the wallpaper screams mid-century and the accessories have a 50s or 60s feel to them.

More information about this room can be found here Houzz.com

Gold Desk Lamp Mid Century Modern

This is a lovely looking desk lamp in a mid century style. Just perfect for the home office.

I like gold office accessories so stylish and this pairs well with wood and white walls.

Retro Style Office Desk Clock

Every office needs a clock. I love this it’s simple and sleek design in a very dark gray.

This would fit in perfectly into a mid century style home office.

Gold Wire Desk Pen Holder

Even the most minimalist office desk needs to have a pen and pencil holder.

I love the simple stylish design that has a retro style.

Black Leather Pen Holder

If leather is your thing then this black leather pen and pencil holder should be your top choice.

It should fit into your home office decor especially if you have other black leather accessories,

File and Magazine Holder Charcol Grey

If you have files or magazines to keep in order then you need a file holder.

These charcol grey magazine holders fit the bill perfectly.

Bamboo Wood File Organizer

I just love the look of this file organizer. It is made from bamboo but I’m sure you agree it really looks like a light wood like pine.

It is the nearest file holder I could find to the one pictured on my inspiration picture.

Bamboo Office Desk Organizer Set

If you like the look of pale wood then this office accessory set is for you.

Although it is made from bamboo really looks like wood to me. Much cheaper than a wooden set would be.

Wire Desktop Folder Holder

More wire accessories here. It’s a very minimalist style rack for storing magazines and files.

Perfect for a mid century decor scheme.

Retro Design Magnetic Bull Paperclip Holder

This novelty magnetic bull had to be included. It would makes me chuckle every time I look at it.

It reminds me some what of the art of Picasso from the 1950’s.

Classic Retro Style Radio

Some people love to listen to music while working in the office.

Although it looks retro it can be connected to digital audio players.


I very much hope that loved the products Ive chosen as much as I do.

Good luck with decorating your home office.

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