Top 15 Master Bedroom Organization Ideas {How to Purge your Bedroom}

Here are my top master bedroom organization ideas that include tips on how to purge your bedroom of unwanted clutter.

I want you to regain the space in your bedroom so that you can have a restful space that will help you have a great night’s sleep.

How Do a Quick Bedroom Purge

When considering the best ways to declutter a bedroom. Top of my list is a monster bedroom purge. This lets you quickly get rid of the worst of the clutter.

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First of all, take a black refuse plastic bag and fill it with any garbage, do this quickly without any need to think deeply about what is going to be thrown away.

A great tip is to set a timer for 15 minutes and just keep going with energy until the timer goes. Keep doing this until you have cleared away all the garbage.

Just throw items into the bag that you know are unwanted, like old newspapers, magazines, empty soda bottles, and food wrappers. These items can then be disposed of (recycle or donate items if you want).

Put any discarded clothing that is on the floor, bed, or chairs and either put these away neatly in the closet or take them to the laundry.

Make the bed plumping up the pillows.

Hover dust and clean the now decluttered spaces.

This is your first step to a lovely bedroom. Then follow some of my tips below to declutter and organize the other parts of the room.

Here is a great video that has some great bedroom decluttering tips.

Tips for Organizing a Small Master Bedroom

When considering ways to organize a small space you may need to get creative. If you are good at DIY you may be able to add extra shelving or hooks for hanging clothes and storing purses.

There are many products you can buy to help organize the bedroom.

A word of warning though: just make sure you are adding to the beauty of your bedroom, not just making a space for ugly clutter.

Organize the Closet

If you are dealing with a great mess, then one way to tame the clutter is to get the closet organized.

Go through all your clothes and remove anything that you don’t love anymore.

If possible, store out-of-season clothes in a different area of your homes like under the bed or spare room or at a push in the loft.

Buy Velvet Hangers

One life-changing tip is to invest in a set of velvet non-slip hangers these are thin so you can fit a lot more clothes into your closet. Also, I like to have all the hangers the same it just looks so much nicer.

The one exception is hanging suits and coats as these need the added support of a wide shoulder style clothes hanger.

Ways to Declutter Shoes

My recommendation for dealing with the heap of shoes that seem to collect is to gather every one of these shoes and consider carefully which ones to keep.

Get rid of any shoes that are worn, don’t fit, or are now unfashionable.

Consider keeping some “every day” shoes in a different place in your home (like the porch or hallway).

If you have space, consider investing in a shoe organizer. These will keep the collection neat and tidy and the shoes will remain in good condition.

Keep Food and Drink Out of the Bedroom

Going back a few years I even used to smoke in bed I simply can’t believe it!!! Now my rule is just a glass of water if it is likely you will wake up thirsty in the night.

In my home food is never taken or consumed in the bedroom unless the person is so sick that can’t get up to eat at a table.

Underbed Storage Ideas

The area under the bed can be a great and often underutilized storage space in the bedroom.

If you are looking for a new bed, I would certainly recommend a bed that lifts with pneumatic lifting arms. This is an area that could be used for spare bedding. Out-of-season clothing and Christmas decorations and wrapping.

Alternatively, if your bed has space underneath it, then invest in some rolling plastic storage bins.

Folding Clothes to Save Space

You may have heard of an organizing guru called Kon Marie. She is brilliant I highly recommend reading her books.

One of her great tips is to organize your stuff in drawers by a simple folding method.

Her way is to organize your clothing items vertically so it is always possible to see all your clothes at a glance.

Here is a video that shows you how this is achieved, I’ve tried it myself and I can say it is a brilliant method.

Remove Items that Don’t Belong in a Bedroom

First of all, though would be a great purge of anything that has no right to be in a bedroom.

For example, children’s toys, newspapers, magazines, cups, mugs, and plates, tech items like computers, laptops, and unwanted clothes and shoes.

Organize Your Scarf Collection

There are many clever ideas for organizing a scarf collection from following the Kon Mari (Marie Kondo) method and folding scarves neatly in a drawer.

You can buy special hangers that the scarves can be neatly hung upon. I like the velvet type of hanger to prevent the scarves from slipping.

Make Sense of the Tie Collection

In my experience, men often have way more ties than they need.

They also seem to have just a couple of ties that are worn time and time again. I would recommend collecting all the ties together and discard (or donate) any ties that are no longer fashionable or have food stain all over them.

Once you have selected the best ties, it is time to consider buying a tie holder that can be kept neatly in the closet.

Declutter and Organize your Jewelry and Watch Collection

One area of your bedroom that can so often end up in a terrible mess is your jewelry collection. Also, you might find you have a large collection of watches to organize and declutter.

As before, gather all the jewelry you own discard any broken, damaged, unfashionable, unwanted, and uncomfortable items.

Then think about how you are going to organize the items that are left.

For example, my mother hangs all her necklaces on simple hooks that have been screwed into the side of a dresser.

While my sister has a corkboard with pins for her earrings.

There are many products that you can buy that are specially designed for storing your jewelry.

Makeup Organizer Ideas

Makeup and nail varnish are items that seem to attract clutter. It is all too easy to see products you want to try when browsing the makeup counters.

First of all, collect together all your makeup, and discard old items like mascara that have been around for years. Then collect together those items you use regularly.

Find a place to keep your paired down collection. Replace your makeup regularly, discarding the older items.

I bet you can reduce your collection by a good 70%!

Treat Yourself to a Beautiful Bedding Set

Once you have all the clutter under control, your bedroom is becoming the sanctuary you have been working towards. Consider treating yourself to fresh clean bedding set in a color and design that you love.

Having beautiful items in your room will help you keep the whole place neat and tidy.

What Artwork to Hang Over a Bed in a Master Bedroom

To finish the look in your newly cleaned and declutter bedroom. Consider hanging a lovely piece of art over the bed. Here is a lovely example of a piece of art that is relaxing and restful to the eye.

Very beautiful art with a tree branch love it!

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