How can I Make my Kitchen Less Toxic?

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We all know that reducing toxic chemicals in the kitchen is important, but it’s also hard to do.  So the question is how can I make my kitchen less toxic?

Most of us don’t even think about the health effects of the cleaning products we use at home.

Some household cleaners contain harmful chemicals like ammonia and chlorine bleach that can cause serious damage over time.

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This guide will discuss safer alternatives for your favorite cleaning supplies and some safe food storage tips.

Have you been using the same household cleaners for years and want to switch? Maybe there’s are better non-toxic alternatives.

  • Learn how new methods to clean and cook without dangerous chemicals in your kitchen.
  • Learn to identify household toxins
  • Make your home safer for children and pets
  • Get rid of toxic products and replace them with safer alternatives

Discover Harmful Cleaning Products in your Kitchen

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Your house must be clean, of course. However, many of the items and cleaning products we use have harmful side effects.

Under the Sink Cabinet

Let’s take a closer look at the cabinet beneath the sink. I bet there are cleaners for the house under your sink?

Take out each product and examine the labels. Avoid buying and using products with ammonia, chlorine, and Formaldehyde.

Buy Organic and Phosphate Free Cleaning Products

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There are “organic” and “phosphate-free” cleaning supplies widely available in stores these days.

These products help to prevent irritation of your skin, eyes, and respiratory system. They are also more environmentally friendly.

Get Rid of Cleaning Sponges

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Do you clean and wash dishes with sponges?

Sponges can be a breeding ground for germs, especially if they’re not cleaned regularly. You might be shocked to learn that sponges provide a home to bacteria from cleaning up around the sink and stove.

Reusing sponges is not only ineffective at removing germs, but it’s also allowing them to spread.

Instead, consider using dishcloths that can be disinfected daily and/or washed to destroy bacteria.

Styrofoam and Plastic

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Do you use Styrofoam plates and cups for your hot meals and drinks? You should not, under any circumstances, microwave them. Chemicals from styrofoam can leech into your food.

This also applies to containers that aren’t microwave-safe or made specifically for the microwave.

Never Store Food in Opened Cans

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Do you prefer to keep foods in their original packaging?

This may work for some things, but not for cans. Cans are made of metal, and that metal can leach into the food when put the can in the fridge. Instead, decant the canned food into approved food-safe containers and seal tightly.

Avoid Insecticides in the Kitchen

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Do you have an infestation of insects in your kitchen?

They appear out of nowhere when the weather warms up. Instead of using bug sprays or foggers that will render your entire kitchen a hazardous area.

Instead, perform deep cleaning in areas where they hide. To keep the persistent ones at bay, utilize natural bug repellents like mint leaves or boric acid.

However, in severe infestations, you may have to use insecticides. The risk of food poisoning from insects is most likely greater than the danger of being poisoned by pesticides used to kill them.

Tap Water

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Do you know what’s in your tap water? What if it has lead or other toxins that are bad for you? It might be time to consider using a filtration system! 

If you are concerned about the taste, then it would make sense to invest in a high-quality filter that will remove chlorine and other chemicals that might cause an unpleasant taste.

You can filter your water and remove many of the metals and other impurities that are allowed in. you’ll probably notice a change in the taste right away.

Should you Avoid Non-Stick Pans?

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Not everyone thinks that cooks should be concerned about their Teflon cookware are toxic.

Generally, they are considered safe to use. However, they are known to release toxic fumes when they are heated to high temperatures, which can be harmful if inhaled or ingested. 

Avoiding cooking at very high heat levels is one method to minimize this danger.

Also, discard your non-stick pans once the coating starts to peel off. I have discovered cheaper brands deteriorate quicker than more premium products.

Cleaning Products and Kids Safety Concerns

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It’s safer to store any cleaning products including those labeled organic, green, or eco-friendly a high shelf or locked cupboard when there are children in the house.


You’re worried about your family’s health. Your children are young and curious, and you want to protect them from harmful chemicals in the home.

Now that you know what household products can harm your family, it’s time to get rid of them!

There are plenty of ways for you to do what you need without using toxic chemicals.

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