Is it Better to Fold or Hang Clothes?

do you fold or hang clothes

In this article I explore the question “Is it better to fold or hang clothes?”

Since reading the wonderful book by Marie Kondo called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. If you haven’t read this yet it comes highly recommended from me.

This book opened my eyes to different ways to store clothes neatly. The eye-opener was the methods to fold clothes so they stood upwards and could be stored in drawers and all the items are then easy to access.

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I quickly went to work folding my socks, underwear, and T-Shirts, I just loved the way neat lines of folded clothes looked and enjoyed the convenience

However, over time I’ve experimented with different ways of storing my clothes in the end I found I preferred to hang clothes as much as possible.

Everyone is different you might find you prefer to fold clothes rather than hang.

Of course, there are items where it is impractical to hang them up, for example, no one is going to hang up pairs of socks individually. Similarly, it would be ridiculous to store big heavy winter coats in drawers.

Clothes I Recommend You Hang Up


Use the straps that are sewn into the back or sides to hang light dresses. To keep the garment from slipping off, criss-cross the straps over the top of the hanger or use a non-slip flocked hanger.

Evening dresses and gowns with delicate fabrics should be kept on hangers that are padded.

Heavy knitted sweater dresses will stretch if hung up, so these should always be folded and stored in a drawer.

Light Sweaters and Cardigans

How To Store Clothes To Make Them Last

Hanging sweaters and cardigans in your closet is a good idea, but for lightweight sweaters only. I recommend this to prevent any heavy sweater from being stretched out of shape by gravity.

For heavy-weight sweaters fold them up Marie kondo style and store in a drawer. A video showing this method can be found HERE.

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Outerwear, Jackets, and Blazers

Wondering Which Clothes To Hang Or Fold

I recommend you hang outerwear on hangers in your wardrobe. Jackets are bulky, and attempting to fold them and store them in a dresser would cause creases.

For tailored jackets and blazers hang them on wide suit hangers that are designed to support the padding in the shoulders.

If your closet gets dusty, use plastic shoulder covers to protect your best coats.


Folding vs Hanging Clothes in a Closet

Make sure to keep your nice blouses on a hanger if you don’t want them to be creased and wrinkled.

To preserve the shape of the collar, particularly if they’re made of silk, satin, or lace, hang blouses with the top button fastened.

Mens Shirts

After ironing hang men’s shirts up to keep them crease-free. Hung up it only takes a moment to grab a shirt out of the closet in the morning when it is a rush to get dressed for work.


hanging up pants tips

Hanging pants, from hangers with clips, is better than folding the pants over a hanger.

It’s a wonderful method to free up space in your closet while also preventing the undesirable crease that can form when clothes are folded over hangers.


hanging up skirts ideas

Hang skirts from hangers with clips, or use the hanging straps to loop around the hanger. This is what those notches on hangers are for.

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Scarf Hanger for closet

Hanging scarves is a great way to keep them in good condition. If you want to save space, consider a dedicated scarf hanger with several scarf holes.

If you are short of space you could fold scarves and store them in drawers.


To Hang or Fold A Guide to Jean Storage

I always hang my jeans up from this I use hangers with clips. I actually treat them as I would pants.

However, I know plenty of people that much prefer to fold their jeans up before storing them.


Storing Your Clothes Fold Roll or Hang

Keep everyday coats on hooks or on a coat stand in an area where they’ll be easy to get to. Luxury coats, that you only wear occasionally, however, should be hung on wide coat hangers with shoulder supports, a closet.


T shirts What Clothes to Hang What Clothes to Fold

I like to hang my tees on velvet hangers in my closet. This means I can see what tops I have and select what I want to wear quickly.

I know plenty of people that wouldn’t dream of hanging up T-shirts, so do what works for you.


Wooden Tie Rack Hanger for 24 ties

Any collection of ties should always be organized hanging up. Throwing them in a drawer will just result in a tangled mess.

There are many tie organizer systems for closets that keep a tie collection neat and tidy.

Clothes that Should Be Folded

Heavy Sweaters

storing heavy sweaters in drawers

Never hang heavy knitted sweaters on hangers they will stretch under their own weight and become misshapen.

While I hang light sweaters and cardigans, I carefully fold heavy knits and thick sweaters and store them in a drawer.


folding underwear to organize in drawers

I enjoy folding my panties and arranging them neatly in a drawer.

Ever since reading Marie Kondo’s book I’ve folded my underwear. I never thought I would keep it up. But I have done this now for years!

I just save so much space, and you get a strange feeling of satisfaction from doing it.


how to organize socks in a drawer

Just like my underwear I love to fold all my socks and arrange them neatly in a drawer. No looking around for pairs of socks.


how to organize bras in a drawer

These are hard items to store, they just don’t fold neatly. I try to fold them in half and place the straps in the cups. I then gently sit them on top of each other no more than 3 bras deep.

Embellished Items

It’s a good idea to fold any of your sequin, beadwork, or other finely embellished clothing. Because these items are heavy and difficult to hang, their form may be distorted. If you hang up your garment with sequins or embroidery, it’s possible that they’ll get snagged on other clothing and damaged.

It’s also a good idea to wrap highly embellished goods in tissue paper before storing them.

T-shirts and Hoodies

T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies tend to be somewhat stretchy, which may cause them to distort on a hanger.

To prevent this, fold your t-shirts and hoodies and store them on a shelf or in a drawer rather than hanging them.

Bedclothes and Onesies

how to organize your bedclothes

Allocate an area in your clothes drawers and store these neatly folded. The picture above is my collection of bedclothes.

As you can see it fits the drawer really well and everything is accessable.

Casual and Dirty Work Clothing

You probably won’t want to spend much time hanging these items. Fold them neatly and place them in a drawer.

Sports Clothing and Activewear

Yoga pants, workout tops, sportswear or anything you’d wear to the gym, 100% fold and put in a drawer.

Alternatively after laundering place directly into your sports bag, so you are ready to go straight to the gym.

Scarves and Pashminas

storing scarves in a drawer

This is another type of clothing that can optionally be either hung up or folded.

Scarves that are worn around the neck can be folded and stored in drawers, or they may be draped from scarf hangers.

Tips for Hanging Your Clothes

  • When hanging a t-shirt endure the shoulder seams line up with the edge of the hanger so you don’t create creases.
  • Another good hint is to never overcrowd your closet, your clothes will crease and you won’t be able to see all your clothes individually. Make sure there’s enough space between your clothes, so they aren’t pressing against each other.
  • Use good quality clothes hangers (get rid of metal hangers) that support your clothes adequately.
  • Frequently declutter your closet so it doesn’t become over stuffed.

Tips for Folding Your Clothes

Look at youtube videos that demonstrate the best folding techniques for the item you want to fold. There are countless thousands of videos on this subject.

Following a correct folding technique and avoiding overfilling your drawers will help your garments look stay looking new.

Conclusion: Hang or Fold Clothes?

Really hanging or folding clothes is a combination of personal choice and practical considerations.

For example, if you have a small closet and a large T-shirt collect then you will want to fold those.

Storing your clothing correctly may help you avoid problems and make them look newer longer.

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