15 Must See Images of Narrow Kitchens with Islands

pictures of narrow islands in small kitchens

Enjoy browsing these images of narrow kitchens with islands. It is surprising how even the smallest kitchen can have a practical island.

There are many options you could choose from including

  • breakfast nooks, with an adjustable size table leaf
  • island cabinets on casters
  • bespoke fitted islands
  • kitchen island table combo
  • kitchen islands with sink
  • islands with integrated storage cabinets

I hope you enjoy this variety of different kitchen island designs. Keep these ideas in mind as you plan your dream kitchen.

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Tiny Kitchen Island Bespoke

This design shows us that kitchen islands can have different countertops to the main kitchen.

This is an example of a bespoke island that is just perfect for this kitchen, by maximizing the amount of workspace available.

picture source

Modern Farmhouse Inspired Small Kitchen Island

White and Black Kitchen

The designers of this kitchen have managed to put an island here in an awkward spot.

They have made the most of the space by cutting the cabinets and countertop at an angle. This has freed up space so you can easily walk around the kitchen.

Kitchen Island With Built-in Shelving

Black and Wood Kitchen Island

This is the type of island that can be installed at any time. Maybe you are looking for more work surfaces, or you would like a place to sit down to eat.

This cabinet has a very useful pull out table leaf that extends to 36 inches. This would make a great breakfast nook.

This product is available HERE

Free Standing Black Distressed Oak Kitchen Island

Family Home with a Narrow Kitchen

I like how inventive people are with different shaped kitchen island designs with seating, as show here in this practical family kitchen.

Even in this narrow space they have found room for seating, so handy when you have kids to feed.

picture source

Functional Narrow Kitchen Islands in small kitchens

Photo by Walker ArchitectsMore kitchen ideas

L-Shaped Kitchen Still has Room for an Island

Although the countertop connects with the main kitchen cabinets, I would still count this as an island.

Extending the kitchen like this adds a great deal of extra work space in a kitchen. I like the way the sink fits snugly into the corner here, another space-saving idea.

Long Narrow Kitchen With Sink in the Corner

White Narrow Kitchen Cabinet with Butcher Block Top

This island is just so practical. It will provide extra work space in the kitchen and includes plenty of cabinet storage space.

There are 2 cabinets with shelves for storage. It also has two practical towel bars.

I like the design with carved wooden columns on each edge.

This is available from Amazon HERE

Kitchen Island with Butcher Block Top

Kitchen With Mountain Decor Style

Although this kitchen is long and narrow, it has everything you would want and need to provide meals.

It has plenty of storage, and even the narrow island has room for cabinets and a place to sit at the end.

picture source

designs with skinny kitchen islands

U-Shaped Kitchen with White with Wood Decor

Kitchen islands don’t always need to run in a straight line!

Here we have a kitchen that makes the most of tight spaces with an island that makes the kitchen U-Shaped.

space saving kitchen island in a U Shaped kitchen

Extending Breakfast Bar

In the picture we can see this breakfast with the top surface extended. This gives plenty of room for 2 people to eat breakfast.

After use, you can drop the table leaf down, leaving the island only 25 inches wide.

I could see this kind of design being useful in small apartments.

You can buy this product HERE

White Kitchen Island with extending counter

U-Shaped Kitchen

This is a small kitchen, yet the designers have put though into maximizing the amount of countertop that is available for food preparation.

picture source

small kitchen island adds practical cooking space

Shaker Style with Wooden Countertop

This product is available, painted in many colors. So there is going to be a version to suit your kitchen decor.

The top features a flip top table extension, to give you more space when preparing meals or as a useful place to sit.

This product is available HERE

Kitchen Island with Flip Up Top and Two Drawers Sage Painted Finish

Country-Style Kitchen

Wow, this an interesting kitchen in an eclectic country style, quite a bold choice to put a chandelier that size into a kitchen.

It looks great.

In this design, you can see how a narrow kitchen still can have a functional island.

picture source

farmhouse style narrow kitchen with a central kitchen island

Modern Narrow Kitchen Space

I love the clean lines of this modern white, blue and wood kitchen.

Just imagine how nice it would be to prepare food in a kitchen like this. Easy to clean up afterwards as well.

ultra modern minimalist kitchen with an island

Kitchen Island on Castors

Such a great practical design that is perfect in a small kitchen. You can wheel this out when you are preparing food, then neatly store the island when not in use.

In the cabinet itself has plenty of storage with cupboards, drawers and a spice rack.

More details about this cabinet island can be found HERE.

Natural Finish 4 Door Cabinet Kitchen Cart with Cherry Wood

Trendy Kitchen With Orange Highlights

Here we have a modern kitchen that has a bright orange walls, stainless steel and white accents.

The entire kitchen fits neatly into the corner of a larger room.

orange corner kitchen with an island

Frequently Asked Questions About Island in Narrow Kitchens

How much space do you need between an island and a counter?
The minimum width you need is around 42 inches. You need to allow enough room so you can safely use your kitchen. So any narrower than 42 inches becomes a bit too tight. Source.
If your kitchen is less than 13 feet wide, it is not recommended that you install an island at all. Source.

What is the smallest size for a kitchen island?

For practical considerations, the smallest size for a kitchen island countertop is 24 inches wide. Source.
Anything less than 2 foot wide is really quite impractical for food preparation, seating and storage, all the things you need to use an island for.

Are kitchen islands a good idea?

If you have the space, they are a great idea. They provide space for more kitchen storage, a place to sit and, of course, extra counter space for food preparation.


As you can see, there is an incredible selection of kitchen island designs to choose from.

It is worth thinking again if you feel an island would be too big for a narrow kitchen.

I hope this post has given you some design ideas, and inspiration for your next kitchen remodel.

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images of narrow kitchens with islands