How to Use Vinegar to Mop Floors

Keeping a home clean is tough. You know that you should clean your floors regularly but it really is a chore!

It’s not just the time and effort involved in cleaning your floor. There are also all those chemicals in store-bought cleaning products you’re using to do the job.

Learn how to use vinegar to mop floors instead! All you need is some simple household ingredients to make a powerful cleanser for the floors in your home.

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Below I have provided a recipe I use every week on my floors, together with instructions on its use.

ideas to mop floors with vinegar

How To Make a Homemade Floor Cleaner with Vinegar

This DIY recipe will leave your floors sparkling clean without any harsh chemicals or expensive store-bought cleaners. Plus, it smells great too!

The white vinegar will help to kill germs and cut through any grease. While the dish soap will provide a pleasing amount of bubbles that will clean the floor and leave it shining.

The essential oils have their own antiseptic and cleaning properties while also providing a lovely perfume.

  • 6fl oz White Vinegar
  • 11/2 fl oz fragrance-free eco-friendly dish soap
  • 30 drops of essential oil, for example, clove bud, lemon, orange or eucalyptus
  • Funnel
  • Glass bottle with screw top

Use the funnel to pour all the ingredients into the glass bottle and shake gently to mix the ingredients together.

This makes the concentrated solution that is further diluted before use.

Label the bottle including the list of ingredients.

Directions for Use

Run the vacuum cleaner or sweep to remove dust and debris from the floor.

For hard flooring surfaces like vinyl and tiles. Put 1oz into half a bucket of warm water. Use this solution to mop the floor. No need to rinse. Then leave the floor to dry naturally.

For wood or laminated wood flooring, mix 1 fl oz of the concentrate with 3 flu oz water in a spray bottle. Then lightly spray this mixture on the floor, then mop with a dry or slightly damp mop. Using a spray mist ensures these types of floors will not get too wet.

How Often Should I Use This Floor Cleaner?

Try to clean the floors in your home weekly. You might need to do high traffic areas like entranceways and halls more often if you have children and pets regularly bringing in a mess.

What Type of Flooring is This Cleaner Suitable for?

This floor cleaner is ideal to use on any non-absorbent flooring in your home. That includes tiles, all types of vinyl, and concrete.

This solution can be used on wooden or laminate flooring you need to be very careful not to soak the flooring in any way. As this could cause warping.

Safety Considerations

  • keep away from children and pets.
  • avoid contact with eyes
  • ensure you label the bottle containing the floor cleaning recipe
  • wear rubber gloves


Cleaning is easier and cheaper than ever with homemade floor cleaners that are made from common household ingredients like vinegar and dish soap.

This easy-to-make recipe will leave your floors clean and smelling fresh with no harsh chemicals or expensive cleaning supplies needed.

Save time and money by making these simple DIY floor cleaners at home using everyday items around the house. Your floors will be spotless in no time!

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How to Use Vinegar to Mop Floors