How to Store Watches When not in Use

how to store watches so they remain in good condition

Do you have a collection of watches that you want to keep safe? If so, then this guide is for you! We’ll show you how to store your watches when not in use. This will help ensure they stay in great condition and last longer. You can learn more about the best way to store your watches here.

It’s important that you take care of your watch collection because it’s an investment that should be protected. With a little care and attention, you can keep your watches looking new for years to come!

When it comes to watches, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when storing them. You can’t just expect your watches to stay in good shape and undamaged if they are just tossed into a jewelry box or a drawer full of odds and ends.

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how best to store watches

If you’re not wearing your watches regularly, you might want to store them in a safe place. A glass-fronted display case is a great way to show off your watches and keep them in good condition. Another option is to store them in a protective pouch that will reduce scratches and other damage.

If you have automatic watches in your collection, consider investing in a rotating watch case that keeps them wound and ready for action when you need them.

Here are five ways to store watches when not in use that keeps them in good condition.

1. Storing watches in a glass-fronted display case

watches in an attractive glass fronted storage case

Provided your watch collection contains mainly battery or mechanical watches I would always recommend a glass-fronted display case as the best way to keep them in good condition.

A display case will protect your watches from dust, scratches, and other damage, and it will also help keep them clean. Also, an attractive display case is a great way to show off your watch collection.

How to choose a glass-fronted display case

When it comes to choosing a glass-fronted display case, you have several options. Cases come in a variety of sizes from single watch-sized to cases that will hold multiple watches. The size you buy will depend on the number of watches in your collection and what fits best in your storage space.

Before buying work out how many watches you have in your collection. I think it looks nice to have all the slots of the watch organizer case filled.

How to care for a glass-fronted display case

Glass-fronted display cases are easy to look after. Just lightly dust the outside of the case weekly using a microfiber duster. About once a month clean the glass with a light spray of glass cleaner and buff until the glass is shiny and has no streaks.

Go easy on the glass cleaner spray as you don’t want any of the cleaner liquid to come into direct contact with your watches. I would recommend spraying the cleaner onto the duster rather than spraying directly onto the case.

How to store watches in a glass-fronted display case

Watch storage cases come either with bands or cushions that hold the watch in shape.

Do up the watch band. Then slip the watch on the cushion. Make sure the watch fits snugly adjusting the watch band if necessary.

how to store and organize watches

Place the cushion into the storage box with the face of the watch pointing upwards.

how to maintain a watch collection tips

If you live in a damp climate I would recommend adding some silica gel packets to the bottom of the case. Just make sure they don’t touch the watches or the bands. Also just for esthetic reasons make sure you cant see the gel packets when the case is closed.

2. Use a Watch Pouch

Suede Leather Watch Pouch for Watches with Bracelets

Any watches you are not wearing regularly should be placed in a watch pouch. I would recommend doing this before placing them in a jewelry box to protect them from scratches and other damage.

Suitable pouches for watches come in different sizes and materials, so you can find one that’s perfect for your needs. I like these velvet watch pouches from

Importance of Storing Watches in a Pouch

Looking after your watch collection will help you to maintain its value and reduce the need for costly repairs.

Any watch can be easily damaged or scratched, especially if placed near other metal or hard materials. It only takes a few moments to place the watch inside a pouch before storing them in a drawer or jewelry box.

Different types of pouches for watches

You can find a variety of pouches for watches. Look for one that fits the size and shape of your watch face and strap. Some men’s watches with bulky metal bands take up a surprising amount of space.

Choose from soft velvet, suede, or leather pouches that are thick enough to protect your watch from scratches.

How to store watches in a pouch

Leave the band undone and place the watch gently into the pouch, with the watch’s face pointing upwards.

Place the watch and pouch in your jewelry box away from jewelry with gemstones or other stones. Many gems including diamonds and rubies can cause damage to watches, particularly the glass face of the watch.

3. Storing watches with leather bands

When it comes to storing watches, it’s important to keep them away from direct heat and sunlight. Leather is a natural and organic material, which means that it can be badly affected by heat and sunlight.

Heat and sunlight can cause the leather band on the watch to dry out and crack, which can eventually lead to damage. The only option then is to completely replace the leather band.

4. Avoid storing watches with other jewelry

When it comes to storing watches, it’s important to keep them away from other jewelry, especially metal bracelets or necklaces. Your valuable watches will become damaged if just tossed together with all your other jewelry.

5. Use a Watch Winder Display Case

Automatic Watch Winder Box - 6 Watch Winder with 7 Storage Case and Quiet Mabuchi Motor

You can buy this large-capacity watch winder case from

If you’re not wearing your automatic winding watches regularly, it’s a good idea to store them in a watch case that rotates to keep the watches wound. This way, you’ll always be ready to go when you need them.

How to choose a watch winder display case

When choosing a watch winder display case, look for one that’s large enough to hold your watches in place. Watch winders come in a range of sizes to fit single watches up to collections of 10.

Make sure you choose the right size watch winder, for example, small ladies watches will need a different sized case compared to large men’s watches with metal bands.

Benefits of using a watch winder display case

A watch case that rotates to keep your automatic watch collection wound is the perfect way to keep your watches in good condition and ready for action. If you don’t wear your watches regularly, this is the best way to keep them in working order and ready to use when you want to use them.

How to use a watch winder display case

Before using a watch winder on a valuable watch make sure you follow the manufactures instructions. Some watches only require turning infrequently and constantly moving the watches could be detrimental.

To use a watch winder display case, simply place your watches in the interior compartments and close the case. Set the timer and any settings you need and press go.

How to store luxury watches

12 Watch Box with Valet Drawer, Luxury Watch Case,Watch Organizer for Mens Accessories with Real Glass Top

If you have spent a considerable amount of money buying a luxury or designer watch you will want to ensure you keep it in conditions that will ensure it remains in good working order so it doesn’t lose its value.

Here are some simple tips to follow.

Keep The Watch in a Home Safe

A home safe may be a convenient way for you to store your watches. If the watch is valuable enough to justify investing in a home safe, you have the added advantage of protecting your timepiece from fire and thieves, and other hazards, as well as hiding them from prying eyes.

Always keep the original box and all the paperwork. Make note of any serial number and take plenty of photos, these may be needed for an insurance claim should the worst happen.

Ensure the environment inside the safe is neither too hot nor too cold and that it has low humidity. I would certainly recommend adding some silica gel packets or pouches to the safe.

Maintain a Suitable Temperature and Humidity

When it comes to temperature, you should also avoid exposing your watches to any extreme temperature. Ideally, store them in an air-conditioned environment that stays over 32°F and under 95°F.

Likewise, do not allow them to sit out in the direct sun or heat source for too long. So avoid storing your watches near windows or outside where the temperatures could be too extreme. Extreme temperature changes can actually cause the gears inside your watch to expand and contract, which is likely to result in damage.

General Watch Storage Tips

  • Remove the batteries from watches that will be kept stored for more than a few months, as battery corrosion and leakage may result in extensive damage.
  • Clean the watch before long term storage
  • Make regular checks to ensure the watches remain in good condition
  • Mechanical watches should be wound and worn periodically. This is because the mechanical workings in the watch may freeze if lubricating oils dry out.


Your wristwatch is an important piece of personal jewelry. Protect it by storing it in a pouch or display case, away from other items that can cause scratches and damage.

If you’re not wearing your watches regularly, consider using a watch winder to keep them wound and in good condition while they are stored.

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