How to Simplify Your Life and Home

There is no doubt that if you want to be successful in achieving an organized lifestyle you will need to learn how to simplify your life and home.

Its a huge problem that faces so many people that, life is simply too overwhelming. Everyone is given the same 24 hours in a day, but everything you do takes time.

3 Rules are Prioritize, Organize, and Delegate

If you have a frantic lifestyle that is just too much for you to manage then you need to work out how to prioritize, organize, and delegate.

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We live in a hectic and complex world. It’s natural to want to get a lot done and to be able to point to your accomplishments. It is, however, way to easy to become overwhelmed.

You need to slow down and set some goals for your life, personally and work wise, or, your life won’t go as you planned it, and everything will feel a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

Getting Your Priorities Right

When you want to simplify your life, the first thing that must happen is to set your priorities. This works for both your personal life and your work life.

Whether it’s a large project or a small one doesn’t matter. Knowing how to choose where to start, how to organize it, and what’s most important is essential to your success.

Declutter Your Home and Life

It would be impossible to achieve a simple and satisfying life if your home was decluttered. Follow my tips for decluttering your home and life. As a great way to start.

Work on Achieving Good Mental Habits

To move forward in life you need to have the right mindset. Replace old negative thoughts with

Psycholology Today has some great tips on keeping strong mentally.

Look After Your Money

The biggest block for people trying to find a way to have a peaceful simple and serene life is to the question of money.

One of the people I love to follow is Mr Money Mostache, he’s a bit controversial but if you take on board his attitude it is life-changing. I have signed up to receive his newsletters they don’t come often but when they do they are full of mind-blowing information.

Start Letting Go Of Unnecessary Time Commitments

Maybe it’s time that you think about dumping unnecessary time commitments.

Just think if you could learn to say no to commitments you just hate doing.

Instead, think about spending time on projects that will enrich your life and aligns with your values. Becoming minimalist has a post worth reading called declutter your schedule.

Reduce Your Screen Time

We have all done it, going onto Facebook and catching up with friends and family. Or playing silly games like Candy Crush (I’m guilty of this!!) and the next thing you know 2 hours have just gone in a flash.

Those 2 hours could have been used in creating a more simple and meaningful life. I would imagine if you so wished you could write a book or learn to play a musical instrument in those 2 hours a day.

While it’s lovely to spend time on social media, it has very little value in your life. Try to allocate a certain time of day to go onto your favorite social media sites and ration your time. For, example 30 minutes a day.

This is, without a doubt, my top tip for a simple life.

I would recommend reading this book by Cal Newport, it’s a wonderful explanation of the damage spending excessive time on social media can do, to your life.

List Every Task You Need to Do

When you have things to do, it’s essential to know what you are doing at any given time in the day.

Listing out all the tasks you need to do on any given day is an excellent way to figure out how to organize each task and get it done the right way.

Think of this just like Marie Kondo’s method of organizing your bedroom. You need to be able to see everything you have before you can organize it and classify it.

Keep a Habit Tracker

I like to keep a habit tracker of all those tasks that I want to be completed every day. These are habits I want to cultivate and cover that home, health and my hobbies.

For, example at least 500 words a day writing posts on this blog, practice the ukulele and working on the house and garden. I have another more detailed list that covers these sections.

It is nice to be able to tick off all sections every day. This gives a sense of being in control of your life. I often don’t manage every task each day but hey! that’s fine I’m not a perfectionist.

Put Each Task in the Right Category

Try to put each task into a category that lets you know what it’s for: personal or work. I like to separate work from the rest of your life. By keeping separate to-do lists and just keeping work within time boundaries.

For, example when 6pm comes, say to yourself work is finished, and your personal life starts now.

Then also identify whether any task on your to-do list is important, urgent, or something else.

This is going to help you identify tasks that you can let someone else do, as well as identify tasks that you’re doing that you can simply let go.

Move Urgent Tasks to the Top

When you notice that some of the tasks are urgent, put them up at the top.

For some people, it helps to separate work from personal, but others prefer to just list tasks in the order by which they’ll take care of them.

You can make two lists, or you can put it all in one if you have correctly identified whether it’s urgent or not.

Determine the Value of the Task

One of the things you must look at for each task is its value. This is easier to identify if it’s a work thing.

You know that putting an item that people can buy up for sale is going to make you money, so it has a high value.

But you also know that taking your child to piano lessons is a high value task.

Know the Effort the Task Will Take

It’s no point having a task like decorate the sitting room, on your to-do when this would be an overwhelming project. Instead, start small, for example, by decluttering the space first, before the decorating happens.

It’s important to have smaller manageable items on your to-do list note when you are organizing your tasks.

It also helps to look at effort versus value to help classify a task. Some of the items on your list could very well be dispensed with.

You will also need to think about how long something really takes you to do? How much money does it cost you to outsource it?

Identify all the resources any one task takes

Whether it’s you, someone else, money, or a product that helps with it (like maybe to do this task you have to use specialized software that is expensive to buy and hard to understand).

In the last case, after studying the situation you may determine to outsource, for example.

Determine Which Tasks to Cut or Outsource

Now that you have it all out in the open, it’s important to look at the tasks and determine which tasks you don’t even need to do at all, or that you can let someone else do.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s cleaning your house, cooking your dinner, doing your laundry or outsourcing something at work or in your business if you have one – the important point is to let go of the things you do not need to do yourself when it’s feasible to do so.

Don’t skip this step for simplifying your life. You can separate it up if you want to, doing personal and work separately.

But whether we like it or not, work and life are inextricably connected for most people today. Knowing how to prioritize at home and work will make your life much more straightforward.

and Finally…

Simplifying your life is all about finding what works best for you to ensure that you are at your most productive while also being as stress-free as possible.

You should not feel overwhelmed often in your life. It’s normal during times of transition to be overwhelmed, but it should not be a permanent condition.

If you find that you are more overwhelmed than not, it’s time to find a way to simplify your life.

What are you waiting for?

What is the one way you plan to make your life simpler in the next twenty-four hours?

Good luck with your goal of finding ways to simplify your life. Just remember that a simple life is a happy life.

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