How to Organize Tote Bags

best tote bag storage ideas

While it is nice to own a selection of tote bags they can be a real nuisance to store and organize neatly.

There are really 3 kinds of tote bags to consider, firstly the large tote-style bags that can be bought at grocery stores, an everyday smart tote for work, shopping trips, the beach, and finally designer totes that are for wearing with your best outfits.

There will be different ways of caring for them depending on their use and value. Obviously, you are not going to treat a designer bag in the same way as a cheap supermarket bag.

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They all do however need to be stored in an organized way to help tame clutter in the home and keep the tote bags in good condition.

✅ Tote Bag Hanger for the Closet

I have found a product that will help you store your tote bags in the closet. What is great about this product is the way the hooks are wide and the width is long.

This means the straps are resting in a large surface area. This is better for the straps as any hook that is very narrow will dig in leaving a mark that will eventually damage the bag strap.

With this set you can safely hold 8 bags, I feel they are ideal for your everyday tote bags.

 Tote Bag Storage Hanger Set of 4Tote Bag Storage Hanger Set of 4


✅ Space Saving Tote Bag Hanger for Closets

This closet hanger has similar wide and broad hanging hooks to the product above.

The difference here is this rack will save closet space as the bags can be hung on top of each other.

This is fine for storing everyday canvas tote bags, but not recommended for designer leather totes bags you have spent a lot of money on.

 Space Saving Tote Bag Hanger Organizer for ClosetSpace Saving Tote Bag Hanger Organizer for Closet


✅ Designer Tote Bag Storage Protectors

If you have spent a considerable amount of money on a leather tote bag you will want to protect it from damage.

Here is a great solution as the tote bag can be placed inside these transparent bags and hung up if required. This will save any wear and tear on the straps of your precious handbag.

I personally wouldn’t recommend hanging up designer totes. They can become knocked and damaged by items stored around them. Instead, pack in a protective bag, and store it on a shelf.

Before storage check the bag over for damage and stains. Deal with these before storing them. Pack the inside of the bag with something soft like bubble wrap and or tissue, so the bag retains its shape.

If the tote is leather consider cleaning and conditioning the leather before storing {follow the manufacturers recommendations}. If the bag is patent leather just dust with a soft cloth.

 Designer Handbag Tote Purse Protection and storage BagsDesigner Handbag Tote Purse Protection and storage Bags


✅ 6 Hook Tote Hanger for Closets

What I like about this tote bag organizer is the way there is plenty of space between the hooks.

This will allow your bags to hang up without crowding and touching each other. This is essential if you want to keep your tote bags in good condition.

The metal hooks are nice and broad too, so the handle won’t crease as it bends over the hooks.

Altogether there are 3 double-sided hooks that can take up to 6 individual tote bags. Alternatively, if you have a spare hook that could be used for hanging scarves, belts, or hats.

This product is ideal if you are short of space, for example in a small apartment.

People that have bought this product have left reviews saying they liked the sturdiness of the hanger.

tote bag storage ideas
best ways to look after designer tote bags

✅ Cloth Designer Bag Protectors

These purse and tote bag protectors are designed to keep dust and pests off your designer bags.

They come in a pack of two and are available in different sizes according to your needs.

Once you have used your tote bag for the day, to keep it in good condition check for damage, and then pop it in one of these bags and tighten the drawstring. The handbag is now ready for storing.

store totes in the closet
best closet hangers for tote bags

How do you Store Grocery Tote bags?

Grocery shopping totes are cheap, hold a lot of groceries also they are robust and long-lasting. One problem they can become a complete mess if they are just scrunched up and thrown into a cupboard.

To keep all your grocery shopping totes organized here are some great tips. It only takes a moment after your groceries have been put away to neatly fold the tote bags and place them neatly inside a large tote bag.

Place this bag somewhere handy and in reach so you can grab it and go when you are off on your next shopping trip. You could also store it in the car if you have space between shopping trips.

In the video below we see a demonstration of how easy it is to organize grocery bags.

What can you do with old tote bags?

If you are like me and on occasions forget to take my shopping bags while at the grocery store. This means I end up buying more tote bags that I really need.

This is a problem if you are trying to maintain a neat and organized and decluttered home.

  • keep a tote bag open in a cupboard and fill with unwanted household items ready to donate to goodwill. Get them out of the house once they are full!
  • gather together a heap of them and give these to goodwill or a food bank they are always looking for bags for their customers to use.
  • use the bags to store soft items like garden furniture cushions, winter bedding, and out of season clothing. Place the bags either in the loft, basement, or a damp proof shed.
  • gather together none perishable items for a local food bank.
  • if you are a vegetable grower and have a surplus, share your veggies with your neighbors. No thanks, I don’t need the bag back!!!


It doesn’t matter whether your tote bags are cheap from the grocery store or high-end designer bags they all need to be organized well cared for.

It is completely logical to spend time and money on looking after designer purses that you have spent a great deal of money on.

I hope the tips I have shared with you are useful and you are able to implement them.

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