How to Organize Socks in a Drawer

sock organizing tips

Do you have a drawer full of mismatched socks? I know how frustrating it is to find you have unmatched pairs of socks.

It’s time to declutter and organize your sock collection using this easy-to-follow guide on how to organize socks in a drawer.

This article will teach you the best ways to store your socks so they are always together, making it easier for you when getting dressed or packing for vacation.

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You’ll never again spend hours looking through piles of mismatched pairs!

How Do You Declutter Socks?

Before you start make sure you have plenty of time to complete this project from beginning to end. Leaving a decluttering project halfway through can end up causing more mess and chaos than before and I would hate anyone to become stressed and anxious.

  1. Collect together every sock you can find in your home, and place them in a big pile on a table.
  2. Immediately discard any odd, damaged, worn socks.
  3. Sort the socks into groups for example group socks by the owner so each household member has their own pile or separate socks by type e.g. thick hiking or work socks are different from pretty colorful fashion socks.
  4. Discard the following: any sock that is worn or has holes, is an unmatched pair, outgrown, or uncomfortable to wear.
  5. If you have a large collection of socks consider reducing these down, the fewer socks you have the less space you will need to keep them neat and tidy.
  6. Pair up the socks you want to keep.
  7. Fold, roll or fold and tuck the socks over, so they are neat and ready to go.
  8. Find a place to house your socks. Ideally, give each of your children their own drawer that can be neatly labeled.
  9. Decide if you need to buy a storage system. Alternatively, stack the socks neatly in a drawer (this is what I do!).

Tips for Organizing Socks

best ways to organize socks in drawers
  1. Make sure you don’t have too many socks, as it is impossible to organize sock clutter.
  2. Sort and store socks by color. This will help you find the pair you’re looking for more quickly.
  3. Fold socks in half, then roll them up. This will save space and keep them from becoming creased.
  4. Use drawer dividers to separate socks into categories (e.g. sports socks, dress socks, etc.).
  5. Take inventory of and organize your sock drawer once a year, especially after the winter and summer holidays when you tend to accumulate new holiday-themed socks.
  6. Buy just one color and type of sock that way you don’t have to pair them up by color and odd socks won’t then matter as much.
  7. Use a suitable drawer divider that keeps both socks and small underwear items organized.
  8. If folding and organizing techniques are just not practical for you. Divide the socks into groups by owner and just put washed but unpaired socks into a box or a bag labeled with the persons’ name. Let them do the pairing up as and when they need to. A great tip if you have a busy household with kids.

How do you Fold Socks?

Folding socks has the advantage of helping you save space in drawers, keeping pairs together, and ensuring socks are kept in good condition.

I don’t fold thick “hiking” type socks, instead, I roll them up gently and store them on their side.

My own preference is to fold my socks as demonstrated in the picture below. It just takes moments to do after washing and it gives me satisfaction to see a neat line of socks in my drawers.

organize socks tips and advice

After folding I like to stand them up in a line in my sock drawer neatly. The great thing about this technique is the way the socks support themselves.

how to declutter and organize socks

Sock Folding and Rolling Techniques

There are 3 basic ways to fold your socks before storing them. Here is a clear demonstration of how to fold socks step by step showing 3 different ways.


Top 5 Sock Drawer Insert Organizers

Although you don’t actually need bought organizers, they are useful if you have a range of different things to store in a drawer. The compartments help to keep everything neatly in order.

#1 Fabric Sock Organizer Drawer Dividers

Drawer Organizers Storage Boxes for Storing Socks, Underwear, Ties

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I like this fabric sock drawer organizer because it’s made of a durable material which means that it’s not only going to be able to store my socks, but it will also last for a long time.

The individual organizers are just the right size to fit into the drawers in my home. A can be used for other small items I need to store like underwear and belts.

I also like that individual pockets are made from a breathable mesh material, which will help the air circulate around my socks.

Lastly, I like that it’s collapsible, so I can fold it up and store it away when I’m not using it.

#2 Sock Drawer Organizer Divider 2 Packs

Sock Drawer Organizer Divider 2 Packs

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This sock drawer organizer is a cheap and easy way to organize your sock drawer. It is also very small in size so it won’t occupy much space in your sock drawer yet it has 24 cells to store your socks in.

This sock drawer organizer is made of nylon which makes it durable and easy to clean. It comes in 2 packs so 48 cells in total that you can not only store socks but other small items like underwear, jewelry or neckties.

#3 Honeycomb Drawer Organizer 

Honeycomb Drawer Organizer Small Perfect Space-Saving Solution. The Cotton Cover, White

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This honeycomb drawer organizer is designed to expand to fit any drawer size, it comes flat but is easily snapped together. Eight pieces make up this space-saving organizer, which is perfect for organizing everything from underwear to socks!

This product is the perfect way to keep your socks sorted and organized. The honeycomb design saves space and fits any drawer size. Ideal for anyone looking for a sock organizer, this is the perfect solution!

#4 Socks Underwear Drawer Organizer

Socks Drawer Organizer Divider

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Are you tired of dealing with cluttered drawers? This drawer organizer is perfect for sorting and organizing socks, ties, underwear, and more. The 48-slot design is perfect for any size drawer, while the washable PBT fabric ensures that your organizer will last for years.

This 2-pack of drawer organizers is a great product for helping you to sort and organize socks.

#5 Drawer Organizer Divider for Socks

Drawer Organizer-Divider Sock with 112 Slots Total-Set/4

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Keep your drawers neat and organized with these honeycomb design drawer organizers. These dividers are perfect for organizing pairs of socks, belts, scarves, and underwear. The 112 slots total provide plenty of storage space for all of your clothes and accessories. Made of durable plastic, these organizers are easy to clean are lightweight, and easy to install.


In conclusion, organizing your socks collection can at first seem daunting but there are always ways to simplify the process and reduce the amount of time you spend on home organizing tasks.

Remember that tidying your sock drawers can be an ongoing activity, not something you do just once. Doing it regularly means your socks will always be neat and tidy, easy to find, and ready for use.

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