How to get Turmeric Stain out of Clothes

can turmeric stains be removed from clothes

Discover how to get turmeric stain out of clothes. Stains from foods that contain turmeric are difficult to remove successfully. Follow these easy cleaning tips to find out the best ways of removing turmeric stains.

Maybe you love cooking Indian curries and have spilled some of the sauce on your clothes or you are eating out in an Indian restaurant.

The good news is that turmeric stains can be removed from clothes provided you are prepared to follow a few simple steps.

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Here are some different ways to tackle this persistent stain.

Can Turmeric Stains be Removed from Clothes?

The bright orange hue of turmeric stains is often hard to remove, but not impossible. While pre-treating with detergent and washing your stained clothes will usually do the trick on the first try. It may take more than one application if you want the color gone for good from light-colored clothes!

The main problem is that turmeric, is not water-soluble, so you can’t just remove these stains with water. Any oil-based stain can be tricky to remove.

How to Safely Remove Turmeric Stain from Clothes?

If you’re wondering how to get rid of the turmeric stain on your clothes, start by reading and following wash care instructions on each item.

Then use a technique appropriate for that particular type of fabric so as not to damage it! For example, bleach should not be used on delicate textiles such as silk and wool. Dry clean only clothes need to go to the dry cleaners.

How to Prevent Turmeric Stains

It might seem obvious but I recommend you always wear an apron when cooking. I’m always surprised at how few people get into the habit of wearing an apron. I like bib aprons as they cover your stomach area where you get the most staining.

Also if you are eating curry in a restaurant ask for a plastic bib. If not available cover the front of your clothes with a paper or cloth napkin.

How to get Fresh Tumeric Stain out of Clothes

With fresh stains, the secret is to act quickly. If you notice a turmeric stain on your clothes, the quicker it’s treated the better. The colors and oils in turmeric can permanently dye fabric so dealing with it before it drys and sets in is recommended.

  • scrap excess sauce from the clothing with a knife.
  • dab (don’t scrub or rub) the area with paper towels.
  • lay the garment on a towel then drizzle the area of the stain with clear dish soap liquid.
  • sprinkle baking soda over the dish soap and make a paste with your fingers.
  • massage this mixture gently into the stain and leave for 15 minutes.
  • launder in your washing machine as usual
  • repeat if necessary

How to Remove Turmeric Dried in Stains from White Clothes

The difficulty with cleaning turmeric staining from white clothes is even the faintest mark is going to show up.

One solution is to use bleach. This should be your choice of last resort when absolutely everything else has failed. Before you start make sure you read the washing care label to make sure the material is suitable for bleaching.

Generally, white cotton and linen material can be bleached while delicate and manmade fabric cannot.

It is best to treat the whole garment with a bleach solution otherwise you might end up with another stain caused by the bleach acting on one area.

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  • Make a solution of 1 cup of bleach in a bucket of cold water. Soak the clothes for about 20 minutes.
  • rinse the clothes thoroughly before machine washing.

Cleaning Turmeric Stains in a Restaurant

Diaster!!! You’re eating at a restaurant and you accidentally spill curry on your clothes, so now what?

If this ever happens to you, don’t worry! If this happens to you, don’t worry! Here’s how to get that stain out.

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  • remove as much of the curry sauce off your clothes as possible, by dabbing with a paper napkin.
  • ask for lemon juice or lemon slices and apply lemon juice to the stain. Leave for around 15 minutes, then rinse off with water, in the restroom.

How to Pre-treat Powdered Turmeric Stains

If you spill turmeric powder on your clothing quickly take go outside and shake away the turmeric powder (avoid brushing or rubbing). If you can take the affected clothes off and give them a good shake outside that’s even better.

Avoid trying to remove the powder with the back of your hand, this will just rub the powder into the fibers of the cloth-making removal that bit more difficult.

Then pre-treat the stained area with dish soap and baking powder as described above. Before laundering in a washing machine.

Removing Tumeric Stains with Sunlight

I have a story to share. A few years ago I bought a lovely white polyester-cotton mix summer top. The first time I wore it, I went out to an Indian restaurant and guess what… I spilled a load of lamb rogon josh curry straight down the front. I just wiped it off as best I could (I didn’t know the lemon trick!) with a paper napkin and just carried on.

At home the next day I tried to clean the dried on stain off with dish soap and baking soda, it worked but you could still see a bit of a faded mark, that’s not a good look on a white blouse.

I searched around the internet for answers and on a forum, I saw the advice to put the blouse outside in direct sunlight. I did this and I not joking in a couple of hours the stain had completely gone!!! Sorry, I don’t have the link to the forum or before and after photos. I wish really I had taken some pictures.

This is an option try if pre-treating and washing leave faint marks on white clothes. I would probably avoid putting delicate items in direct sun.

Buying Turmeric Stain Remover

Stain Remover for Turmeric

This eco-friendly stain remover is all-natural and safe for most clothes. The formula works on oil-based stains like turmeric as well!


Unfortunately, turmeric can be a bit difficult to remove from fabric. If you’ve ever had turmeric stain your favorite shirt or pants, I hope these tips have helped you to get those turmeric stains out.

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How to get Tumeric Stain out of Clothes