How to Get Dried Candle Wax Out of Carpet

removing candle wax from carpets

If you love the scent and atmosphere of lit candles in your home, you will understand the frustration of accidentally spilling candle wax on your carpet.

It is heartbreaking to see blobs of wax hardening on your carpet particularly when they are pale-colored.

In the article, you will discover how to get dried candle wax out of carpets. I have an easy step-by-step foolproof way to remove wax spills from carpets.

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Provided you are prepared to take your time, and allow the heat from the iron to work gently on wax you will have success.

Candle Wax Spill Removal Tips

Often the advice given for stain is to act quickly. Luckily this is the type of spillage or stain that can wait so my first piece of advice is don’t panic.

In fact, you will do more harm than good if you jump in and start to mop up the wax immediately.

  • try out this technique on a hidden area of your carpet first so you can judge the thickness of the paper and the temperature of the iron.
  • the melted wax should be left to completely harden before you make any attempt at cleaning the stain.
  • make sure you use the iron on its lowest setting.
  • never allow the iron plate to come into direct contact with the carpet. Otherwise, you will have another cleanup problem as the iron plate will turn brown or even melt the fibers onto the plate.
  • carpets with high nylon content will be permanently damaged if the heat from the iron is too high or the iron directly touches the carpet
  • use plenty of brown paper in thick layers, dull side down.
  • if you don’t have brown paper a thick towel would make a suitable alternative.

Method for Removing Candle Wax

Here is a typical candle wax spill from a red candle. It looks like it will be permanent! At this point, you might panic. Avoid the natural inclination to clean the stain up right away. You must let it dry and harden!

This spillage happened on a tufted wool and nylon mix fitted carpet.

red candle wax spill on a carpet

Step 1 Gather Your Equipment and Materials

  • You will need plenty of brown paper that is larger than the plate of your iron.
  • blunt knife
  • An iron
brown paper and iron

Step 2 Remove Excess Wax

Using a blunt knife scrape off any large lumps of wax. Don’t dig in hard as you could permanently damage the carpet pile. Instead, gently prise away any excess wax.

use a blunt knife to remove excess wax

Step 3 Start Ironing

Set the iron to its lowest setting and turn off the steam function.

Place the layers of brown paper over the area of the wax spill. Iron this area until you start to see the melted wax being absorbed by the paper.

Keep moving the paper so there are fresh areas of the paper to absorb the wax.

melted wax on brown paper

Here is a picture of the stain about 5 minutes into the process. As you can see the stain is reducing in a pleasing way. I was concerned at this point that the red dye in the candle wax would stain permanently however this proved not to be the case.

This method really works!

candle wax stain during treatment

This is the same area about 5 minutes on and miraculously the stain has gone! The next day I even tried to find the affected area and I just couldn’t see any sign of a stain from the spillage

I’ve included a picture below of the amount of wax that melts off into the brown paper. It demonstrates the need to have plenty of brown paper for this technique to work.

wax absorbed into the brown paper

Where to Find Brown Paper?

Look around your home for paper grocery store bags, brown paper envelopes, or packing paper from parcels you have received. All these will work well provided they are big enough.

NY Paper Mill Brown Kraft Paper 17.50" x 2400" (200 feet) Jumbo Roll, Ideal for Gift Wrapping, Art & Craft, Postal, Packing, Shipping, Floor Covering, Parcel, Table Runner, 100% Recycled Made in USA

You can buy brown paper in a roll from here.

Brown Paper Alternatives

What you are looking for is an absorbent material that will take the heat of the iron without melting. Just make sure you have enough layers of the material to melt the wax without damaging the carpet.

So don’t use microfiber cloths or anything man-made. Instead look towards anything made from 100% cotton, for example, bed linen, towels, or old white tee shirts.

Also, the material you use may be permanently damaged by the heat of the iron and the ingress of wax. So only use items that you are happy to discard after use.

  • old terry cotton towels
  • old pillow sham
  • white cotton T-Shirts, avoid any with transfer patterns or any other color than white.
  • craft paper for example the type that comes in rolls for children to draw on.


The method described here is a cheap and easy way to remove wax spillages from your carpet.

Provided you take care not to allow the iron to touch your carpet and allow plenty of time success is assured.

It is comforting to know that even a large candle wax spill will not mean you have to replace an expensive carpet.

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