How to Get Crisp Sheets like Hotels

How to achieve crisp sheets like a hotel at home

Have you ever wondered how to get crisp sheet like hotels in your own home?

We all love to stay in a nice hotel. The way everything is done for you so all you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself.

One of the great joys is the comfortable and cozy beds together with the clean and beautifully laundered bedding.

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Quick Tips for Getting That Hotel Feel in Your Bedding

  • Buy good quality 250 to 300 thread count percale weave cotton or linen sheets.
  • Buy proper Egyptian cotton
  • Invest in sets of white bedding.
  • Wash at a high temperature
  • Never use fabric softener
  • Don’t over-dry
  • Iron bedding well when slightly damp. Ideally using a steam iron or a home steam press
  • Wash the bedding weekly
  • Make your bed every day and smooth out wrinkles
  • Don’t wear makeup and oily body lotion to bed
  • Use starch for extra crispness {if you like extra crisp!}

Tips for Buying Hotel Quality Bedding

With the best will in the world, you will never ever get the hotel feel using microfiber, satin, polyester blends, or cheap low thread count cotton.

There is nothing wrong with these materials for bedding but they just aren’t designed for that hotel quality feel.

Anyway, some people prefer a softer and cozier feel that microfiber brings. So that is what they should choose.

If crisp sheets are your aim then you really only have a couple of choices of materials. That is either cotton or linen. Both of these materials can be laundered and ironed in a way that will produce that desired crispness.

Products described as Egyptian cotton are the best. But please assure yourself that they are the real thing before buying. There are sadly plenty of fakes around.

They are also designed to last a long time.

how to keep sheets fresh like a hotel

Percale Weave

I would recommend looking out for sheets that are described as having a percale weave.

Products described as percale are not made from a particular fiber. Instead, percale refers to the way the fibers have been woven together.

With percale fabrics, the warp and the weft are simply woven just one thread over the next. This produces a very fine strong cloth that is perfect for bedding.

percale weaving


It is pretty much guaranteed that the sheets in your hotel room been sent out to a commercial laundry. Where they are washed in bulk.

As you can see from this video the sheets have a hard time of it. No wonder hotels only have hard-wearing cotton or linen sheets for their bedding.

I love the huge squashing arms as the laundry is squeezed out to dry.

This method of washing is very difficult to replicate at home. A high-temperature long wash in your washing machine should come close.

Alternatively, you could send all your bed linen out to a local laundry. How nice to give them to someone else to deal with.

Even nicer to get the bedding back all neatly washed pressed and folded.

Don’t Use Fabric Softener

If you use fabric softener your bedding will just end up feeling soft and floppy, not the effect you are trying to achieve.

If you add fabric conditioner by mistake then don’t worry it will come out the next time you wash and not long-term damage will have been done.


It really has to be white nothing else will do. Just like Henry Ford said about his cars, you can have any color you like provided it’s white.

I’ve never stayed in a hotel where the sheets were any color other than white.

The reason hotels choose white is that the laundering process is very energetic, brutal, and may include bleach. Different colors or patterns would simply just fade away.

Don’t worry if you think white is boring, you can easily add all kinds of color to your bedroom decor. This can be achieved by adding plenty of colorful comforters, throws, runners, and decorative throw pillows.

how do hotels keep sheets white


One of the most important steps to achieve a crisp feel to the sheets is to give them a good iron. This flattens out all the fibers and gives that smooth crisp finish.

Once you have laundered your sheets wait until they are just damp and then iron them with a heavy steam iron. If you are using a dryer take the bedding out just before they are fully dry.

how to iron cotton sheets

Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to have a home steam press you will achieve great results very quickly.

Personally, I prefer to iron and put the sheets straight onto the bed this way you don’t have to fold the sheets up.

If you find that your sheets are dry before you iron them. It can be difficult to get all the creases out. If this happens to you then spray the fabric with water in an aerosol sprayer.

If you do need to fold the bedding up then make sure the sheets are dry before folding and storing in the bedding cupboard.

how to make your sheets crisp like hotel sheets

Regular Washing

You have probably noticed the first time your sleep in freshly laundered sheets they are lovely and crisp. This gradually fades the more time you sleep in them.

I would aim for washing all your bedding weekly so it always stays nice and fresh. If you leave it longer between washing the bedding will start to go limp and floppy.

Don’t Wear Makeup and Oily Body Mosutrizers to Bed

Oils on your skin and crisps feeling sheets just don’t go together. Once the oil penetrates the bedding it will stay there until you next launder the sheets.

Starching Sheets

This step is not a necessary requirement for cool crisp sheets. However, if you like your sheets to feel super crispy then you might find you love the feel of starched sheets. It’s down to personal taste really.


I hope this guide has helped you to achieve that lovely cool crisp feeling that only the best bedding can bring.

If you choose the right type of bedding and launder it in the right way you can be assured of crisp bedding at all times.

Once you have the right quality sheets and pillowcases, you can be assured of that hotel feel for many years to come.

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