How to Fold Clothes to Save Space in Drawers: Organizing Clothes in Drawers

How to Fold Clothes to Save Space in Drawers

Considering getting your clothes organized? Learn how to fold clothes to save space in drawers.

When organizing and decluttering your home, it is important to deal with your drawers first. These are spaces in the home that are often under-used and under-valued.

By learning the right way of organizing clothes in drawers, it will surprise you just how much clothing can be neatly stored away in a drawer. Compared to throwing clothes into a drawer without thinking.

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Also included in this post are what I consider is the best way to fold clothes in drawers together with how to fold your clothes to save space for a lovely neat finish.

✅ Clothing Organization Dividers for Drawers

Here is a great product that is based around boxes that will fit neatly into your drawers. Such a simple way to organize clothes in drawers.

This is perfect for all your underwear storage, including bras that fit into specially designed slots in one box.

By folding your clothes to fit the spaces within these organizers, it teaches you how to organize drawers and fold clothes.

 Drawer Underwear Organizer Drawer DividerDrawer Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider


✅ Drawer Storage Containers for Underwear

Whenever I’m asked “how to store clothes in drawers” I always recommend this kind of product as the different sized partitions will help you organize all your lingerie.

 Foldable Drawer Dividers and Storage Boxes fro UnderwearFoldable Drawer Dividers and Storage Boxes fro Underwear


✅ Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

I love the way these honeycomb drawer inserts expand out in your drawer and provide small “cells” in which you can store small items of clothing and underwear.

Perfect for panties, socks, ties, and delicate scarves. Just roll them up neatly and insert them into the cell.

I highly recommend these drawer inserts for clothes as it is just so satisfying to see a previously messy space turned in to an area of neat perfection.

 Drawer Organizer Divider with 56 SlotsDrawer Organizer Divider with 56 Slots


✅ Plastic Drawer Organizer for Clothes

The great thing about these plastic dividers is how you can change the sizes of the storage spaces by slotting the dividers together in different ways.

Apart from underwear, these can be used to store belts, jewelry, and makeup.

Rapturous 4 Pack Drawer Dividers – 5 Inch High and Expandable from 13-22 Inches, Dresser Drawer Organizers – Adjustable Drawer Organization Separators for Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom and Office Drawers

✅ Canvas Baskets for Organizing Clothes in Drawers

These are a set of practical canvas drawer baskets that will help you organize drawers in your home. They come in a set of 12 useful sizes.

Prefect product for organizing clothes in drawers vertically.

NEATERIZE Drawer Organizer - [Set of 12] - Closet Organizer and Storage Baskets| Foldable Cloth Drawers Divider | Fabric Bin for Dresser & Shelves |Organize Underwear, Socks, Bra, & Tie’s (Grey)

✅ Adjustable Drawer Dividers

It’s nice to find a versatile product that will make a variety of different sized compartments. You can configure the interlocked dividers to produce different sized cells or storage spaces, making this a versatile product.

 Versatile Drawer Dividers AdjustableVersatile Drawer Dividers Adjustable


✅ T-shirt Organizer

One of the best ways to fold your clothes to save space is to follow the advice of the decluttering guru, Kon Marie.

She teaches that every piece of clothing you want to keep should be neatly folded and stored vertically in drawers.

 T-Shirt Clothing Organization System With 20 SectionsT-Shirt Clothing Organization System With 20 Sections


✅ Stacking T-shirt Organizer

If you don’t want to organize vertically, then this T-Shirt storage system stores your Tees horizontally in a filing system so that you can access any shirt you need without disturbing the other Tees.

A very clever idea.

 Easy-Tray Closet Organizer Tray (25pcs) with Folding Board.Easy-Tray Closet Organizer Tray (25pcs) with Folding Board.


How to Fold Clothes to Save Space in Drawers?

Here is a great video demonstration of how to fold your clothes using the Kon Mari method.

Using these folding techniques you can just store so much more clothes in a restricted space like a drawer, for example.

Also, because she arranged them “standing up” you can see at a glance what is in the drawer. Great way to learn how to store t-shirts in drawers when space in tight.

How to Fold T-shirts to put in Drawers?

Here is a step-by-step tutorial that shows you the best way to fold T-shirts to store in a drawer. By carefully following the instructions so the shirts will store in the drawer vertically, you save so much space.

Also, you can see and access the shirts straight away instead of raking through a heap of T-shirts that are piled on top of each other.

Great video that I recommend to anyone who wants to know how to organize t-shirts in a drawer.


I hope you have found this post useful. Now that you have the information, you can have organized drawers to be proud of.

Once you have followed these tips and sorted out your disordered drawers, you will no longer be happy just to fling your clothes in a crumpled mess.

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Organizing Clothes in Drawers