How to Dry Your Clothes Fast Without a Dryer: Tips and Hacks

Easy Ways to Dry Your Clothes Fast Without a Dryer

You just washed your clothes and now you’re looking for a way to dry them without using a dryer. Now you need the washing to dry fast. In this article, I will share clever and quick tips and hacks on how to dry your clothes fast without a dryer.

If the weather is warm and dry, then drying clothes naturally, on a line outside, for example, is an eco-friendly, cost-saving alternative to using a dryer. If you want to save money and be kinder to the environment, try drying your clothes this way as often as possible!

However, if you find yourself without a dryer and you need to dry clothes fast what are the options. Maybe you are on vacation and have to wash items of clothing by hand, how do you get them dry?

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Before using these methods it is always a wise step to check on the laundry label of your clothes.

Roll your Wet Clothes in a Towel

This is a super-effective tip and uses towels to absorb as much water as possible. Works for any situation where you need to hand wash items. If you are in a hotel there is usually a plentiful supply of fluffy towels that are super absorbent.

I have done this many times when after the drying process the clothes are left almost dry and an hour or so in a warm room will leave most items of clothes dry. Lightweight shirts, T-shirts, blouses, and tops will dry quickly. Jeans and other thicker cotton or linen material will take longer to dry after treatment.

If you take the time and trouble to smooth and flatten out the item of clothing being treated then your clothes will come out almost crease-free.

There is one limitation to this method, it is simply impractical to do this to large loads of laundry. At some point, you will just end up with a heap of damp towels to deal with. But for individual items or a small batch of washing it works so well.

Towel Drying Method Demonstrated in Pictures

Step 1

Place damp clothes in a single layer on top of a large bath towel.

how to dry clothes using a towel

Step 2

Fold the long sides of the towel into the middle.

drying damp clothes using a towel

Step 3

Fold the towel in half again.

easy way to dry clothes using a towel

Step 4

Tightly roll the towel up, and leave for around 5 minutes. Unroll and hang damp clothes up to dry.

easy washing hacks to dry clothes using a towel

Use an Iron and Towel

It is tempting to think that using an iron to dry wet clothes will work. For most fabrics ironing directly onto the clothes while wet could do permanent damage. Instead, use a thick towel both underneath and on top of the wet clothes.

The heat will gently convert the water in the clothes to turn to steam and this will be absorbed by the thick towels.

Note: It is recommended that good quality 100% cotton and 100% linen bedding are ironed when slightly damp for a crease and wrinkle-free finish.

Use The High Spin Setting

Washing machines typically have different settings for the spin speed. Using the high-speed help to remove surplus water from your clothes, resulting in faster drying times when you hang them up.

Fast Drying Tips when Hanging Clothes to Dry Indoors

  • don’t overcrowd your clothes. Hang them separately with no overlapping.
  • allow plenty of air to circulate around all the clothes
  • hang the clothes near to a heat source, like a radiator. Be careful not to hang clothes too near an open flame though for fire safety.
  • also, don’t place drying clothes too near electric or gas heaters with fans open flames or vents again for safety reasons.
  • if you have them hang small items directly over warm radiators. Never hang
  • find areas of your home that are warm like the kitchen after cooking or a warm covered porch or conservatory.

How to Use a Hairdryer to Dry Clothing

Hairdryers blow out hot air, don’t they! So it is logical that they can be used to dry your clothes. Well, they can but practically it is only useful for single small items that you need in an emergency.

Once you start drying with a hairdryer you soon realize that it is going to take time and patience to dry the whole garment. However, if you persevere you will have a dry garment to wear.

For example, you have spilled food down your favorite top when on vacation and you need to wash the item, so you can wear it again.

  • Using the towel method described above get the item as dry as possible.
  • Use the highest heat setting near but not touching the garment, and keep moving the dryer back and forth.
  • Concentrate on smaller areas at a time and move on as they dry.
  • Don’t be tempted to put the material over the end of the hairdryer as you might overheat the hairdryer and destroy it!
  • Also, don’t forget to dry both on the inside and outside of the garment.

Can I use the Oven to Dry my Clothes?

Your oven can be used to dry small items of clothing, but it does have limitations and is completely impractical for drying large loads of clothes. Use it is a method of last resort for small items like socks or items of underwear.

Oven drying is not suitable for delicate items or those made from silk or synthetic material like polyesters or similar like bras or lingerie. Cotton and polyester cotton mixtures should be ok provided the oven temperature is low.

Make sure the items are as dry as possible, either spin or use the towel drying method. Set your stove to a low temperature around 100F then turn the oven off. Place items onto a baking sheet in a single layer and place them into the oven.

Radiator Clothes Drying Rack

 Clothes Airer Radiator Towel 5 Rail Bar

This radiator airer is available from

These racks are a simple and practical solution for drying small items during the winter when you have your heating on anyway.

This rack simply unfolds and hangs over the radiator, giving you more space to dry smaller items. I like the way it just folds down for storage after use.

Use Your Towel Bathroom Towel Dryer

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If you already have a bathroom towel dryer this will useful for drying clothes. You can buy electric plug-in towel warmers from


Drying clothes without a dryer can be a challenge, I hope some of the tips you have found here will help.

A little bit of thought and planning means you can dry your clothes quickly, efficiently, and easily, even if your dryer has broken or you are away from home it is always possible to find ways of quickly drying your clothes.

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