How to Decorate your Bathroom with Wicker Baskets

Ways to Decorate your Bathroom with Wicker Baskets

Welcome to my guide on how to decorate your bathroom with wicker baskets.

I recommend adding wicker bathroom accessories to any bathroom as this organic material brings in warmth and atmosphere to any space.

Great for bringing natural textures, forms and colors into what can be a stark and cold looking place.

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Baskets are not just decorative, they are practical too. Perfect for storing, toilet rolls, laundry and toiletries.

✅ Woven Rattan Basket Set

Handy set of three useful and practical storage caddies for all your bathroom items.

Attractive enough to sit on the bathroom vanity.

Wicker Baskets For Storage Rattan Closet Bins For Toilet Tank Basket Shelf Organizing Bathroom Woven Cloth Organizer Stackable Set 3 Rectangular Nursery Pack (Honey Brown)

✅ Round Rattan Waste Basket

We all need a wastebasket in our bathrooms, let’s be honest, they can be ugly. Here is an example of a very attractive rattan basket that is easy on the eye.

KOUBOO 1030011 Round Rattan Waste Basket, 10.25" x 10.25" x 11", Honey Brown

✅ Wicker Laundry Basket

This laundry hamper is a beautiful deep walnut brown.

It is practical too because it has two lined compartments so you can sort the laundry before washing.

An asset to any bathroom decor.

The Basket Lady 2-Compartment Wicker Laundry Hamper (Antique Walnut Brown)

✅ White and Natural Baskets with Handles

A lovely combination of natural cotton and seagrass, so attractive.

They have many uses in a bathroom, from neatly holding guest towels to all your family’s toiletries.

Farmlyn Creek Wicker Storage Baskets with Handles, White and Natural Seagrass (3 Pieces)

✅ Rattan Tissue Box

Here is the perfect item to hide your box of tissues out on your bathroom vanity countertop.

Made from tightly woven rattan so will last a long time.

Rattan Tissue Box Toilet Paper Cover Wicker Decorative Holders with Lid 5.9 Dia X 5.5 H in for Storage Single Roll and Tissues Protector in Bathroom, Round Toilet Holder Basket (Honey Brown)

✅ Seagrass Basket Set

Here is a practical set of 4 seagrass bathroom storage baskets. These are roomy enough to store items in your bathroom.

Ideal for the under the bathroom sink storage cupboard. Alternatively, these would sit neatly on shelves.

I like the way the baskets have handles and can be stacked.

VonHaus Set of 4 Seagrass Storage Baskets with Insert Handles Ideal for Home and Bathroom Organization - 12(L) x 9(W) x 6(H) inches

✅ Woven Storage Tray

I could see this attractive looking tray having many uses in your bathroom.

From holding toilet paper, the shape is perfect for sitting on top of the toilet tank, to bathroom necessities like liquid soap and face wash towels.

Rattan Bathroom Hand Towel Holder | Wicker Toilet Tank Tray Guest Vanity Paper Storage Dispenser Caddy Kitchen Coffee Table Countertop Bath Decorative Organizer WOODINNO (10x6 inches, Honey Brown)

✅ Set of Three Seagrass Caddies

Here is the perfect set of seagrass cabbies that will hold all those small items that seem to build up and clutter bathroom spaces.

EZOWare Seagrass Wicker Shelf Basket Storage Container Nesting Bins with Wall Mountable Tray and Removable Liners Set of 3

✅ Seagrass Storage Tray

A pretty woven tray ideal for storing all kinds of bathroom bits and pieces.

Small Wicker Basket (Seagrass Storage Basket/Seagrass Tray) – Round Shallow Basket (Woven Bowl/Wicker Bowl) for use as Toilet Basket Tank Topper or Remote Control Basket

✅ Toilet Roll Stand

This toilet roll stand covers up your toilet paper stash in a neat and attractive way.

KOUBOO 1030058 3 Rolls La Jolla Hand Woven Rattan Toilet Roll Stand, 6.75" x 6.75" x 20.5", White Wash

How to choose wicker baskets?

Consider the items you need and want to store, for toilet paper a large oval or square basket that can sit on the cistern.
Small items like bath accessories, nail varnish and makeup are best stored in small square baskets that can then be placed on a shelf or neatly away in the vanity unit cupboards.
Consider the colors you want to introduce into your bathroom. Most wicker products are displayed in their natural color.
However, wicker is easily painted in any color you like. Just use household wall paint or paint spray in the color you want.
You can buy baskets in many colors, textures and materials. Choose those that appeal to you aesthetically.

What is Wicker?

This refers to items that use bendy stems of plant material to make up products like baskets. The material can be from many sources including willow, natural rattan, hazel and reeds. Nowadays, woven synthetic materials and paper are often referred to as wicker when woven in the traditional way. Source

How do I know which wicker product is best suited for my bathroom?

Most wicker bathroom products can withstand the conditions in a bathroom provided the item is permentally wet. For example I wouldn’t recommend using wicker baskets as a shower caddy.

How do I take care of wicker materials?

With care, your wicker baskets will last a long time.
Here are some tips to keep your baskets in tip-top condition.
Keep wicker away from direct sunlight or hot heat sources like radiators.
Use a polythene or cotton liner if you are intending to display soaps, pot-pourri or bath oils.
Use a feather duster to keep the basket dust free and clean.
Washing in water is not recommended as irreversible damage can occur as the wicker expands when wet.
Surface clean with a damp cloth if stained.

Can You Paint Wickerwork?

Painting wickerwork is the best way of either updating a tired-looking basket or changing the color to add style to your bathroom decor.

Spray painting is recommended as the paint gets in all the nooks and crannies, and doesn’t clump in the gaps between the weavings.

What do you put in bathroom wicker baskets?

If you are short on space and looking for a simple storage solution, then consider baskets before buying expensive shelving units, and cupboards.

These just have so many storage uses in a bathroom including

  • toilet rolls
  • cotton balls and cotton swabs
  • a collection of hotel sized toiletries
  • collections of makeup and nail polish.
  • large baskets for towels, bathrooms face washcloths and slippers for guests.
  • large lidded baskets are useful as laundry hampers.
  • can be used as a trash can or wastebasket

How to incorporate wicker bathrooms?

If you have an antique, country, Victorian style, or other bathroom design wicker baskets will fit right in.

Choosing the color is all important here. Soft natural tones look great in a farmhouse or shabby chic bathroom.

Painted wicker products are available that will coordinate with your bathroom colors.

Consider lining your baskets with pretty materials of flowers for a vintage farmhouse look.

Small baskets placed on shelving units made the most of your storage space in a small bathroom.


When your bathroom is accessorized with wicker you are bound to love the beautiful effects they can bring.

While wickerwork products look great in any settings. Certainly wicker harmonizes well in country style decor settings.

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