How to Decorate a Long Bedroom to Make it Look Wider

Here are my best tips on how to decorate a long bedroom to make it appear wider and larger.

If you have a long and narrow bedroom to decorate there are many tips and tricks that will help you to give the illusion of a wider and larger space.

Generally your options include

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  • adding oversized statement pieces to create a strong focal point
  • use pale neutral colors throughout
  • create interest on the ceiling
  • furniture that matches the wall colors
  • use hidden storage options
  • add furniture pieces with exposed legs
  • use transparent furniture
  • floating shelves and nightstands
  • get creative with lighting
  • add plenty of mirrors
  • find smaller versions of the furniture that will be placed in the bedroom

I’m going to explore each option in more detail. Of course, you don’t have to do every single step. Just pick and choose whatever works for you.

Generally, I would aim for a more contemporary style of bedroom decor with simple block colors and unfussy modern design furniture pieces.

However, the guidelines outlined here will work with all bedroom decor styles, from shabby chic to beach themed decor. You just need to find a minimalist version of that style.

The one thing I would like to say here is you really need to avoid clutter in any form. If you want a room to look small just add loads of unnecessary decor pieces and lots of items with small fussy patterns.

✅ Add Oversized Bold Statement Pieces

One thing you must avoid if you are trying to give the illusion of more space is lots of small fussy accessories. Instead, it is better to add just one or two bold statement pieces. This could be pieces of artwork, large lamps, or oversized colorful throw pillows.

Note how the eye is drawn to the picture above the bed in this beautiful beach style bedroom. Adding colorful bold bed covers and throw pillows also makes us focus on the center of the room.

Because the rest of the room is decorated in pale colors the illusion of wider space is made.


giving the illusion of space

✅ Choose Neutral Colors for Your Bedroom Decor

I would avoid a lot of small busy patterns, and numerous large bold prints in your bedroom.

As you can see from this beautiful bedroom makeover how light and airy the whole room feels. They have chosen a gorgeous palate of pale neural colors.

This is an example of the type of bedroom that anyone can have, even if you have a small budget.

Picture source

✅ Draw the Eye Up to the Ceiling

First of all this advice is only for those who have the space to make a focal point of the ceiling.

In the bedroom pictured below, you can see how much space the room appears to have as the beams are picked out in white, and the ceiling slats a beautiful pale blue color.

If you just have a flat normal ceiling them my advice is to just paint it white or a very light neutral color like cream or beige.

Picture Source

beautiful vaulted ceiling gives a sense of space

✅ Have Furniture Pieces that Match the Wall Color

We can see here how having a room with furniture pieces that match the walls gives a great sense of space and lightness.

All the items in this room are just different hues of the wall colors. I must say it is really beautiful.

Picture Source

creating a focal point in a bedroom is important

✅ Hidden Storage Ideas

Unless you are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet you will have to store all your clothes and accessories in the bedroom.

Avoid large stand alone pieces of furniture like a dressers or wardrobes.

My top tip would be to install a sliding door closet that runs all the way along one wall. This should be as narrow as is practical. Ideally, you should put mirrored glass on the outside of the sliding doors.

There are plenty of clever hidden storage ideas for bedrooms. For example, the space under the bed is a great place to store items.

 Wheeled Latching Box for Under Bed StorageWheeled Latching Box for Under Bed Storage


✅ Use Furniture With Exposed Legs

One great tip to give the impression of more space is to use furniture that has open legs. This means you can look through the legs and see behind giving the feeling of space.

This little table that is perfect as a nightstand is the type of furniture that is “see-through” giving a sense of space.

mirrored bedroom furniture

✅ Add Transparent “Ghost” Furniture

If you are looking for a chair that won’t make a small space look cluttered then consider these chairs that are completely transparent.

In a bedroom, this chair would be ideal to go with a vanity unit. When not in use the chair will just seem to disappear.

clear plastic bedroom chair

✅ Use Floating Shelving and Nightstands

As you can see in the image below floating nightstands give the impression of more space as you can see around and below them.


docorating ideas to make a room appear wider

✅ Hanging Pendant Lighting

Instead of having big bulky table lamps on your nightstands, consider having pedant lighting instead.

Because you can see through to the wall on either side of the bed it gives a sense of space. Making the room look both longer and wider.


master bedroom with beautiful focal points

✅ Add Mirrors to Walls and Doors

This is one of those ideas that everyone shares, for good reason it is one the best tips for making a room look bigger, out there.

Mirrors reflect back any light that is in the room, making the whole space feel light airy, and spacious.

For a bedroom consider putting mirrors on the outside of your closet doors. Try to go floor to ceiling. If this is not possible then a couple of large mirrors will really make the room look so much bigger.

Tips for decorating with mirrors include

  • go large, find and install the biggest mirror you feel comfortable with
  • add more than one mirror
  • add pieces of bedroom furniture that have a mirrored finish
  • choose mirrors without thick dark frames
  • add mirrors in dark corners to bring in more light to those areas
  • place mirrors behind things like lamps and ornaments, to give a 3D illusion
  • instead of one big mirror. You could group, a number of smaller mirrors close together


bright bedroom decor

✅ Add Bespoke Built-in Furniture that

This is a great option if you have the funds to pay for bespoke pieces of furniture like shelving and closets that are smaller and or narrower than is usual.

If you are good a DIY you could tackle this yourself.

I found this picture from I just love the way the bookcase and TV stand have been built in. The amount of space saved is exceptional.

master bedroom decorating ideas to give a sense of space

✅ Avoid a Central Light Source

Traditionally a bedroom has a large central light. In a small room try to find a way of creating lighting that is not from a central source.

For example, replace your central lighting pendant with a rack of small spotlights that pick out areas of the room.

This creates deep shadows together with the contrast of the illuminated areas this gives the impression of depth.

Another alternative is to use soft lighting from wall sconces. These can produce beautiful effects and shadows that give the illusion of a much wider and larger space.

 Modern Contemporary Wall SconcesModern Contemporary Wall Sconces


Further Reading


As you can see following a few simple design rules will mean you can give the sense of space in a bedroom that is narrow and long.

If I had to choose my top 3 tips that make the most difference it would be to add mirrors, add a bold statement pieces in the center of the room, and avoid clutter and small fussy ornaments.

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