15 Home Office Organization Hacks

home office organization and decluttering tips and hacks

Here are my top home office organization hacks, that will help you make a well-organized office at home. Either for your own work or for all the family.

Nothing hurts productivity and peace of mind more than a cluttered workspace, especially when you work from home.

How do you keep your office under control?

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Start with these quick and easy steps:

Deal with Paper Clutter Before It Happens

By having an inbox on your desk where mail and other paper items go, you cut a lot of the mess that tends to spread out over every work surface.

You should use this box only for new work waiting for your attention. If you have a lot of projects, try keeping the accompanying paper clutter in folders out of the way, for example in a desk drawer until needed.

The key here is to keep things under control right from the start.

Keep Your Desk Clear of Clutter

At all times there should be very little clutter on your desk. All you should have is the paperwork and tools needed to get the job you are working on right now.

That means keeping it bare of everything except the phone, your computer, and what you’re working on right now.

Everything else should be put away until you need it.

10 Tips to Keep Your Workspace Uncluttered

Remove the Odds and Ends

Is your desk space full of knick-knacks or other sentimental items that serve no practical purpose?

These kinds of things can be distracting.

You really have two choices here either get rid of them or place them somewhere more appropriate such as a shelf where you can arrange them into a beautiful display if needed.

I would always recommend some kind of stationery holder that will keep small things like pens and paper clips neat and tidy.

Like this desk tidy.

Reconsider Paper Use

Nowadays a lot of paper in an office is completely unnecessary. Be kinder to both yourself and the environment by refusing to do any unnecessary printouts.

Get in the habit of reading things on a screen instead.

It’s quite amazing that these days even things like travel boarding passes don’t require a printout so long as you have them on your phone.

If you need to keep documents the consider scanning and saving the document to your computer hard drive (backed up of course).

I often just take photographs of any handwritten letters I have sent.

Another great tip is to turn off paper statements from your credit card companies and your bank. Everything is online now. Switch on notifications so that you are reminded to pay your credit cards.

The less paper you use, the better!

Tidy the Drawers

If your desks drawer has become the repository for so much clutter! It is important to take the time to go through each drawer and declutter.

it is so easy to just put items in a drawer as once closed everything is hidden from view.

Think carefully about the minimum amount of office items you can function with. And just keep to these.

If you own a kindle did you know you can e-mail pdf’s to it for easy reading?

Desk Organization Ideas

How to Organize a Desk Without Drawers

  • find the space for your laptop or computer.
  • keep essential paperwork in ring binders on a shelf
  • consider buying a small desk tidy to hold pens, paperclips etc.
  • prioritize empty space on the desk for paperwork and books you are working on.
  • make the most of wall spaces by installing shelving and racks.

Decluttered Doctors some great ideas on organizing a desk without drawers.

How to Organize Your Desk Drawers

One thing to avoid is cluttering up desk drawers. It is just so easy to tidy up the office by throwing everything into a drawer.

I would recommend a set of nice Desk Drawer Organizer Tray Dividers 

How Should I Organize my Desk at Home?

This depends entirely on what you are using the office for.

If it’s just to send a few e-mails and catch up with people on Facebook. Or the kids use the office to do their homework. Then you need very little in the way of organization systems.

However, if you are using the office to run a business from home then you will need to be much more professional.

Here is an example of how a professional office should be laid out.

How to Clean, Organize and Arrange a Home Office

We can trust Oprah to come up with some great tips on cleaning and organizing you office.

Keep Your Floor Clear and Clutter Free

Out of sight doesn’t necessarily mean out of mind.

It’s so easy to just make piles of your paperwork and books on the floor as you are working.

Avoid at all costs.

Find ways of dealing with paperwork that doesn’t involve it being stacked in pile. Toss it or put it away appropriately. It will just create stress and eventually it will take over and your lovely office will become cluttered again.

Also with piles of items on the floor cleaning the office becomes so much more difficult.

Just remember that the floor is for your feet. Period. The rest is clutter.

How to keep your house clean and free of clutter

Family Home Office Ideas with Children

Unless you have a really big home you may have to share the home office with the kids. Yikes…

If this the case then rules need to be applied, first of all on the amount of time they can spend in the office and secondly what they can store in the office.

The top priority will have to be school homework of course.

I know from experience that it is very easy for your child to become distracted and then spending way to much time on social media.

We all know how easy that can be!!!

Organizing Your Office With Items You Already Own

Before you go out or order products online consider using items you may already have on your home.

Ultimately our aim is a decluttered home, so we want to avoid buying new things as much as possible.

Organizing Moms did an amazing makeover in her home office. She challenged herself to do the project without buying anything new, with stunning results.

Spruce up Your Office Space

Once you have decluttered and organized your office. You will want to make sure the environment is as serene and beautiful as possible.

Here some ideas to make your home office a lovely calm oasis to work in.

  • Give the walls a lick of paint in a light bright color.
  • Add a colorful area rug.
  • Add throw pillow in a coordinating color.
  • Put up framed pictures that you love.
  • Add some artwork with inspirational messages.

Add a couple of Chihuahuas!!!!

Home Office Makeover on a Budget

There is no need to spend a huge amount of money to have a functional home office.

Look around your home to see if there are items that would be useful in an office. Maybe you have an old table in the garage that could be cleaned and painted.

Used glass jars can be repurposed storage for pens, pencils and other stationery.

Dollar stores often have home office supplies like cardboard magazine holders and desk studies at bargain prices. Just make sure that you don’t clutter up your working space with too much stuff, tempting when it is cheap!!

The Busy Budgeter has made a great round-up post featuring budget ideas for your home office.

Home Office Filing Cabinets

I made the mistake of buying a proper office filing cabinet. I thought they were so useful in a work office environment that this would translate to the home environment.

The reason they don’t work well at home is simply that we don’t have enough important paperwork to file. So the cabinet ends up just storing clutter.

Also, they are just so big and ugly for a home.

Sadly it was cluttered up with a lot of my art supplies that have been just tossed in there.

Yuck, I can’t wait for it to go!!!

Now I’m now in the process of emptying this cabinet with a view to donating it once free of clutter.

When I thought deeply about what paperwork it was completely necessary to keep it only came to a couple of small ring binders.

Heres a photo of the monster….

how ro declutter clena and organize a home office.

and Finally…..

If you have a messy disorganized and cluttered home office I would make organizing this area one of your top priorities.

You’ll be amazed at how good it feels when you clean up your act.

Remember, a clear and clean desk is a sign of a clearer mind. 

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