Clothes Hangers that Don’t Leave Shoulder Bumps

tips on how to avoid shoulder bumps

There is nothing more annoying than reaching for your favorite pieces of clothing from the closet only to find the shoulders have been misshaped by its clothes hanger.

The solutions are simple.

  • Switch to clothes hangers that don’t leave shoulder bumps!
  • Take care when hanging your clothes so they hang squarely
  • Store heavy sweaters by folding instead of hanging.

Read on to discover the types of clothes hangers that are designed so you’ll never have to deal with those pesky shoulder bumps again. Together with handy clothes closet hanging tips to keep your clothes in tip-top condition.

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How to Prevent Shoulder Bumps from Hangers

There are a number of ways to prevent shoulder bumps caused by hangers. You can buy specially designed hangers that have a curved nonslip surface, or you can try one of the following tips:

  • consider storing heavy items like thick knitwear or heavily embellished items by carefully folding and placing them on a shelf or in a drawer.
  • make sure your hanger is nonslip and does not have sharp edges that may dig into your clothes.
  • instead of hanging try wrapping sweaters over the hanger using a method called fold and hang. 

Fold and Hang Method in Pictures

I have discovered this clever way of folding woolen sweaters that prevent damage and makes storing your sweaters and cardigans in your closet a breeze.

This is a great method if you have plenty of space in your closets. Otherwise, I would recommend folding sweaters and storing them in a drawer or on a shelf. 

Here is the method demonstrated in a series of pictures. 

Step 1 

Lay the cardigan on a flat surface, a bed or table would be perfect for this.

striped cardigan with buttons

Step 2

Fold the sweater in half lengthways. Here I have folded so that the large buttons are on the inside to prevent snagging on other clothes when hung up.

folding a sweater in half

Step 3

Place the hanger so the hook is under the bottom of the arm seam.

place the hook under the arm

Step 4

Fold the arm over the hanger.

How to avoid shoulder bumps from hangers

Step 5

Fold the other half of the cardigan over, so it is neatly folded over the hanger.

prevent hanger bumps on sweaters

Step 6

The process is completed and the sweater is ready to hang in the closet.

how to avoid shoulder bumps from hangers


3 Examples of Hangers that Reduce Damage to Clothes

The worst type of hangers for creating shoulder bumps are standard plastic or wire hangers. These do not grip the clothes allowing them to drop down causing the sharp edge to dig in.

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This picture demonstrates the kind of damage.

shoulder bump damage on a sweater

Instead, you need to look for hangers that will grip your clothes so they remain exactly where you placed them.

#1 Plastic Curved no Shoulder Bumps Clothes Hangers

Space saving no bump hangers

This product has a curved shape that conforms to the shoulder and necklines of your garments. The grippy indentations will hold clothes securely, preventing them from falling off.

This product is available from

A great choice if you hate the feel and texture of velvet hangers.

Also, the sleek design low profile design saves you precious space in your wardrobe. And the non-slip grip will not leave unsightly marks on your clothes.

I’m sure you will love these arc-shaped hangers. They’re great for preventing clothes from falling off the rack and keeping them in natural shape, so you won’t have to deal with shoulder bumps or creases!

#2 Adjustable Non-Slip Shoulder Forms

This product is designed to slip over plastic hangers you already own. They provide extra width at the shoulder together with a nonslip surface.

This hanger is ideal for storing the types of sweaters that are prone to shoulder bumps, like cashmere. Also great for lightweight jackets and coats as they provide plenty of shoulder support.

No Bump Hanger Shoulder Forms

You can buy this product from

#3 Velvet Non Slip No Shoulder Bump

These velvet nonslip with no shoulder bump clothes hangers are definitely an upgrade on my old wire hangers. These black velvet flocked hangers are great for everyday clothes like t-shirts and blouses, but also work great for hanging knitwear suits and jackets.

The 360-degree swivel chrome hook is a nice bonus, as it makes it easy to hang clothes in any direction.

The nonslip velvet prevents clothes from slipping off, while the no-shoulder bump design keeps your clothes looking natural.

50 Velvet Hangers No Shoulder Bump Suit Hangers Space Saving Rounded Hangers for Coat,Sweater,Jackets,Pants

These are available on

Do Velvet Hangers Prevent Shoulder Bumps

Velvet hangers will reduce shoulder bumps because the way the velvet surface creates an effective nonslip surface that prevents the clothes from slipping down the hanger. This lessens the chance of the corners of the hanger digging into the shoulder and creating those annoying shoulder bumps.

I’m a great fan of velvet hangers and since I’ve changed over them for hanging the majority of my clothes I’ve never had any clothes damaged by the hanger


While most of them are easy to sort but sometimes there is nothing more frustrating than an unfortunate shoulder bump that appears on sweaters that have been hanging for prolonged periods.

I hope this guide has helped you to discover that is possible to keep all your clothing free from any damage caused by hanging on the wrong type of hanger.

Also, you can come away with tips, on the types of clothes that are just not suitable for hanging and should be folded for storage instead.

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