Do Hangers Ruin Clothes?

can wire hanger damage clothes

Hangers are the most popular way of storing your clothes, but do hangers ruin clothes? Choosing the wrong hanger could cause creases, distortion, discoloration, and even holes in your clothing.

This is because they can put pressure on different parts of a garment and over time this will show up as damage.

This article examines what types of hangers might be best for your clothes and prevent damage. Also how you can ensure that your favorite outfits stay looking good as new!

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Don’t let choosing the wrong hanger to ruin your favorite outfit! Use the proper hangers for all garments to keep them looking their best.

Wire and plastic hangers are the worst offenders here.

Luckily, there are alternatives to wire and plastic for example wooden hangers which won’t damage your clothing over time.

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Wire Hangers 

Although wire hangers are OK as a short-term remedy, for example bringing home from the dry cleaners or during a vacation.

Is It Really That Bad to Use Wire Hangers on Your Clothes?

are wire hangers bad for your clothes

The downsides of using wire clothes hangers are

  • They are too flimsy and will distort under heavier clothing like coats and jackets.
  • They have sharp edges that will leave marks and indentations that are difficult to remove even when ironed.
  • Wire hangers often come from laundries and should always be seen as temporary moving your clothes onto better hangers once you get them home.
  • Clothes fall off easily onto the closet floor
  • Unused wire hangers tend to end up tangled with each other.

Storing Your Fresh Dry Cleaning In That Plastic-Wire Hanger Combo

dont store clothes in dry cleaner bags

You should not keep garments in the wire hanger and plastic bag combo you pick up from the dry cleaners. It can damage your garment.

Keeping clothes in a plastic bag could encourage moisture to build up which in turn could encourage mold and give off that horrible musty small clothes can get.

When you get your dry cleaning home take it out of the plastic bag and use the proper hanger to hang up your clothes.

Why Expensive Clothing Shouldn’t Be on Wire Hangers

If you love buying expensive clothes, why would you potentially ruin them by putting them on a wire hanger?

Maybe it is time to splash out and buy the appropriate hangers for your designer clothes.

Instead, use sturdy good quality wooden or plastic hangers that will keep your garments looking their best for years to come.

Are you using the Wrong Hangers?

are you using the wrong hangers

You can tell if you are using the wrong hangers if you notice:

  • creases in the shoulders of coats and jackets.
  • creases and wrinkles that require ironing before you can wear the garment.
  • overly stretched and distorted necks (for example on T-shirts).
  • clothes that have fallen off their hangers and are now on the closet floor.

How to Protect the Necks of Your Clothes

To prevent stretching of the neck material. It is worth spending a bit more time and trouble hanging your clothes up after laundering especially sweaters and T-shirts.

Once a garment has had its neck stretched out, there’s no way to repair them.

Instead of pulling the neck of your sweater or T-shirt to get it over the hanger bring the hanger up through the garment hem them setting the shoulders neatly on the hanger.

Wooden Hangers

The pros and cons of wooden hangers are still up for debate.


  • long-lasting and provide great support especially for heavy items like coats.
  • look attractive hanging up in the closet


Wooden Contoured Hangers for Suits and Coats

best wooden hangers for suits

Suits and coats can be expensive you want to find a way of storing them that keeps them in good condition.

the best way of hanging suits is on a wooden hanger, which is shaped like a human shoulder. This way you are guaranteed that the suit will stay in great shape during storage.

The contoured shape of the neck and shoulders keeps the suit in good shape and prevents it from falling off.

Molded Plastic Hangers with Wide Shoulders

best plastic moulded hangers for suits and coats

Large plastic hangers are strong and sturdy and do a great job when used for hanging up suits, coats, and jackets. In this situation, the wide-shouldered design supports the garment well.

Will not cause any damage even when garments are stored for a long time.

Trouble can arise when using these hangers for garments they are not designed for. For example sweaters, T-shirts and blouses. In this case, the clothes will be pulled out of shape.

Tubular Plastic Hangers

tubular plastic hangers

These are popular because they are an affordable product that is easy to use.

Plastic hangers can be bad for clothes because of their hard edges, which may create bumps on shoulders and damage the fabric of clothes over time.

I find plastic hangers are very slippery and clothes can fall off onto the closet floor if you are not careful.

Thin plastic hangers should not be used for anything other than lightweight wear like T-shirts, blouses, and dresses.

Tips for Hanging Your Clothes so they Stay in Perfect Condition

Here is a list of the most popular clothes you will hang in your closet. Find out different ways you need to store these clothes to prevent hanger damage.

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Hanging Clothes with Flowy Fabrics

You have a beautiful dress with a lightweight fabric that you love. You need to discover ways to store it so that it doesn’t get ruined.

My advice is to use a good quality nonslip velvet hanger. Just make sure the dress hangs nicely on the hanger and the shoulder seam is straight along the top of the hanger.

Avoid wire hangers for these types of dresses.

Hanging Linen Clothes the in Closet Tips

linen jacket hanging tips

Linen is prone to becoming wrinkled, that is part of its charm. This is why it’s best to hang any linen pieces in your closet.

Hang linens on the right kind of hanger, for example, a jacket may need a hanger with a wide shoulder.

But more important is allowing linen garments to have plenty of space around them. Crushing them tightly in a crowded closet will result in a wrinkled mess, that even ironing may not be able to remove.

Hanging Pants and Jeans in the Closet

Are you tired of seeing your dress pants and jeans get all wrinkled up in the closet? Choosing the right hangers is essential here.

I recommend pant hangers that allow clip or grip the waistband allowing the pants to hang down. This preserves the crease you have ironed on the front of the pants.

I don’t recommend hanging pants or jeans over a bar, this just creates a horrible crease in the pants around the knee area.

I don’t know why this kind of hanger is so popular, maybe people love ironing the creases out!

Hanging T-shirts, Blouses and Lightweight Dresses

Do you have a lot of nice blouses and dresses that you wear to work and out socializing? If so, then you know that it is super important to have them hanging up so they stay crease-free.

I find the best way to hang a blouse is by using the velvet nonslip hangers taking the time to ensure they hang nicely before placing them in the closet.

Hanging up Jackets and Coats

tips for hanging up winter coats

In my experience, the only way to keep tailored coats and jackets in good condition is to use a wide-shouldered hanger specifically made for jackets.

If you use any other kind of hanger you are certain to cause damage. Especially if you have placed them in the closet for months or even years.

List of Clothes That Should Never Be Hung on a Hanger

Instead of hanging all these items should be carefully folded and placed in a dresser drawer.

  • thick sweaters, and jumpers
  • heavy knitted dresses
  • dresses that are heavily embellished with embroidery or sequins.

FAQ About Using the Right Clothes Hangers

Do velvet hangers ruin clothes?

Velvet hangers are a great way to hang the majority of the clothes in your closet. They are even recommended for hanging delicate clothing items without damage. You must avoid hanging damp clothes on a velvet hanger as the dye from the hanger may stain your clothes.

Do plastic hangers ruin clothes?

Most tubular plastic hangers are a good general item for hanging up T-shirts, blouses, and dresses. Just make sure the clothes can’t fall off the hanger. However, you should never use a thin plastic hanger where clothes are heavy or tailored. Instead, use a plastic (or wood) hanger with wide shoulders that will support the clothes without damage.


Hangers are a necessary evil when it comes to putting your clothing in order. You need them but you know they can damage some of your clothes.

I hate that feeling when you pull out your favorite T-shirt to wear, only to find it wrinkled?

I hope this article has helped you choose the right hangers for your clothes in the future. So no more wrinkled T-shirts!

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