Hallway Makeover Project on a Tiny Budget

It’s another lockdown so I can’t go out to visit friends etc, I thought a DIY project would be a great thing to do during this time.

I live in a 1920 house that has been insensitively modified over the years. Most of the original features were brutally ripped out in the 1960s when anything old-fashioned went out of style.

I’ve lived here for 8 years and until recently have kept all the floor coverings that were here when I bought the place. I have painted all the walls in every room, though.

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Last year I decorated my bedroom, and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the original floorboards were.

So I have taken the risk the expose to floorboards in the hallway.

Please note I’m not a DIY expert this is just the way I’m going to do things. Expert DIY people might look at the project with horror. But needs must it’s a tiny budget, so I need to make the most of the resources I already have.

Follow me as I makeover this hallway on a tight budget.

Hallway Before Picture

The staring point is a nasty dirty green carpet with thick padding. As you can see the hallway is due a serious makeover. That carpet really looks dirty in this picture. It wasn’t this bad in actual life as I covered it with an attractive runner.

I have pulled up and disposed of both the carpet and padding.

Carpets Removed

Once the carpet was removed, I had to deal with the tack strip and a telephone cable.

Originally, I thought about rerouting the telephone cable over the two doors in the hallway. Then it occurred to me: I don’t really need a telephone in my living room. So that cable was pulled up and disposed of. That was a relief and saved a bit of time and effort.

Removing the Tack Strip

It was easy to remove the tack strip. All I did was gently tap a screwdriver that was placed near the nail underneath the tack strip.

The tack strip lifted off with ease. I disposed of this carefully as I walk around my home with bare feet and I don’t want to accidentally tread on a nail!!!

At the same time, I removed staples and some other nails from the floor boards. I need to clear the floor of anything that sticks up out of the boards, as I will sand the floorboards and the sander machine I use does not like to hit anything metal.

Wooden Flooring Revealed

I am now able to see the condition of the boards. They are not too bad. Over the years, several sets of tack strips have been placed and removed. This has left a lot of small holes on the sides of the planks near the walls.

Some planks have been pulled up and replaced as they updated the house over the years. Unfortunately, in some places the planks were screwed back into place over enthusiastically, resulting in some splitting of the wood.

With a good sanding, some wood stain and oiling, I think they will be something I can live with. They just have to be presentable, not perfect.

It is nice that all the wooden boards are original to the house.

Ok that’s the progress so far please come back in a week or so for the next update.