Stylish Fleur De Lis Kitchen Items for Country Kitchens

fleur de lis kitchen accessories

French-style kitchen decorating ideas using fleur-de-lis kitchen items and accessories.

Including ideas on how to decorate a white farmhouse kitchen using pretty and practical accessories and decor ideas.

Featuring attractive yet practical fleur-de-lis canister sets and caddies that will look attractive on the kitchen countertop top.

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✅ White Ceramic Fleur de lis Kitchen Canisters

I believe every kitchen needs a stylish canister set to store tea, sugar, and coffee.

If you keep the canisters close at hand in the kitchen countertops and you can make a cup of tea or coffee in moments.

American Atelier Ceramic Canister Set 2-Piece Jars Chic Design w/Airtight Stainless Steel Lids for Cookies, Candy, Coffee, Flour, Sugar, Rice, Pasta, Cereal & More, 2 Large, Antique White

✅ Fleur de lis Kitchen Towels

100% cotton French-style kitchen towels. Hang these on the rail of your stove to add to the rustic design elements to your kitchen decor.

Jorina Fleur de Lis Kitchen Towels 20" x 30" 100% Cotton. 2 Pack Le Jacquard Francais

✅ Tuscany Style Canister Set – Colorful

I love the colors of this set of 4 ceramic canisters. Perfect to set off the kitchen decor in your Italian or Tuscan style kitchen.

Tuscany Colorful Hand Painted Fleur De Lis Canisters, Set of 4, 82001 by ACK

✅ Fleur de lis Paper Towel Holder

In a kitchen, it is useful to have paper towels close to hand. Why not store yours in a cast iron weighted dispenser stand?

This attractive yet practical stand will grace any kitchen.

Home Basics Weighted Cast Iron Steel Fleur De Lis Paper Towel Holder and Dispenser Stand, Red

✅ Iron Napkin Holder

The ideal product to keep napkins organized and in order. Place this on your kitchen or dining table so people can help themselves during the meal.

Home Intuition Fleur De Lis Collection Standing Cast Iron Napkin Holder, Weighted Design, Matte Black

✅ Coaster Set

I love to have plenty of coasters to protect wooden surfaces from heat rings.

I love the cream and brown fleur-de-lis design featured here.

LL Home Fleur-De-Lis Carved Scrolls 4 Coaster Set

✅ Fleur de lis Metal Kitchen Accessories

Here are some examples of metal kitchen accessories that are ideal for a rustic-style country kitchen.

✅Red Metal Spoon Rest

Home Basics Cast Iron Fleur De Lis Spoon Rest (Red)

✅Metal Wall Decorations

New Set of 2 Tin FLEUR DE LIS Wall Plaque Hanging Home Decor

✅ Metal Measuring Spoon Set

This is a measuring set you don’t have to hide in a kitchen drawer.

They have rings on the ends of the handles that make it easy to hang these up and display them in your kitchen.

Ganz 4-Piece Set, Fleur De Lis Measuring Spoon, One Size, silver

✅ Utensil Holder Caddy Bronze Fleur-de-lis Kitchen Decor Idea

Plenty of room here for organizing all your kitchen utensils. Attractive enough to set out on your kitchen countertop. Will coordinate well with other copper kitchen accessories.

Old Dutch Versailles Included Tool Caddy

✅ Metal Trivet

The perfect way to keep all your hot pans off your kitchen countertop.

The manufacturers make it from steel so will withstand the heat and weight of any pan.

Spectrum Diversified Patrice, Heat-Resistant Steel Dining Protector Classic Metal Trivet Table, Holds Hot Pots & Cast Iron Cookware, Fleur de Lis Kitchen Decor, Black

✅ Copper Effect Kitchen Storage Jar Set

Antique style Versailles 4 piece canister set made from steel with an aged copper finish.

Perfect for storing sugar, coffee, tea bags, and flour out on your countertops.

I love the Fleur de Lis finials on the lids of these storage containers.

4 Piece Versailles Canister Set with Fresh Seal Covers

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One of the best ways to create a cohesive look in your kitchen is by using items with similar motifs or patterns.

Fleur De Lis Kitchen Items for Country Kitchens can add that extra flair and taste on top of everything else you already have. Giving your kitchen some added personality while still maintaining an overall country feel.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the beautiful Fleur de Lis Kitchen accessories and items available for your kitchen.

I hope you find the perfect kitchen accessories to enhance your kitchen.

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fleur de lis kitchen items