Do Bamboo Sheets Keep You Cool?

Cooling bed sheets for night sweats

Do bamboo sheets keep you cool? Are you a hot sleeper that is looking for bedding that will help you stay cool through the night?

There is nothing worse than spending all night tossing and turning, just waiting for sleep to come.

Consider trying bamboo sheets and bedding if you suffer from any of the following :

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  • dealing with night sweats and hot flashes brought on by the menopause
  • the ambient temperature in the bedroom is high
  • have health problems or medication that make you feel hot through the night, for example, hyperthyroidism or menopause
  • you share a bed with a person who gets cold so they have different bedding needs

Noteif you are suffering from night sweats would recommend seeking advice from your doctor.

Top 3 Bamboo Sheet Sets to keep You Cool

Here are my top 3 picks of bamboo viscose bedding sets.

#1Best Bamboo Bedding Budget Buy

Here is a set that is perfect for anyone on a budget. It comprises a bottom sheet with a deep pocket, a flat sheet and 2 pillowcases.

It comes in 4 different colors, gray, white, beige and light gray.

#2 Best Organic Bamboo Sheets

These sheets are certified organic, so a brilliant choice if you are worried about the environment.

The manufacturers have stated, “Our sheets are made from 100% organic bamboo viscose grown in a chemical-free environment, no formaldehyde. OEKO-TEX approved.”

The picture shows the bedding sets in an attractive light gray. There are many other color options, available. They highlight these colors in the circles below.

#3 Best Hotel Quality

This viscose bedding set comes in a wide variety of different colors and sizes. In the color selection, there are many beautiful pastel colors that I love.

In the set you will get a flat sheet, fitted sheet (with 18 inch pockets) and 3 pillowcases.


Royal Hotel King Sea Bamboo Bed Sheets 100% Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set

Why Do Bamboo Sheets Feel Cool?

When you handle bedding made of bamboo, you find that they feel cooler to the touch than a similar product made from cotton.

This is because the properties of viscose is to wick away perspiration from your skin.

It has been reported that bamboo sheets can absorb 40% more sweat than a similar product made from cotton.

Best Cooling Sheets for Hot Sleepers

Strategies for Keeping Cool When In Bed

If you are lucky enough to have air conditioning set the temperature in the room to between 60-67°F most people are comfortable at 65°F (18.3°C).

Also, if possible, set the temperature of the room to become lower through the night.

  • aim a fan at your body
  • if safe, create a breeze in the bedroom by opening windows to make a though draft
  • wear cool bedclothes or sleep in the nude
  • choose bedding that wicks away sweat and will keep you cool
  • have different cooler bedding for the summer months
  • sleep in another room if your partner has wildly different temperature needs
best cooling sheets that keep hot sleepers cool, dry, and comfy

Why is it difficult to sleep if you are too hot?

Sleep can be difficult to achieve if you are too hot. Experts say that one of the major reasons for a terrible night’s sleep is the temperature.

Our body’s core temperature needs to drop if we are to feel sleepy. This is one of those cues we need for our bodies to feel sleepy. Other cues include a reduction in exposure to blue light, which prompts our body to make melatonin.

So if your body is hot during the night, falling asleep is hard.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bamboo Sheets

Are bamboo sheets comfortable?

Comfort is such a subjective thing. What could be comfortable for you, could be hated by another? Generally though, bamboo sheets are considered to be comfortable by most people that use them.

Are bamboo sheets better than cotton?

This depends entirely on what you are looking for. The sleep experience for each different type of bedding is a personal choice. Some people love the silky smooth feeling of bamboo sheets, others prefer that cool crisp feel that quality cotton brings.
I do not recommend viscose for anyone that hates the idea of cleaning bedding in cold water.
Good quality cotton takes being washed at high temperatures and can be bleached time and again with coming to harm.

Are bamboo sheets itchy?

If you buy good quality bamboo sheets, they will feel soft and luxurious rather than rough and itchy.

Are bamboo sheets easy to clean?

They are easy to wash and dry. Washed at very cool or cold temperatures on a delicate wash and use a mild detergent.
You need to avoid detergents with softeners, optical brighteners and bleach.
High temperatures can cause bamboo sheets to shrink, and wrinkles can become fixed into the material.
This is general advice, so I recommend you always follow the manufactures instructions.

Are Bamboo Sheets Eco Friendly?

This is a complex subject, as anything manufactured will have some impact in the environment.
However, are these fabrics more or less damaging to the environment than natural fibers such as cotton or linen?
Although bamboo is a natural product, it requires nasty chemicals to convert the cellulose the bamboo is made from into usable fibres.
There are companies that maintain their manufacturing processes use chemicals that are less damaging to the environment.
If buying ethically produced bamboo viscose is important to you, then I would spent time researching before buying. A good place to start is the company’s website. They may have a page that explains how the viscose bamboo they use is made.
Alternatively, email customer services and ask.

Are bamboo sheets hypoallergenic?

Yes, sheets made from bamboo viscose are thought to be hypoallergenic.
This is because organisms that can cause allergies like dust mites, fungal spores and bacteria are inhibited in these sheets.
More information HERE

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I hope this information here about bamboo sheets has been of help to you.

If you are a hot sleeper for whatever reason, then I would certainly recommend giving bamboo sheets a try.

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