15 DIY Desk Organization – Easy Home Office Ideas

In this post, I’ve collected together some great DIY desk organization ideas and projects that are both simple and easy to make.

What I love about these projects is the way you can recycle items that would have gone in the trash.

Making these desk organizers will give you a great sense of achievement and also will help you to keep the home office neat and tidy.

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How to Make a Cardboard Desk Caddy

We all have leftover cardboard toilet paper rolls going spare in the home.

Instead of throwing them away why not make them into something that is useful like this desk tidy.

This is a simple project even the most inexperienced person could tackle.

Credit for this project goes to Pink When

Easy DIY Cork Pencil Holder

For this pen and pencil holder, you will need a drill. Provided you have one this is such an easy project to do.

It provides plenty of space for all your writing and drawing implements.

You can see how this is done here – Design for Mankind

White Wooden Desk Organizer

This is a project for the more experienced DIY-er. I love though, as it takes up so little space on the desktop.

I love that it can be painted in any color that will co-ordinate well into your home office color scheme.

Full instructions on how to make this can be found here Poppy Talk

Recycled Tin Can Desk Tidy

We all have used tins cans that we can recycle right!

Use them to make this easy but very effective pen and pencil holder for your desk. All you need are used cans, paints and a plank of wood.

More instructions can be found here… Mountain Modern Life

How to Make a Desk Organizer Out of Cardboard

Think about how nice it would be to make an office desk tidy like this just out of old cardboard boxes and some pretty paper.

This project is just crying out for you to customize so that it will fit in with your own office decor and color scheme.

For a more masculine look, you could choose a wood effect paper to cover the outsides of the pen holders.

Homemade Pen Organizer for the Home Office

This is a great project to tackle if you are an artist with a large collection of pens and pencils.

This organizer keeps all the pens within easy distance. Now there’s no need to lose your creative flow when drawing, which can easily happen when searching around for a pen or pencil you need.

This project is easy to customize to the size you need and the size of your desk.

Easy Constellation Magazine Holder

I could see this project being made for a child that loves astronomy.

It uses small rhinestones to mark out the position of the stars in the constellations. So simple yet very effective.

You can see how it was made here Mark Montano

Simple DIY Desk Organizer Project Using String

I really love the look of these office desk organizers that use empty formula tins and string.

Although any size tin could be used. It has a nice rustic feel that would go well with farmhouse decor.

Full instructions are in this website…. simplyciani.com

DIY Wooden Block Cell Phone Dock for Office Desk

This project is for the more experienced handyperson, that has access to a router.

But I think you will agree it looks lovely. Once your friends see it they will want one as well.

Full instructions can be found here… homemadebycarmona.com

DIY Budget Friendly Desk Organizer

All you need for this project is used tin cans, paint and a glue gun.

This is a project that could be attempted by anyone, so long as you have a glue gun of course!

How to make this DIY tin can desk organizer…. oregonlive.com

How to Make a Desk Tidy from Empty Boxes

This really is a budget-busting project that makes a home office desk organizer from items you will have around the house.

I can see that the different cubby sizes can be made to your own specific needs.

Once you have all the materials that you need altogether, I could see this project taking no longer than a couple of hours.

Kids would enjoy making this as well.

Clip-On DIY Desk Organizers – Space Saving

If space is tight on your desktop them this genius idea for a clip-on organizer could be for you!

it makes me chuckle to think that the larger organizer is actually a loaf pan, so clever.

Full instructions here…. brit.co

DIY Rustic Desk Organizer Easy Project

If you are a fan of the look of rustic decor in your home office then consider making this rustic desk organizer.

It uses easy to obtain supplies, like a photo frame and string. Very effective.

Click here to see full instructions… skiptomylou.org

Cute Desk Organizers for Children

This is a simple DIY project that makes cute caddies for your child’s writing and drawing supplies.

I believe that this easy project is one that a child with supervision and a little help should be able to complete on their own.

Although very cute and girly a more boy-friendly version could easily be made using darker colors, in other words, anything but pink or purple.

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DIY Unicorn Desk Organizers

Unicorns are all the rage these days.

Here are 5 easy peasy projects that will help you make desk ornaments and organizers with a unicorn theme.


and Finally….

I very much hope you have enjoyed looking at these projects. I’m sure that at least one of these projects will inspire you to have a go.

These DIY desk organization projects prove that you don’t always need to go out to buy new things.

Its amazing how much money you can save with a bit of cardboard and some glue!!!!