Easy Homemade DIY Ceiling Fan Blade Covers: Projects and Ideas

Easy Homemade DIY Ceiling Fan Blade Covers Projects and Ideas

DIY ceiling fan blade covers are a simple way to update the look of an old-fashioned or shabby looking indoor ceiling fan.

As part of a room improvement project, you can easily create beautiful made to measure covers that will fit perfectly onto your blades.

All these tutorials I have chosen show us easy to make projects that are both inexpensive, and can be customized to fit any room decor style or color.

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What are the benefits of ceiling fan blade covers?

  • quick and easy way to cover up an old shabby fan.
  • cheap and quick projects that anyone can attempt.
  • Project you can undertake without the worry of something going wrong. If it fails, you still have a functioning ceiling in your home.
  • You can update the look of your fan blades without damage, so great in a rental. You can take them off as you leave.
  • quickly change the look of a room by making homemade covers that coordinate well with your decor.

How to Cover Fan Blades With Fabric

Here is an easy project that even the most inexperienced sewer could attempt. For inexperienced sewers or people without a sewing machine, you could try gluing or using bonding material to sick the edges together.

If I was going to follow this tutorial, I would make the covers more taut, I don’t like the baggy look.

Although I like this project very much, I really don’t like the light or fan motor cover I thought it ugly. Just my opinion.

Budget Fan Blade Cover Project Using Scrapbook Paper

There are a few DIY fan covers project that would work for most any fan blade. If you are looking for an easy (and inexpensive) home decorating project to update a room, this is a brilliant choice.

Be creative instead of scrapbook paper you could use pictures cut out of magazines, pretty wrapping paper or children’s artwork.

Be mindful that the fan blades need to be balanced so they run nicely and quietly.

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How to Make Ceiling Fan Socks

Nobody loves a boring old-fashioned ceiling fan. Add some excitement to your home with this quick and simple DIY project!

1) Make a template of the exact size and shape of the fan blades you intend to cover.

2) Cut out the fabric using the template as a guide.

3) Fold over edges, sew together, leaving an opening on one end for the blades to fit through.

4) Add velcro to the open edge of the material to act as easy to open and close tabs.

5) Slipover the completed socks. Voila! You have made fantastic homemade ceiling fan socks!

How to Make Ceiling Fan Blade Covers

An easy project a DIY beginner could attempt. The materials needed here are fusible web and a decorative material of your choice.

Other tools, like screwdrivers, you will probably already have in your home.

A great way to cover any old-fashioned faux wood ceiling fans, you know the type I mean!

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What design of ceiling fan blade covers should you choose?

You probably need to consider and research the fan blade designs you love. Perhaps you have seen pictures of the perfect fan for your home, but you can’t afford the expense of a new fixture.

Consider the material you are going to use for the ceiling fan blade cover for example in a child’s bedroom you could have a fun, bright colored prints of animals or spaceships.

Limitations and considerations

You might need to spray paint the blade arm and/or buy a new light kit to completely update the fan.

Choose lightweight material for the covers, so you don’t add too much extra weight the fan motor might not cope with.

These projects are not suitable for an outdoor ceiling fan.

Covers should be stretched tight, so you there is no “flapping” of the material when the fan is in use. Baggy material covers will make it harder for the motor to work effectively, and the noise the loose material makes could be annoying.


I hope this collection of easy DIY projects will help you update any existing fan blade you need to update.

Whether you are looking for rustic decoration or a smart modern look for your old ceiling fan, I’m sure you can find a clever way to update.

The great thing is with this kind of project is you really have little to lose. Just a few dollars and your time, if you hate it, either consider replacing the fan blades or the whole ceiling fan.

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