Guide to the Different Types of Trash Cans for Kitchens

different types of kitchen garbage and trash cans

Welcome to my guide to the different types of trash cans for kitchens. I hope this will help you see the wide range of trash cans available.

These days you don’t have to put up with an ugly white plastic bin in the corner of your kitchen.

Types available include

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  • different colors and designs including red, black, grey, green, rose gold, decorative motifs like sunflowers.
  • sizes including extra large, narrow, slimline, 30 gallon.
  • materials like stainless steel, wooden, plastic.
  • designs for example swing top, flip top, foot pedal, door mounted, pull out and under sink.
  • technology including touchless, electric battery operated with motion sensor.
  • different kitchen decor styles like country style, French farmhouse or minimalist.

Read on to discover the different products available. No need to own a boring trash can again!

✅ Touchless Garbage Bins for Kitchens

This modern design trash can has a lid that automatically opens once you are near it. This means you can throw away messy kitchen garbage without touching the lid, this is both more hygienic and convenient.

I love the look of this bin they manufacture the body from stainless steel that has a coating that prevents smudging from finger prints. 

You operate this with batteries or using an AC power adaptor. 

iTouchless 13 Gallon SensorCan Touchless Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter, Stainless Steel, Oval Shape, 49 Liter Kitchen Bin with Sensor-Activated Lid

✅ Pull Out, Under Counter and Concealed Bin

If you have a kitchen fitted, consider adding a concealed bin. This keeps a potentially ugly bin out of sight. 

Great idea for a small kitchen that doesn’t have room for a standalone bin.


Rev-A-Shelf RV-12KD-18C S 35-Quart Chrome Wire Bottom Mount Pullout Kitchen Waste Trash Can Container Bin with Rear Storage, Black

✅ Foot Pedal Operated

This is both practical yet attractive enough to have in your kitchen permanently on display.

It has a couple of features I love

  • a soft closing lid that won’t bang shut as it closes.
  • a body made from fingerprint free stainless steel.

13.2 Gallon Soft-Close Trash Can with Foot Pedal - D-Shaped, Stainless Steel

✅ Over the Door Hanging Trash Can

This practical bin hangs over the kitchen door close at hand so you can quickly dispose of the rubbish as you prepare food. Ideal as a kitchen compost bin as well. 

It takes up little room and can be hung with the body facing inside a cupboard so you conceal it when not in use. 


Hanging Trash Can with Lid for Kitchen Cabinet Door or Under Sink,Kitchen Compost Bin Countertop,Mountable Trash Can,Grey

✅ Swing Top Kitchen Trash Cans

Swing top trash cans are a brilliant choice for your kitchen as the lid automatically closes after you have deposited the trash into it. You could also know these types of trash cans as a flip-top bin. 

There are many sizes, shapes, and colors you will easily find a trash can to match your decor.

✅ Tall Swing Top Kitchen Trash Can with Lid

This is a lovely, stylish black kitchen trash can with a great modern look because of the brushed metal ring and swing lid.

The design of the top means the garbage bag in kept neatly tucked away. I hate it when the garbage bag hangs over the side of the can, hideous!

One of the significant advantages of having a large trash can in your kitchen is that it doesn’t fill up too quickly.

 Tall Black Kitchen Trash Can with Silver Swing LidTall Black Kitchen Trash Can with Silver Swing Lid

✅ White Kitchen Trash Can with Lid

This is a nice durable kitchen garbage can that features a flip-top lid.

They manufacture it from a strong plastic that is tough and easy to clean.

 White Large Swing Top Kitchen Garbage CanWhite Large Swing Top Kitchen Garbage Can

✅ Small Bronze Swing Top Trash Can

This is ideal for a small kitchen with other bronze kitchen accessories. This item is attractive enough for other parts of your home, like offices, bedrooms and bathrooms.

 Small Bronze Flip Top Kitchen Trash CanSmall Bronze Flip Top Kitchen Trash Can

✅ 35 Inch Swing Top Lid Kitchen Garbage Can

I like the sleek modern design of this trash can. Perfect for any modern kitchen.

Practical too if you have a large family that produces lots of garbage daily.

 Swing Top Kitchen Garbage CanSwing Top Kitchen Garbage Can

✅ Black Swing Top Lid Trash Can

If you are on a budget, this trash can represent great value for money. 

Great for modern styled kitchens.

 Budget Black Swing Top Trash CanBudget Black Swing Top Trash Can

What are the Best Flip Top Trash Cans?

Here is a review of the top 5 garbage cans every kitchen needs.

✅ Dual Compartment Recycling Can

Here is my selection of the best dual compartment trash can for home recycling. Do you find recycling in your kitchen a bit of a chore?

A dual compartment trash can could be the answer. It makes it easy to separate out your trash. Most people would use these to separate out their trash on one side and recyclables on the other.

Alternatively, glass bottles could be allocated to one side and the other paper.

✅ Two Compartment Trash Can

Here is a sleek looking stainless steel trash can that won’t take up much room.

 Two Compartment Kitchen Recycling Bin16 GallonTwo Compartment Kitchen Recycling Bin

✅ Recycle Garbage Can for the Kitchen

It is handy that the lid is operated by a foot petal making disposing of your recycling clean and hands free.

 Step Pedal Stainless Steel Dual Compartment Kitchen Trash CanStep Pedal Stainless Steel Dual Compartment Kitchen Trash Can

✅ Best Selling Dual Compartment Trash Can

This is a nice size for all your daily recycling needs. I would allocate the sections to glass and paper. 

 Double Garbage Bin with Step Pedals for Kitchen RecyclingDouble Garbage Bin with Step Pedals for Kitchen Recycling

✅ Small 2 Compartment Recycling Can

This small bin will make recycling items from your kitchen a breeze.


 Small Kitchen Two Compartment Kitchen Recycling OrganizerSmall Kitchen Two Compartment Kitchen Recycling Organizer

✅ Rose Gold Double Garbage Can for Kitchen Recycling

This is a great product to choose to enhance your kitchen decor, especially if you love rose gold kitchen accessories.

 Rose Gold Two Compartment Recycler with Liner PocketRose Gold Two Compartment Recycler with Liner Pocket

✅ Wooden Trash Can Holders

If you have spent a lot of money on your kitchen, you will want a smart and stylish wooden garbage can, that will be beautiful to look at.

These wooden kitchen garbage can holders will fit the bill as they look like another piece of furniture in the kitchen, so they blend in nicely.

Overall, a stylish way to conceal your trash.

✅ Wooden Trash Can Holder

Here are a couple of wooden garbage bins that will blend in well with your kitchen decor.

 White with Wooden Highlights Kitchen Trash Can with LidWhite with Wood Highlights Kitchen Trash Can with Lid

 Stained Wooden Trash Bin Holder Sawdust City Tilt-Out Wooden Trash/Recycle Bin Holder (Walnut Stain)

✅ Country Kitchen Old Fashioned Wood Garbage Can

I love this rustic style wood kitchen trash can that will look great in a country kitchen. It features a lift up lid with a sturdy handle.

 Rustic Country Wood Wooden Kitchen Trash BinRustic Country Wood Wooden Kitchen Trash Bin

✅ Wooden Kitchen Trash Can Holder

Here is a wooden trash bin with a lid that will grace any country rustic style kitchen. It cleverly covers your bin when not in use.

 Rustic Oak Kitchen Trash Box with LidRustic Oak Kitchen Trash Box with Lid

✅ Tilt Out Wooden Trash Cabinet

This is a cabinet that conceals your trash really well. I love that it has a drawer very practical. It is available in a wide range of colors.

 Pine Tilt Out Trash Bin Many Colors AvailablePine Stained Tilt Out Trash Bin Many Colors Available

✅ Double Tilt Out Trash Cabinet

This wooden trash can is a great practical yet beautiful piece of kitchen furniture that hides the fact that it contains two trash cans. This would be great for families that recycle.

 Double Tilt Out Wooden Painted Garbage Storage CabinetDouble Tilt Out Wooden Painted Garbage Storage Cabinet

✅ Armish Wooden Trash Bin 

Here is a lovely wooden garbage can that will look great if you have a country kitchen. This product is beautifully finished and will grace any farmhouse style kitchen.

✅ Wood Trash Can with Lid

This is a brilliant piece of furniture for your kitchen that is handmade to order by craft workers. I love that it comes in a wide range of colors so you will certain that it will fit in with your kitchen decor.

 Rustic Country Style Kitchen Trash Available in Many ColorsRustic Country Style Kitchen Trash Available in Many Colors

How to Make a DIY Pallet Tilt Out Trash Bin

How amazing this video takes us through the steps required to turn pallet wood into a beautiful kitchen trash can. I would certainly love this in my kitchen.


✅ Red Kitchen Trash Cans

Here is a lovely selection of cheerful red kitchen trash cans. These are all attractive enough to leave in open view in your kitchen.

If you have spent money on your kitchen decor, you will need to have a smart new trash can as well.

My favorite here is the red space rocket trash, great fun. It certainly would be a talking point in any kitchen.

✅ Motion Sensor Kitchen Garbage Can – Red

With this trash can, the lid opens automatically when it senses a person nearby. This is great if you do a lot of baking and you need to open trash can with mucky hands.

 Automatic Red Garbage Can with Motion SensorAutomatic Red Garbage Can with Motion Sensor

✅ Tilt-Out Wooden Trash Bin – Red

I love this wooden trash can cabinet, as it looks just like a piece of furniture in the kitchen.

The trash bin is cleverly hidden inside and is easily accessed via the front tilt mechanism.

It also has the advantage of providing a shelf for storage on the top.

 Kitchen Country Style Wooden Tilt Out Garbage BinKitchen Country Style Wooden Tilt Out Garbage Bin

✅ Red Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Can

This is a very nice looking red kitchen trash can. One thing I love about this is it has a plastic liner that has a handle so you can easily dispose of the garbage once it is empty.

They make the outside from stainless steel so that it is easy to keep clean.

 Red Stainless Steel Kitchen Garbage Can with Foot PedalRed Stainless Steel Kitchen Garbage Can with Foot Pedal

✅  Rocket Shaped Trash Can – Red

This trash can will take us back to the 1950s and 1960s and the height of the space race.

This would look great in a retro-styled kitchen. I love the design and styling of the stainless steel swing lid.

 Rocket Shaped Red Kitchen Garbage Can with Swing LidRocket Shaped Red Kitchen Garbage Can with Swing Lid

✅ Stylish Kitchen Garbage Cans: Red Brabantia

For stylish design and impressive looks, you can’t beat Brabantia.

Here they have produced a sleek red kitchen trash can everyone will admire.

 Stylish Red Kitchen Trash Can with Step PedalStylish Red Kitchen Trash Can with Step Pedal


I hope this guide has helped you to buy the perfect trash can for your kitchen.

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