Best Decorative Ceiling Fan Blade Covers for an Instant Makeover

Decorative Ceiling Fan Blade Cover Ideas

Decorative ceiling fan blade covers. What could be an easier way to update a dated and tired ceiling fan. With any of these decorative ceiling fan covers, you can quickly update the look of any room in a flash.

There are many designs, colors and patterns to choose from. Perfect for any decor scheme you are contemplating.

What are the benefits of ceiling fan blade covers?

  • cheaper than buying new, just pull these over your existing fan blades.
  • ideal when you want to change the theme or color of a room
  • in a rental, you can cover up ugly fan blades without damage and remove them when you leave.
  • students can quickly cover up an old-fashioned fan
  • updating a child’s bedroom with a colorful fan cover to match the color of the room.
  • children getting older who want a more grown up type of look to their bedroom decor.
  • remodel and reusing an item rather than discarding it to save from landfill
  • the pullover sock type of blade cover is easily removed, washed and replaced.
  • you won’t have the inconvenience and expense of a new ceiling fan installation.

✅Blue Clouds Ceiling Fan Blade Cover Caps

Here is a pretty decorative cover with blue and white clouds. A nice clean color that will refresh the look of your room.

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Fancy Blade Ceiling Fan Accesories Blade Cover Decoration, Clouds

✅Ceiling Fan Cover Wood Effect

A nice neutral wood effect design that will coordinate well with most decor themes.

Fan Blade Designs Wood Ceiling Fan Blade Covers

✅ Ceiling Fan Sleeve Cover Ideas for Childrens Room

When updating a child’s room, use a bright and colorful decorative fan cover.

I love the spotted pattern in a wide color palette that includes blue, pink, green and white.

Fan Blade Designs Polka Dots Ceiling Fan Blade Covers

✅ Neon fabric ceiling fan blade covers

This is perfect for people that love bright colors in their home.

Fancy Blade Ceiling Fan Accessories Blade Cover Decoration, Neon (Neon Blue)

✅ Camo Ceiling Fan Cover

I could see this in the bedroom of a teenage boy that is interested in outdoor pursuits or even paint balling.

Fan Blade Designs Digital Camo Ceiling Fan Blade Covers

✅ Outer Space Ceiling Fan Sleeves Ideas for Astronomy Lovers

White stars and a crescent moon appear hereon a dark blue background. Ideal for children’s rooms.

Fancy Fabric Ceiling Fan Blade Starry Night

✅ American Flag Blade Cap

Great fun and patriotic. How about the stars and stripes whirling around as the fan cools your room? Perfect for a Man cave.

Fan Blade Designs American Flag Ceiling Fan Blade Covers

✅ Wicker ceiling fan replacement blades

These 22 inch blades come in sets of 8 they are replacement blades for Fanimation fans . However, if you are good at DIY you can probably find a workaround to fit these onto other ceiling fans.

My tip is to measure well first before buying.

Fanimation PAD1A Wide Oval Wicker Bamboo Palisade Blade, 22-Inch, Antique, Set of 8

✅ Ceiling fan blade decals

A quick and easy way to brighten up a dull old ceiling fan. This video runs us through the simple way they apply decals to fan blades.

✅ Cheap Ceiling Fan Light Fixture Makeover Idea

Below the picture is a link to a great in-depth tutorial on how to update an out-dated ceiling fan on a budget. For the makeover, palm frond blades were purchased and fitted onto the existing fan blade arm.

They give the glass lamps a rustic makeover using sisal rope , and a glue gun. An easy way to cover an old-fashioned ceiling light.

This is such a quick and easy way to update your old ceiling fan, and so effective.

picture source

✅ Fanimation Replacement Blade for Ceiling Fans

You can choose to go tropical with palm, bamboo or rattan designs. Note you need to make sure that these will fit onto your particular fan.

This selection below will only fit specific blades, please check.

I found a great explanation of how you can fit a ceiling fan blade cover to an existing fan on an Amazon review HERE

If you prefer a darker color there is this option.

Fanimation ISP4 Narrow Oval Blade, 22-Inch, Palm, Set of 5

✅ How to Paint Your Ceiling Fan

I love the way they have chosen a lovely red color to paint these fan blades with.

Before you begin, you will need to remove the blades from the blade arm.

✅ How to Paint Stripes onto an Old Ceiling Fan Remodelling Idea

If you like this ceiling fan makeover idea, the full instructions can be found HERE .

I love the color scheme chosen here with two different shades of gray.

I have an old Harbor Breeze ceiling fan that would benefit from this makeover.

✅ A New Look for Old Fan Blades With Glow in the Dark Paint

This is such a clever idea. The fan blades were removed and painted dark blue. Then star constellations were painted onto the fan blades with glow in the dark paint.

Great bedroom fan makeover idea for a child that is interested in astronomy.

Picture source

✅ Wood Effect Remodelling Idea for Ceiling Fan Blades

This looks a quick and easy way to freshen up a tired and old looking set of faux wood ceiling fan’s blades.

✅ Easy Palm Slip on Ceiling Fan Blade Covers

I can no longer find a supplier of the type of slip on ceiling fan blade cover, pictured here. Such a shame. I’m going to keep looking though!

What I love about these fan blades is they can be fitted without any tools, great if you are a bit technically challenged when it comes to home improvement.

Another great advantage of these blades is they are very easy to keep clean and maintain, this is because they are made of a resin material that can be wiped clean with a cloth.

Also, another great advantage of choosing these palm leaf blades covers is that they come in a great range of colors that will coordinate with the color theme of your room.

FAQ About Ceiling Fan Blade Covers

What are ceiling fan blade covers crafted from?

Manufacturers usually make the slipover type of cover from a Polyester and Spandex mix that is stretchy.
Other types of covers are made from bamboo, plastic, or natural palm.

Where to buy fan blades covers

My top 5 recommended suppliers would be they all have a wide range of different colors and designs.


I hope you have found the information here on decorative ceiling fan blade covers useful.

It doesn’t matter whether your fan manufactured by Hampton Bay, Harbor Breeze, Hunter or Fanimation there will be a straightforward way to update it.

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