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how to have a low toxin house

How to Have a Non-Toxic Home

You’ve heard a lot about having a non-toxic home, but you’re not sure what that means. Are there really toxins in my home? What can I do to get rid of them? Having a non-toxic house is easy! It’s all about making small changes and taking some time to learn more about the products you …

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are homemade cleaners effective

Do Homemade Disinfectants Work?

You want to clean your home without using chemicals, but you’re not sure how safe it is. Are homemade disinfectants as effective as the ones you can purchase at the store? There are many natural ways to disinfect your home and keep it germ-free. One of these methods involves making your own cleaning products with …

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is your home too clean

Can your House be too Clean?

Your house is always spotless. You don’t have any dust or dirt anywhere, but it feels like you never get to relax. You want a place that’s clean and tidy, but also comfortable. Keeping your home clean while maintaining a relaxing atmosphere is the aim. However, can your house be too clean, so you are …

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