How to Declutter Craft Supplies Without Feeling Guilty

Finding a way to declutter craft supplies without guilt, is difficult as we have often invested a lot of time and money into our hobbies.

We all cringe when talking about cleaning up our craft room clutter. But if you just keep going out and buying more then at some point it becomes overwhelming.

We often end up with more crafting supplies for projects than just won’t ever be completed.

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Also when you start to collect a sizable amount of crafting materials, you will probably have a hard time finding what you need.

Also, you may find yourself buying multiples of the same thing because you don’t know what you have.

This happened to me when I joined our local crafting club. To begin with, all my supplies fitted into a small bag that I could take to the meetings!

Now the stash has grown and it’s finding it’s way into drawers, cupboards and shelves all around the home.

Declutter Paper Craft Items

Paper clutter can very quickly take over a craft room, especially if you’re into scrapbooking.

The way to deal with this is to sort through odds and ends in your paper store and ask yourself what you’re likely to use.

You can immediately throw out the little paper scraps you thought before were too big to throw away (they aren’t) and all the excess you’re never likely to use.

No longer scrapbooking? Give it to someone who is or toss it out.

Even if you start scrapbooking again, you’re not likely to want the same things anymore.

Joyful Abode has 5 simple craft room declutter tips.

Throw Away Worn Out Pens Markers and Brushes

There is nothing more frustrating than reaching out for a pen only to find it’s not working or has run out of ink!!!

Nowadays as I’m working on my crafts any worn out items get thrown away straight away.

Dried out markers or paint, broken chalk, brushes not washed out properly, non-working pens or calligraphy tools with broken nibs are all things to toss immediately.

There is nothing you can do to salvage any of these items they need to be declutter as a top prority.

Krafty Planner has some great decluttering tips.

Discard Tools or Supplies You No Longer Use

Be honest with yourself if you haven’t used something in the past year are ever going to?

There’s no shame in walking away from a hobby if it no longer gives you pleasure.

If you’ve had enough of knitting socks for a lifetime, consider donating the yarn or other supplies to people who love the craft, like a local nursing home.

Get rid of any tool you haven’t used in the past two years. That goes for yarn and fabric as well.

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This happened to me when I decided to make a crochet blanket. I hated the process but I was determined to finish it off.

When the project was over I decided crochet was not for me and I gave the wool and crochet hooks to my Mum!

Here is a picture of the blanket I made!!!

crochet blanket craft project thaat I hated

Discard Broken Crafting Items

It should go without saying, but if it’s broken, toss it.

That’s especially true for anything electrical in nature, with worn or frayed cords. Don’t risk a fire for the sake of making something.

Most electrical gadgets these days aren’t made to be repaired.

Some crafting items could be recycled.

Projects Left Unfinished for Years

Ask yourself if you’re ever likely actually to finish the project. If the answer is no? Out it goes.

By getting rid of the old unfinished projects you leave yourself space to breathe and de-stress.

Just be careful you don’t start on more projects that won’t get finished.

How to declutter unfinished craft projects.

How to Get Rid of Unfinished Projects without Feeling Guilty

This video discusses why it is so hard to get rid of unfinished crafting projects.

She also discusses why we can get so overwhelmed by our crafting clutter.

Duplicate Items can go!

Got caught up in buying an object when you couldn’t find it last time? When you find the original, toss the new one in the donate box. 

Getting your craft stash under control is a great feeling. Imagine being able to find what you need, when you need it!

Imagine just how productive you’re going to be once you’re neat and organized. 

The Happy Housie has some craft room organization tips.

Return Unwanted Crafting Items

Do regularly suffer from buyers’ regret? I often do!

When you walk into a store that sells craft materials it is just so difficult to stop yourself from buying the latest new materials. With every intention of making wonderful things when you return home.

If you have recently bought the items and you still have the receipt then return those items.

Also if this is a problem for you make sure you limit the number of visits to the store.

Ten ways to control spending at the craft store.

Sell Unwanted Craft Items

If you have a lot of supplies, you may want to try this. Bag up items and sell in sets on local selling sites.

Price them low to move them quickly.

Alternatively, there are online sites like eBay or local for sale groups that are on Facebook.

The Spruce Crafts has some clever ideas.

If you haven’t used it in the past 6 months then you probably won’t use it. Just because you don’t want it others might find it useful.

One obvious place would be your local preschool or art teachers.

Step by Step Declutter has some great suggestions for places that may accept surplus crafting supplies.

Where to Start Cleaning and Organizing the Craft Room?

If you are stuck on where to start decluttering, organizing and cleaning your craft room here are some great tips.

I like the way she takes boxes and puts categories of crafting materials in each one good idea.

Discard small pieces of card and paper as you good. Great tips!

Craft Room Purge

In this video, we are taken through the steps needed to get stuck into our craft clutter and have a good purge.

It is quite amazing how much stuff there is.

Purge and Declutter the Sewing Room

If you are into sewing you know how much mess it makes. When you are absorbed in a sewing project it is amazing the chaos you see when you step back and look at the mess that has been made!!!

Also, the materials that are used in sewing projects like material, buttons, threads, and paper patterns are likely to clutter a room. If you don’t have a system for organizing them.

All these sewing supplies really need to be tidied up and organized as you go.

Patchwork Posse

12 Things to Throw Away in Your Craft Room Right Now

I love this blog post from Duct Tape and Denim.

She shows the items that we can throw away in our craft rooms. Guilt-free!

Using Up Craft Supplies

If you cant stand the thought of disposing of your craft supplies here are some great tips that will help you.

33 Ideas for Leftover Craft Supplies


I very much hope that these tips have helped you to purge, declutter and dispose (without guilt) of your unwanted craft materials.

I want you to imagine how wonderful it will be for you to have an organized craft material stash.

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